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Social Media & Activism: The Big Lie

Facebook. Twitter. A host of social networking, social media sites exist, some more involved than others, each with a niche. Facebook, the Farmville of social media allows you to pretend to do something when you are actually accomplishing nothing more than socializing without having to be bothered with silly ass people. Who needs them spilling beer on the sofa anyway? Then there is Twitter, a fast paced, highly interactive and often vulgar way to interact with people without having to be around people. For the agoraphobic, the social media explosion must be a blessing, for the rest of us, it is a black hole for time, where once spent, it is gone forever and can never be replaced. Having a black hole for time, around the house, is handy, it keeps you from having to do things like spend time with the kids, play ball with the dog, go to church or fishing with your buddies. Besides, who wants to go to church when no one will be tending your farm, your mafia family or worse yet, seeing what that irritating Alan Colmes has to say on some political subject? After all, you can reply to Mr. Colmes on Twitter and tell your friends on Facebook what an activist you are. The only problem with this entire scenario is that the activists on social media aren’t activists.

If you blog, tweet or post on Facebook and consider yourself to be an activist, you are not part of the solution to whatever problem you want to solve, you are part of the problem. Online activism has replaced complaining about social or political issues face to face, where you might actually get punched in the face for some of the things you say online. Yet, these new media activists can lie to themselves, family, friends and each other about how they are “making a difference”. The only difference you are making is some poor kid in Malaysia, putting together your footwear has been laid off because you aren’t buying shoes as often and no one is ringing my door bell, pissing me off as I write this, with Facebook and Twitter humming away in the background. Aha! A hypocrite you exclaim in that smug, “gotcha” tone. Except, aside from pissing and moaning in this rant, I actually run an activist group and loathe what social media has done to the American people. While Iranians are being killed for protesting the outcome of their last election, Americans are loudly, well, as loud as they can type, discussing the merits of being a birther and doggate. The humanity of it all. I am sure that this next paragraph will anger those I haven’t already sent into a rage on Twitter or their Facebook wall.

Pissing and moaning online is not activism. Shocking. I know. But, if you believe the lies you tell others about your activism, you are, well, like most of America, a keyboard warrior, a coward, lazy, resigned to failure and tyranny, generally a douche bag of epic proportions (no offense to actual bags of douche). What is activism? Activism is community organizing (No. Not helping pimps get a home loan, to run a brothel). Activism is actually organizing your state, county, city, neighborhood or block, in a call to action. It involves an organizational structure, no matter how informal and it involves interacting with people, real people, in real time, face to face. Activism involves risk. Activism involves courage. Activism requires gravitas.

Unlike someone who complains online, activism requires that you know your subject matter, know what it is you want to change, and then recruiting people in order to facilitate that change. Odds are, along the way, you will meet with indifference or conflict, while knocking on doors, talking with people and establishing a network of people in the area, so that you can make change. Those social skills you have been ignoring online come in handy. When someone vehemently disagrees with you and wants to punch you in the face, there is no “Block” option, aside from wax on/wax off and your verbal skills. Activism takes character as it involves risk.

We are all born activists. Every single one of us was once an activist. As a kid, you actively engaged mom, dad, or both, to get something you wanted. You didn’t take no for an answer. You were persistent. You armed yourself with information and despite the rejection you faced, you persisted over the resistance. I got my bb gun by being an activist, or as my father called it a “PITA” (Pain in the Ass). After securing him as an asset in my quest, I continued to work on mom, with his help. The strength of any community organizer is not in how many people agree with him or her, but if they can get them to act, to change the outcome of what they are working on. I did. I got my bb gun. I didn’t shoot my eye out (although there were some kids in the neighborhood who came close to needing an eye patch in the ever present bb gun wars). The lesson here is this: We are all born community organizers, until our parents beat it out of us, or the schools break our wills. Some of us never could be broken.

America, the choice is yours. You can be a keyboard warrior, a coward, and stay on the sidelines, or you can get in the game and actually make a difference, by becoming a community activist again. As a child you had no trouble being an activist and if you let that free spirit return, you can make a difference in America. Activism is not for the left and it is more than hiding behind a keyboard. When your children and grandchildren are knitting prayer rugs, will you tell them you did all you could online (And, yes, that was back when you could still leave the house alone) or will you keep them from growing up under tyranny and oppression? I choose freedom.

Pastor Bill Turner Founder – United States of America Defence League

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“George Soros met with Hillary and Obama. Soros said his agenda was to tear this economy down to the ground. Obama said, ‘no problem.’ Hillary said, ‘no way.’”

Aside from destroying the economy, ruining the job market, taking over individual liberties via the largest power grab in the history of America, Obamacare (Which the Supreme Court may just validate, illegally), violating the Constitution repeatedly, deciding he can kill Americans indiscriminately, lock Americans up indefinitely, with no hearing, no bail and no court access, B. Hussein Obama isn’t so bad.  Yes, he is.  He is that bad and then some.  After all, we are talking about Barry Soetoro, a man who was once a homeless drug addict in New York City, who somehow got the cash to fly to Pakistan and meet Osama Bin Laden, having the title of “Barackah” bestowed upon him.  Chairman Maobama, aside from having Mao Christmas ornaments on the White House tree, has supported and continues to support Eric “Lets brainwash the children” Holder.  What a piece of work Obama and his minions have turned out to be.

Aside from Solyndra and the other green energy debacles on Obama’s watch, he is now giving tax payer funded loan guarantees to solar panel companies who sell solar panels, to themselves.   By not having a budget the last three years, Obama has been able to distribute funds with reckless abandon, unchecked and unrestrained.  Isn’t America great.  Where else can a Hawaiian, born in Kenya, become President?

Dear Leader has stood up for and symbolically stood with the Occupy Movement, a group of lice and scabies infected rapists, thugs, drug dealers, anarchists, communists and other Democrats.  Obama has said that the Occupiers are just like the Tea Party Movement.  Not even close.  Tea Party arrests are at zero.  Occupy arrests total more that five thousand.  And, aside from the above listed crimes, they celebrated their six month anniversary by fighting with the police and wanting to kill an officer.  Nice.

To further demonstrate his grasp of economics, President Obama is doing his gas price apology tour, growing his carbon footprint and wasting fuel and taxpayer money along the way.  It has been said, among the unicorns, that his visiting the oil fields will stimulate production by causing the oil fields to grow ten times their size.  It has also been said that Obama will burn over $80,000 worth of fuel in two days, fuel that could be on the market for productive people to use, not a glad handing failure.

Under Barack Obama, the TSA has run amok.  Safety and security of Americans have gone out the window.  The assorted and sundry alphabet agencies have walked guns over the border into Mexico, run guns over the border into Mexico and even got fast and furious with the guns going into Mexico.  But, in an attempt to double down on safety, Obama has the TSA doing things like pat searching a frightened three year old child, confined to a wheel chair.  Why?  Because of the amount of three year olds flying airplanes into tall buildings.  Oh.  They never did that?  It was Muslims?  But, TSA ignores them?  Oh.  Wow.  But, I’m sure Obama is dealing with not only the Mexican criminals smuggling guns into Mexico, but the people in the Department of Justice that allowed for those same guns to be used in crimes in America, against Americans and the murder of a US Border Patrol agent?  No?  Really?  But, those responsible for Fast and Furious had the main suspect in custody, surely under Eric Holders and Obama’s watch they brought this criminal to justice?  NO!  They let him go?  Back to Mexico?  Despite hidden ammo and nine cell phones hidden in his car when stopped?  And, after all this, things got worse?  Wow!  Shocked.  I am not.

On Friday, March 16th, in a late afternoon document dump, an Executive Order was released by the White House, that on its surface looks like it is just a clarification of previous Executive Orders.  However, given the immense power grabs made by Obama, including the land grabs in the west, Obamacare, the auto bailout and the Dodd-Frank Bill, combined with NDAA and his hiring for rapid FEMA camp deployment, one could argue that this Executive Order is either a tool for Hussein to use against the people, or a False Flag, to draw out the skilled and vocal warriors among us.  If it is a tool to be used, only time will tell.  However, as a false flag, it allows for the alphabet agencies to round up outspoken patriots, through their monitoring of social media, many of which will be serious operators, effectively intimidating patriotic Americans and silencing dissent.  Think it is not possible?  I received anonymous reports this weekend, from people in different states, that some who had spoke out were already being arrested, taken into the system, assumed by the mother ship.  What is known is this: President B. Hussein Obama has all the tools available to him to effectively round up and lock up, indefinitely any and all Americans he desires, seizing their assets and assimilating them into the system.  The police state in America is as if the movie V for Vendetta were coming to fruition and our government is setting itself up to be a dictatorship where citizens who speak up or out, are “black bagged” and drug off into the night, never to be heard from again, taken into the system, never to be seen again.  Think it can’t happen?  I never thought in my lifetime, the biggest threat to liberty would be in the White House, that Congress would do nothing to stop the unconstitutional acts of a Manchurian President, and the American people, for the most part, would be cowards and do nothing.  To paraphrase Michelle Obama, ‘I’m not proud of my country’ in its current state.

Bill Turner


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Communism Is Here

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B. Hussein Obama said that he would fundamentally change America and the American people ignored him, thinking “Hope & Change” would involve governmental transparency, an end to illegal wars and torture of enemy combatants.  The change that Americans bought into was and is communism.  Americans should not be shocked by this.  Both political parties have been marching us towards our own destruction for fifty years, keeping us fighting with each other, when we should  be fighting the government.  One party complains about the others policies, then gets in office and instead of repealing them, they make them worse and pile on their own tyranny.  When elections roll around, Americans are fooled into believing voting matters, by trotting out some communist hacks and telling the people ‘pick one’.  Our government may as well piss down our backs and tell us it is raining.  I have seen so many things in the last three years, that I never thought I would see in America.  I never thought I would see:

*  A Marxist President.

*  Partial birth abortions, literally ripping a baby apart.

*  American taxpayer money being use to fund eugenics, via abortion, in other countries.

*  Obamacare. In 1964 Ronald Reagan said socialism would come to America in the form of healthcare.

*  American taxpayers funding the bailouts of GM & Chrysler (again), with a dictator in office, altering the bankruptcy laws by decree.

*  A President named Barack Hussein Obama playing catch & release with terrorists.

*  A President spend over a trillion dollars to try to influence the economy and instead make it worse, with billions of the money going overseas.

*  A Supreme Court Justice get approved, who was so bad in lower courts that over half of her cases were reversed by higher courts.

*  A Supreme Court Justice get approved, who has never been a judge.

*  By decree, our President would spend over twenty two thousand dollars a car, to provide a rebate of four thousand, five hundred dollars in a program labeled “Cash for Clunkers” effectively taking entry level transportation off the market, making it hard for the poor to have vehicles.

*  An open, transparent B. Hussein Obama end the process of “no bid contracts” by awarding “no bid contracts”.

*  A law passed by Congress and signed by the President that is the largest tax increase in American history, in the form of Obamacare, all the while limiting services, medication and rationing care.

*  A Presidential mandate for a civilian army, just like the Hitler youth.

*  Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico would be halted by edict and billions of dollars would be loaned to George Soros, to drill off of the coast of Marxist Venezuela.

*  The President eliminate the Fourth Amendment, the First Amendment and try to destroy the Second Amendment with operation Fast and Furious.

*  Our government endorse and pay for embryonic stem cell research, that has failed horribly.

*  Americans pay fifty million dollars for stoves in other countries.

*  Americans be fined and arrested for growing food or selling milk from their dairy.

*  I would live in a country where I could “disappear” and be held forever, with no access to courts, no trial, no bail, no habeas corpus.

*  The greatest threat to America is in the White House.

*  That garbage would be monitored with electronic chips.

*  Islam and Sharia Law be accepted in America.

*  Half of the country think the other half owes them a living.

Sadly, there is so much more to list that by the time I finish it, there would be another hours worth too add.  Tyranny has come to America and it arrived with a smile and a wave.  Ronald Reagan, in 1964, recognized that when communism came to America, it would be disguised as healthcare, as that industry allows the government to grab the most liberty, control the largest sector of the economy and more importantly, eliminate those who are not able to produce at the optimal level.  The very young and those over forty, who become ill or those in between, who have significant health issues will be deemed unfit and resources will be directed to those who can produce.  It has been this way in every communist regime and will continue to be so.  Marxism is not sustainable and the elites operate on the Gods and Clods philosophy, in that anyone who is a member of the party elite will be well taken care of (Gods) by the workers (Clods).  The idealistic kids involved in the Occupy Movement are just useful idiots for the global elites.

The Occupy Movement is simply a false front to create class warfare, to further drive a wedge in America.  These tools of the left do not realize that in the “Gods and Clods” society that is Marxism, once they have served their purpose, by spawning violence, to justify martial law, they and their movement will be crushed.

Islam is being used by the elites in much the same manner, to bring fear and violence to America.  The acceptance and spread of Sharia Law in America is being driven, in part, by Grover Norquist, the conservative icon.  However, once the savage Muslims have served their purpose, they will be eradicated, and pushed out of America, just like they were Europe three times.  The Crusades were a defensive measure, to stop the spread of Islam.  It is no secret that the American government has been infiltrated by Jihadist’s.  When the bank collapse happens soon, and both Islam and the Occupiers fill the power gap, helping to destroy segments of America, they will come for our leaders within the resistance, out spoken clergy and patriots and those who won’t surrender their guns and their liberty.  The serious operators, people with certain skill sets will be taken too.  Then, as America returns to a new normal, the Occupiers will be crushed as dissenters and Islam will be run out of the country and back to the stone age.

Anyone in America who does not think we are free only has to watch the movie V For Vendetta and the future will be unveiled for you.  Hunter S. Thompson once said, “Call upon God, but row away from the rocks”.  While prayer is good, preparing is better, and becoming skilled with the ways of the warrior better still.  Those of us seeking to remain free must do all three.  I did not include voting or being politically active, as those activities are akin to urinating into the wind.  It is time to prepare for the coming economic collapse and survival.  The question is not “How far will you go?” But, “Do you possess the courage, the depth of faith, the will, to go as far as is needed?”

Bill Turner


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