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The last 24 hours in America have demonstrated to the world that the people of the United States are on the brink of either standing up to the totalitarian elitists or rolling over and giving up.  Let us check the facts:

Congressman Joe Walsh, no relation to the rock star, although, becoming one in his own right, clearly states that if the American people do not act now, it will be too late. The implication being, that this is our last election if we don’t quit watching Dancing with the Stars and start kicking some communist ass.

Congress, that bunch of correct communists that has refused to impeach Barack Obama, deal with Maxine “Murky” Waters, or the Fast and Furious crowd, has secretly done away with the Bill of Rights.  And, to further illustrate the point I have been making for six years, that both parties in on it, Senator John McCain led the charge upon your liberty.  It doesn’t matter who wins the election, we are screwed if we fail to act.

President Obama has weighed in on a shooting, and has enraged the black community.  The great uniter, is a divider.  In this case, Obama turned the race hustlers and New Black Panthers, who are guilty of conspiracy to commit homicide, into a modern day lynch mob.  The DOJ won’t stop the panthers and Obama is using them as his personal racial army, bringing America to the verge of all out racial conflict.

Unaware that the mic was hot, President Obama has disclosed to his Soviet handlers that Vladimir Putin needs to back off until after America’s last election, when he (Obama) can do away with America’s missile defense system and allow the Russians to conquer us, without a whimper.  The White House, aka The American Kremlin, is spinning this and for the most part, the state run media is carrying the message.  But, President for Life, Barack Obama, clearly stated, “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

America, let me put it to you bluntly:  We have been sold out to the communists by not only Obama, but by Congress.  We have been warned by the one American in Congress, Joe Walsh.  We can take Congress at their words and their deeds.  We can accept what Obama said, for what it is, TREASON.  Or, we can simply go back to watching television and bitching on Facebook, Twitter and at the water cooler.  If you believe your own eyes and ears, the next question is this:  What are you still doing sitting on your ass?  Why aren’t you out in the streets, stopping traffic, taking up arms and demanding a military coup, if Congress won’t do its job?  I never thought it would come to this, but it has.

It is time.  I repeat, “It is time”.


Morning In America

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It is morning in America & somewhere in Washington DC Congress, I mean the Politburo is working with President, I mean Chairman Maobama, to complete the change to a communist regime.  There is no liberty in America.  The Constitution is dead.  The Politburo failed to defend it and Maobama sodomized Lady Liberty.  This is your wake up call, the dawn of a new week, will you choose to be free & stand up to tyranny or will you be cowards in front of your children & grandchildren?  There is no honor in cowardice & shame.

Communism Is Here

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B. Hussein Obama said that he would fundamentally change America and the American people ignored him, thinking “Hope & Change” would involve governmental transparency, an end to illegal wars and torture of enemy combatants.  The change that Americans bought into was and is communism.  Americans should not be shocked by this.  Both political parties have been marching us towards our own destruction for fifty years, keeping us fighting with each other, when we should  be fighting the government.  One party complains about the others policies, then gets in office and instead of repealing them, they make them worse and pile on their own tyranny.  When elections roll around, Americans are fooled into believing voting matters, by trotting out some communist hacks and telling the people ‘pick one’.  Our government may as well piss down our backs and tell us it is raining.  I have seen so many things in the last three years, that I never thought I would see in America.  I never thought I would see:

*  A Marxist President.

*  Partial birth abortions, literally ripping a baby apart.

*  American taxpayer money being use to fund eugenics, via abortion, in other countries.

*  Obamacare. In 1964 Ronald Reagan said socialism would come to America in the form of healthcare.

*  American taxpayers funding the bailouts of GM & Chrysler (again), with a dictator in office, altering the bankruptcy laws by decree.

*  A President named Barack Hussein Obama playing catch & release with terrorists.

*  A President spend over a trillion dollars to try to influence the economy and instead make it worse, with billions of the money going overseas.

*  A Supreme Court Justice get approved, who was so bad in lower courts that over half of her cases were reversed by higher courts.

*  A Supreme Court Justice get approved, who has never been a judge.

*  By decree, our President would spend over twenty two thousand dollars a car, to provide a rebate of four thousand, five hundred dollars in a program labeled “Cash for Clunkers” effectively taking entry level transportation off the market, making it hard for the poor to have vehicles.

*  An open, transparent B. Hussein Obama end the process of “no bid contracts” by awarding “no bid contracts”.

*  A law passed by Congress and signed by the President that is the largest tax increase in American history, in the form of Obamacare, all the while limiting services, medication and rationing care.

*  A Presidential mandate for a civilian army, just like the Hitler youth.

*  Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico would be halted by edict and billions of dollars would be loaned to George Soros, to drill off of the coast of Marxist Venezuela.

*  The President eliminate the Fourth Amendment, the First Amendment and try to destroy the Second Amendment with operation Fast and Furious.

*  Our government endorse and pay for embryonic stem cell research, that has failed horribly.

*  Americans pay fifty million dollars for stoves in other countries.

*  Americans be fined and arrested for growing food or selling milk from their dairy.

*  I would live in a country where I could “disappear” and be held forever, with no access to courts, no trial, no bail, no habeas corpus.

*  The greatest threat to America is in the White House.

*  That garbage would be monitored with electronic chips.

*  Islam and Sharia Law be accepted in America.

*  Half of the country think the other half owes them a living.

Sadly, there is so much more to list that by the time I finish it, there would be another hours worth too add.  Tyranny has come to America and it arrived with a smile and a wave.  Ronald Reagan, in 1964, recognized that when communism came to America, it would be disguised as healthcare, as that industry allows the government to grab the most liberty, control the largest sector of the economy and more importantly, eliminate those who are not able to produce at the optimal level.  The very young and those over forty, who become ill or those in between, who have significant health issues will be deemed unfit and resources will be directed to those who can produce.  It has been this way in every communist regime and will continue to be so.  Marxism is not sustainable and the elites operate on the Gods and Clods philosophy, in that anyone who is a member of the party elite will be well taken care of (Gods) by the workers (Clods).  The idealistic kids involved in the Occupy Movement are just useful idiots for the global elites.

The Occupy Movement is simply a false front to create class warfare, to further drive a wedge in America.  These tools of the left do not realize that in the “Gods and Clods” society that is Marxism, once they have served their purpose, by spawning violence, to justify martial law, they and their movement will be crushed.

Islam is being used by the elites in much the same manner, to bring fear and violence to America.  The acceptance and spread of Sharia Law in America is being driven, in part, by Grover Norquist, the conservative icon.  However, once the savage Muslims have served their purpose, they will be eradicated, and pushed out of America, just like they were Europe three times.  The Crusades were a defensive measure, to stop the spread of Islam.  It is no secret that the American government has been infiltrated by Jihadist’s.  When the bank collapse happens soon, and both Islam and the Occupiers fill the power gap, helping to destroy segments of America, they will come for our leaders within the resistance, out spoken clergy and patriots and those who won’t surrender their guns and their liberty.  The serious operators, people with certain skill sets will be taken too.  Then, as America returns to a new normal, the Occupiers will be crushed as dissenters and Islam will be run out of the country and back to the stone age.

Anyone in America who does not think we are free only has to watch the movie V For Vendetta and the future will be unveiled for you.  Hunter S. Thompson once said, “Call upon God, but row away from the rocks”.  While prayer is good, preparing is better, and becoming skilled with the ways of the warrior better still.  Those of us seeking to remain free must do all three.  I did not include voting or being politically active, as those activities are akin to urinating into the wind.  It is time to prepare for the coming economic collapse and survival.  The question is not “How far will you go?” But, “Do you possess the courage, the depth of faith, the will, to go as far as is needed?”

Bill Turner


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