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Social Media & Activism: The Big Lie

Facebook. Twitter. A host of social networking, social media sites exist, some more involved than others, each with a niche. Facebook, the Farmville of social media allows you to pretend to do something when you are actually accomplishing nothing more than socializing without having to be bothered with silly ass people. Who needs them spilling beer on the sofa anyway? Then there is Twitter, a fast paced, highly interactive and often vulgar way to interact with people without having to be around people. For the agoraphobic, the social media explosion must be a blessing, for the rest of us, it is a black hole for time, where once spent, it is gone forever and can never be replaced. Having a black hole for time, around the house, is handy, it keeps you from having to do things like spend time with the kids, play ball with the dog, go to church or fishing with your buddies. Besides, who wants to go to church when no one will be tending your farm, your mafia family or worse yet, seeing what that irritating Alan Colmes has to say on some political subject? After all, you can reply to Mr. Colmes on Twitter and tell your friends on Facebook what an activist you are. The only problem with this entire scenario is that the activists on social media aren’t activists.

If you blog, tweet or post on Facebook and consider yourself to be an activist, you are not part of the solution to whatever problem you want to solve, you are part of the problem. Online activism has replaced complaining about social or political issues face to face, where you might actually get punched in the face for some of the things you say online. Yet, these new media activists can lie to themselves, family, friends and each other about how they are “making a difference”. The only difference you are making is some poor kid in Malaysia, putting together your footwear has been laid off because you aren’t buying shoes as often and no one is ringing my door bell, pissing me off as I write this, with Facebook and Twitter humming away in the background. Aha! A hypocrite you exclaim in that smug, “gotcha” tone. Except, aside from pissing and moaning in this rant, I actually run an activist group and loathe what social media has done to the American people. While Iranians are being killed for protesting the outcome of their last election, Americans are loudly, well, as loud as they can type, discussing the merits of being a birther and doggate. The humanity of it all. I am sure that this next paragraph will anger those I haven’t already sent into a rage on Twitter or their Facebook wall.

Pissing and moaning online is not activism. Shocking. I know. But, if you believe the lies you tell others about your activism, you are, well, like most of America, a keyboard warrior, a coward, lazy, resigned to failure and tyranny, generally a douche bag of epic proportions (no offense to actual bags of douche). What is activism? Activism is community organizing (No. Not helping pimps get a home loan, to run a brothel). Activism is actually organizing your state, county, city, neighborhood or block, in a call to action. It involves an organizational structure, no matter how informal and it involves interacting with people, real people, in real time, face to face. Activism involves risk. Activism involves courage. Activism requires gravitas.

Unlike someone who complains online, activism requires that you know your subject matter, know what it is you want to change, and then recruiting people in order to facilitate that change. Odds are, along the way, you will meet with indifference or conflict, while knocking on doors, talking with people and establishing a network of people in the area, so that you can make change. Those social skills you have been ignoring online come in handy. When someone vehemently disagrees with you and wants to punch you in the face, there is no “Block” option, aside from wax on/wax off and your verbal skills. Activism takes character as it involves risk.

We are all born activists. Every single one of us was once an activist. As a kid, you actively engaged mom, dad, or both, to get something you wanted. You didn’t take no for an answer. You were persistent. You armed yourself with information and despite the rejection you faced, you persisted over the resistance. I got my bb gun by being an activist, or as my father called it a “PITA” (Pain in the Ass). After securing him as an asset in my quest, I continued to work on mom, with his help. The strength of any community organizer is not in how many people agree with him or her, but if they can get them to act, to change the outcome of what they are working on. I did. I got my bb gun. I didn’t shoot my eye out (although there were some kids in the neighborhood who came close to needing an eye patch in the ever present bb gun wars). The lesson here is this: We are all born community organizers, until our parents beat it out of us, or the schools break our wills. Some of us never could be broken.

America, the choice is yours. You can be a keyboard warrior, a coward, and stay on the sidelines, or you can get in the game and actually make a difference, by becoming a community activist again. As a child you had no trouble being an activist and if you let that free spirit return, you can make a difference in America. Activism is not for the left and it is more than hiding behind a keyboard. When your children and grandchildren are knitting prayer rugs, will you tell them you did all you could online (And, yes, that was back when you could still leave the house alone) or will you keep them from growing up under tyranny and oppression? I choose freedom.

Pastor Bill Turner Founder – United States of America Defence League

Writer – Cypress Times

Twitter – @Jihadihunter

Facebook – Bill Turner

Blog – American Patriots Commission


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William Ayers is a self avowed communist. B. Hussein Obama is a Marxist. Bernadine Dohrn is a communist. The Chicago Axis of Evil. Ayers has made a career out of being a terrorist, first with bombs and now by destroying America’s educational system. Dohrn, one of the co-founders with hubby, Bill Ayers, of the Weather Underground, has lived the life of a terrorist, the more violent of the two (Ayers and Dohrn) according to others. All obama has done is blow up the American economy, defense, foreign policy, dollar, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and reputation. Obama’s actions have spread like a “Prairie Fire” in the last nine months (Prairie Fire is Ayers “how to” guide for terrorism). Birds of a feather hang out in Chicago together.

Prairie Fire is the communist manifesto of Ayers and Dohrn. In it, the self described communists state that their actions and bombings were designed to start a revolution in America. It is said of Ayers that he was “just” a war protester. Let it be known, Ayers is not against war. The bombings and other activities of the Weather Underground were designed to support North Vietnam, and stir a revolution in America so that a violent uprising would take place and a communist government could be established. Ayers has often described himself as, “guilty as hell; free as a bird”. In case there is any doubt about Ayers being a terrorist, he, Dohrn, Jeff Jones (founder of the Weathermen, founding member of the Weather Underground with Ayers and Dorn, and founder of the Apollo Alliance, a group with unlimited access to obama and the White House while writing the stimulus bill) and Celia Sojourn.

Bernadine Dohrn, founding member of the Weather Underground and wife of Bill Ayers, has been described as the driving force behind the violence of the terrorist organization she co-founded with her husband, Sojourn and stimulus author Jeff Jones. So far, we have three known founders of a terrorist organization that tried to blow up the pentagon, police precincts and a judges house, among other things, all closely associated with B. Hussein Obama, the Liar in Chief. Those that know Dorhn say that ‘the ends justify the means’ and always have. J. Edgar Hoover described her as, “the most dangerous woman in America” and the movie “Running on Empty” was allegedly inspired by her. Dohrn has been described by confidential, anonymous sources as being a violent, pathological Leninist. Radicalism that leads to violence is Bernadine’s favorite. Bob Owens wrote:

“one need look no further than her December 1969 rant celebrating the brutal Tate-LaBianca murders with the exhortation, “Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in their bellies. Wild!” According to Discover the Networks, Dohrn had even less sympathy for those who were on the receiving end of the Weathermen’s violence:

A Chicago district attorney named Richard Elrod was seriously injured in the Weatherman riot that erupted during the Chicago “Days of Rage” in October 1969, and he was paralyzed for life as a result. Dohrn later led a celebration of Elrod’s paralysis by leading her comrades in a parody of a Bob Dylan song — “Lay, Elrod, Lay.”

Dohrn was a principal signatory of a Declaration of War against “AmeriKKKa” — now a standard spelling among far-left radicals — and co-authored Prairie Fire: The Politics of Anti-Imperialism. Dohrn participated in multiple bombings and was accused of planting a bomb at a San Francisco police station that killed an officer and maimed others, according to an FBI informant”.

So, Dear Leader is friends and has working relationships with Jones, Ayers and Dohrn. But, he lies about the relationships and has his lap dog David Axelrod lie for him too. It needs to be noted that while obama attended Columbia University, Ayers was in the community there for three years, still planting bombs for his terrorist group. No one knows if they met their. But, Ayers, Axelrod and Obama have lied about who knew whom, when. I ask, what made obama move to Chicago?

Axelrod, obama and others have stated that obama did not meet the terrorist couple until the 1995 coming out party for obama’s state senatorial candidacy, that was held in Bill and Bernadine’s home. This is a lie. Obama has tried to minimize his relationship with Ayers by calling him ‘some guy who lives in my neighborhood’. This too is a lie. Axelrod, a stranger to the truth has said, “Bill Ayers lives in his neighborhood. Their kids attend the same school. … They’re certainly friendly, they know each other, as anyone whose kids go to school together”. Another lie. Obama’s children are in school and Ayers kids are adults (still in elementary school if you believe Axelrod). B. Hussein Obama first met Ayers, not in 1995, but in 1987, Ayers was an activist in the Alliance for Better Chicago Schools. Community organizer Barack Obama’s Developing Communities Project was a member of that Alliance. The Liar in Chief was 24 when Ayers and Dohrn were finishing up their bombings, not 8 as the fable has been spun by obama himself. Bob Owens states, “Barack Obama’s ties to the Weathermen aren’t ties that were 40 years removed from a child’s experiences, but the conscious decision of a young radical to establish a relationship to an infamous terrorist because of shared ideology and interests” and “Barack Obama never set any bombs. But he’s never had problems with associating with those who did”.

The book, “Prairie Fire” was written by Jones, Dohrn and Ayers and dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan. Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby Kennedy. Ted Kennedy, Bobby’s brother endorsed obama’s health care bill. Obama endorsed a book of Bill Ayers. The circle of killers is complete. Jones, Dohrn and Ayers are killers. Sirhan Sirhan is a killer. Ted Kennedy is a killer. B. Hussein Obama is killing America, extinguishing the light of liberty, smothering the pulse of freedom, bleeding the economy dry and casting the dark shadow of tyranny across the land. But, B. Hussein Obama will not succeed.

Obama and the others have underestimated the power and strength of the American people. Evil never fully sees or believes in the power of good. Americans of all kind, conservative, libertarian, and even leftists realize the damage that obama is inflicting upon America and the people are coming together like a great storm, to wash away the evil that is trying to take hold in our country. Our divine rights, our God given rights, the Constitution and the power of Americans will save our country once again. Do not be afraid to speak up, you are not alone. Do not be afraid to speak out loudly, for America is with you. Do not fear your government and the corruption that it has created, for you are not alone. Question your government. Demand the truth. Do not waiver. The government should always fear its’ people, the people have no reason to fear a faceless government, a government that cannot exist without God and the Constitution. America is your domain. The Constitution is your shield. The pen, fax, and computer have become your sword. And, God, the grantor of our inalienable rights, is the torch that lights the way as the shadow shrinks from us. Stand in front of me, if you have the heart to lead. Stand beside me if you seek partnership in battle. Stand behind me if you wish me to clear the path. Stand, for if you don’t, we shall surely fall.

Bill Turner
US Western Region Coordinator
The Patriotic Resistance

Twitter: Czarhunter