Time Has Come…

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Barack Hussein Obama or whatever his name is, has set out to destroy America.  There are plenty of reasons for his desire to destroy America, such as his anti-colonial father who abandoned him with a trashy white woman, who sought out Frank Marshall Davis, a radical, Marxist, to mentor her son.  America ignored it, because the media helped cover it up.  Young Barry attended a Madrassa in Indonesia, where, in his own words, he discovered how beautiful the Muslim call to prayer is.  Once again, America ignored it and the media was complicit in covering it up.  B. Hussein Obama’s wife, Michelle, shared with America how much she wasn’t proud of America and Barry was going to need all of our help, to rewrite history and change America.  Half the country ignored this behavior and once again, the Broke Back Media ignored it.  Two things are abundantly clear:  The media may as well be called the “State Run Media” and half the people in America are morons:

*  Stealth Jihad is taking place in America.  Homicide bomber vests are being sold by terrorists, to terrorists and our government does nothing to stop it.

A conspiracy of epic proportions has placed an Islamic sympathizing Marxist in the White House. 

*  The government is not here to help you.  In fact, the government is here to hurt you. 

Iranian sleeper cells roam America and Obama does nothing about it.

*  Barack Obama, if that is his real name, declares war on America.

*  Barry Soetoro becomes Barack Obama and in so doing, becomes the Muslim Brotherhood President.

*  Obama has turned America into a rogue, communist nation.

*  Global bankers are resigning at a rapid pace.  The fat is in the fire.  The hog is in the tunnel.  We are doomed to a global banking collapse

*  NDAA says Obama can make you disappear, without cause, with no access to the courts, no hearing, nothing.  But, Dear Leader has no problem making you dead either

Almost half of Americans think that B. Hussein Obama and the Democrats are good for America.  Of course, they happen to be the ones sucking at the tit of the government, so it figures.  Almost half of Americans think the GOP is going to be the savior of the Constitution and liberty.  Of course, these are the same fools who still think voting matters.  How is it that otherwise logical people buy into the concept that both parties act independent of each other and oppose the other party, despite never repealing the others legislation and instead making it worse?  I don’t know where they get their drugs, but I sure wish I did.  The balance of the population knows something is deeply wrong in America and that both parties are in on it.

It would appear that defending liberty, restoring the Constitution and basically saving America and all of its idiots, for good or bad, has fallen to the few, just like it did during the war for independence.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  I am partially tempted to worry about me and to hell with the dummies, mouth breathers and morons.  But, I can’t do that, no matter how much they deserve to be left to their own devices.  I’m guessing that most of you are like me, and you just can’t watch as America is changed into a communist regime, at the expense of history, liberty and these morons too stupid or too fearful to stand on their own.  It has come down to this…making a stand.

We, the Constitutionalist, freedom loving Americans will do the job others do not want to do.  We always have and we always will be the ones to make a stand, to face down evil, sun at our backs, ready to draw down on the desperados who seek to enslave us all.  Will you stand with me?

Bill Turner


First American Patriot Church Radio

American Patriot Commission

Twitter: @Jihadihunter

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