Beelzebub Obama Update

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Barack Beelzebub Hussein Obama is an evil man.  If there is any doubt about the evil that is Beelzebub Obama, one only has to look to the families of those he has had executed to cover up his horrific sexual appetite for all things male and all things cocaine.  The man who met Osama Bin Laden as Barry Soetoro and came back from Pakistan Barackah Obama is a tool of the puppet master Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Yes, the man in the White House is the Muslim Brotherhood President.

The evil that is Beelzebub Obama has somehow convinced himself that he is Gandhi and Mandela combined.  Sorry Beelzebub, but you aren’t even Howie Mandel.  In fact, Beelzebub Obama is such a panty waist that he has to ask permission from a higher demon, Michelle, to watch ESPN.  What a pussy.  I wonder if he asked Michelle before he called the young, white slut, who is such a dirty girl she can’t afford $3000 a year for birth control.  Dumb Democrat.  She is acting like her vagina is the Peace Corp and giving it away instead of charging like it was a ride at Disneyland.

Showing that he has the respect of the Afghan people, Beelzebub apologized and they told him to go pound sand.  The evil one said that America doesn’t torture.  Perhaps someone should tell him we contract out for “extraordinary rendition” which is government speak for “You will wish we still water boarded, bitch”. 

On another note, the king needs $111 Billion dollars to implement Obamacare.  Any bets on if Congress gives it to him?  It’s not like it’s real money anyway.  WTF.  It is as if none of these ass hats and butt puppets read the news.  Beelzebub Obama and his lesser demons don’t think we blame him for out of control gas prices.  Once again, WTF.

The Muslim in Chief has directed Israel to not attack Iran.  Israel has directed Beelzebub Obama to go have sexual relations with himself.   In order to appease the inbred Muslim crowd, Mullah Obama has picked out five scapegoats to be turned over to Afghanistan for stoning.  Remember folks, you voted for this douche bag. 

So, the majority of Americans voted for Beelzebub Obama and now the evil is running amok.  What are you who created this mess, going to do to fix it?  You catch em, you clean em.  You created this Islamic Frankenstein, what the hell will you do to fix it?  Voting won’t work.  The GOP isn’t offering anything better.  So, what are you turd burglars going to do?  Let me guess….nothing.  You will piss all over yourselves and wait for America’s hero’s to step up.  Cowards.

Bill Turner


First American Patriot Church Radio

American Patriot Commission

Twitter: @Jihadihunter

  1. Tonys Take says:

    Perhaps one in 100 Americans get it. They are forming groups, arming themselves and storing food and other needed supplies. When the effects of printing trillions of dollars out of thin air comes to pass, there will be hell to pay. Those who think the government will be there to save them are going to be sadly disappointed.

    Will the trusting people march like sheep into FEMA camps and surrender what little freedom they have left for a bite to eat and a place to sleep? Perhaps when it is to late, they will resist and end-up occupying one of those nice plastic coffins the government has been stockpiling. A precious few people can see what is coming and are preparing to survive on their own terms. In them lies the future of America.

  2. Lynda says:

    evil man pretty much says it all

  3. Bill… I just love all that you write.

    What the fluke? He watches ESPN?

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