Imagine Life When The Banks Collapse

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Imagine what America will be like when the banking collapse hits.  Every nation will be hit hard, if not devastated.  The amazing level of greed in the world will not allow for a “Jubilee”, an event created by God, for the nation of Israel, to occur every fifty years, wherein all debts are erased and the slaves set free.  This traumatic event, combined with massive civil unrest in America and throughout the world, in conjunction with peoples retirement plans being decimated, could lead to the suspension of elections in America, with the most vocal dissidents disappearing overnight.  But, this is all just “imagination”, or is it?

Presume our government is being run by Marxists and fascists.  Okay, not such a big assumption, considering the dismantling of our Constitution and redistribution of wealth via a destruction of the economy.  One only has to think back to the Marxists, fascists and despots throughout recent history, to see the similarities.  Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pot and Hussein were all cult of personality socialists, who combined, lead to almost three hundred million murders.  B. Hussein Obama is a cult of personality socialist as well, who, through Obamacare, has created a tool to eliminate citizens who do not carry their economic weight.  Creating a national or international banking collapse is as easy Barack Obama continuing to spend uncontrollably, while the commercial and residential real estate markets collapse again, while the Federal Reserve continues to monetize the debt and Obama continues his war on jobs.  Few Americans are prepared to survive such a collapse, where money is devalued, stores are empty and paychecks bounce.  It will be ugly.

Although most of America is in the depth of winter, with snow piling up outside, the Occupy Movement is gaining new supporters and being infiltrated by radical, socialist, activists, bent upon pushing the Marxist Obama agenda.  When spring is sprung, these agitators will be rested up, like a spring bear, ready to do the bidding of the Democratic Party, that has staunchly defended the Occupy Movement.  Combine this planned unrest with the usual unrest around both political parties conventions, a collapse of the banking industry and the realization of federal employees, past and present, that their retirement has been stolen by the current administration, and this could be the most dangerous, most tyrannical summer in American history.

Imagine the outrage of the American people when Presidential elections are suspended.  Not possible?  The idea of suspending elections was already floated to the American public by an Obama lackey and despite some whining on social media sites, no clear message was sent back to the government, thus empowering them to take action, under a time of massive unrest.  The same Governor who floated the idea of suspending elections just happens to be one of the governors in charge of the FEMA zones and is to help direct and control response to national disasters and civil unrest.  Even Rush Limbaugh has weighed in on the possibility of B. Hussein Obama suspending elections, because he knows he cannot win a free and fair election.  Obama is not campaigning, he is setting the table for stage two of his fundamental transformation of America.  The dots are being connected by Americans and people around the world, regarding what is coming and how Obama’s Interpol Executive Order gives him immunity.  But, what if this is just a paranoid conspiracy theory?  If this was all just a conspiracy theory, why is it that B. Hussein Obama and FEMA would be hiring to staff regional FEMA camps, with plans to have them locked down and secured within thirty six hours of notification and be operational within seventy two hours?  Sometimes conspiracies are real.  How will this summer end?  It has the potential to end very bad, since Congress and President Obama have passed and signed into law, legislation that will allow for the indefinite detention of Americans, no hearing, no trial, no habeas corpus, just disappearing, as if you never existed.

Americans can take action now to stop this madness, do nothing and hope this scenario doesn’t come to be or do nothing and deal with the mayhem when it begins.  There is also one other option, prepare.  If none of this comes to be, you’ll be prepared for any disaster that befalls America.  And, if there is a suspension of our Constitutional rights, elections and the dissenters begin to disappear, you can be an AmeriCAN and help restore our Republic.

Bill Turner


First American Patriot Church Radio

American Patriot Commission

Twitter: @Jihadihunter

  1. JACK says:

    GET READY ! I’TS comeing and it’s comeing fast? the goverments, states, countys, citys, banks, and you are all browk ? I’ts just a flip of a dime, heads you loose, tails we loose it dos’t matter the gov is going to do what they want & they don’t want YOU! The world need’s 3 to 4 BILLION people elimenated to survive? If we keep going on like this are population will drive us to starvation, wars will be over Food an water, oil will choke the air. Are goverments will be responsible

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