The Truth, It’s What Will Save America

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Thursday: It Ain’t Friday, But It Sure As Hell Could Be

Josh Powell blocked from being buried next to the sons he killed, by two of America’s heroes.  God bless them. 

I feel safer knowing DHS is on top of this, rather than stopping illegal aliens (and OTM’s) from entering the country.

I wonder what criminal behavior he will get away with?

Hateful Islamic Jihadist calls white people racist.

Barack Obama intends to abandon Israel & let the evil that is Islam wipe them out.

ManBearPig attacks capitalism, which made his fat ass rich.

Barack Hussein Obama is still trying to surrender to the Taliban like a little bitch.

Racist Mormon shows he is empty headed.

Obama, ‘Governing is the art of bullshiting’

Unindicted terrorist co-conspirators whining about parents not letting them near their children.

The Apologist in Chief intends to apologize to Pakistan, as he hastens the return of the Mahdi.

Continue to follow the American Patriot Commission, in order to get the truth behind the headlines.

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