The Muslim Brotherhood President

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Muslim Brotherhood President:

Prior to his election in 2008 and even after his inauguration, President Obama has faced rumor, innuendo and attempts to discover his roots, his past, that he has carefully hidden.  No one may ever know whether B. Hussein Obama is eligible to be President, but what the people of America deserve to know is whether or not he was put into office for a purpose and what that purpose is.  Never mind the different birth certificates released by Obama, ignore the subterfuge surrounding his not releasing his college transcripts and that no one really remembers him at Columbia University, there is only one way to put those issues to rest and B. Hussein Obama is not willing to produce the documents to do so.  All of this leaves Americans wondering, at least until American Idol comes on. Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Hawaii.  There is considerable discussion as to whether “Hawaii” is in reference to the fiftieth state, or to a moment in Kenya when someone held him up and said, “We shall call him Barack and we shall call this place Hawaii”.  Either way, he was named Barack Hussein Obama II, after his father.  Well, according to his mother.  After all, only our mothers truly know who our fathers are.  Young Barack, eventually became an adult, as most people do, who manage to get through childhood and not stick a fork in an electrical outlet or anger their fathers such that they die in a tragic hunting accident (But, this is not about my brother, may God bless his soul).  During his childhood, his formative years, young Barack became known as Barry (allegedly short for Barack, or in honor of Mr. Manilow), and changed his last name to Soetoro,  as he was adopted by his mothers husband of the same last name.  It was at this time that Barry enrolled in Occidental College, often referred to as Oxy.  After a stint there, that no one knows much about and Barry/Barack, whatever his real name is, left, he found his way to New York City, where he, by his own admittance was homeless and on drugs. While in New York, young, stoned and with no place else to go, Barry decided that hanging out with a young Pakistani made sense.  Barry and this Pakistani traveled to Indonesia to visit some of Barry’s family and from there, he and his male traveling companion, went on to Pakistan.  Only Barry Soetoro knows what went on in Pakistan during that visit.  However, anonymous sources, within and outside of the military have shared and shed light upon the transformation of Barry Soetoro, homeless drug addict, alleged homosexual and aimless college dropout, to Barackah Hussein Obama, world traveler and now President of the United States of America.

In 2005, the US Military became aware of certain allegations regarding Barack Hussein Obama.  An al-Qaeda operative disclosed to an operator within the Military that in 2008 a man named Barackah Obama would be made President of the United States of America.  When pressed further, the Jihadist stated that the title “Barackah” and all the power and influence that goes with it, was given to an American, by Bin Laden himself.  In 1981 both Osama Bin Laden and Barry Soetoro were in Pakistan. Who vacations in Pakistan aside from a young man who left America as Barry Soetoro and returns Barack Hussein Obama?  It isn’t like Pakistan is a vacation hotspot, face it, dirt and outdoor plumbing can be found in much more attractive parts of the globe and without all the Muslims.  When the reports were written and moved along to Counterintelligence, they “went straight in the garbage can” said an anonymous source.

In 2005, the US Military Counterintelligence unit had information about a Barackah Obama, who was anointed with the title “Barackah” by America’s number one most sought terrorist and the reports ended up in the trash.  The tossing aside of this information occurred well after the Philadelphia Meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood, in America, long after the horrors of September 11th, 2001 and long after the November 2002 letter, from Osama Bin Laden, to the American people and no one in the Counterintelligence Unit thought that something such as this warranted looking into?  After all, it is common knowledge (which isn’t so common any more) that the Crusades, all three, were defensive measures, to push Islam back out of Europe, after its encroachment, that the basic tenets of Islam are global domination, wherein all non-Muslims have either converted to Islam, become slaves and pay the poll tax, or are killed and that under Islamic law, Sharia Law, Osama Bin Laden had to offer Americans the chance to willingly convert to Islam and had, in his 2002 letter to America. Counterintelligence personnel were armed with all of this information, or should have been (Did they not hear of this thing called Google, which makes finding things on the internets easier?), and they knew Osama Bin Laden was really named Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden and was a strict Wahhabi Muslim, yet they did nothing.

America now has Barack Hussein Obama as President, a man who was bestowed the title and blessings of “Barackah” upon him, by Osama Bin Laden, in Pakistan, in 1981 and not only is nothing being done about it currently, it could have been prevented.  Americans, certainly not the media, have wondered aloud, why is it that B. Hussein Obama has fought releasing his records, his transcripts, how he funded a trip to Indonesia and Pakistan when he was destitute, how he qualified to get into Columbia University, much less Harvard Law School and then have a meteoric rise through the Senate, to be the leader of the greatest nation on earth and now it is known why Barackah has covered his tracks so well during the three years he has spent destroying America.  Call it a conspiracy, call it a plot, call it anything you like, but the United States of America is now in a full blown Constitutional crisis and it is time Congress did something about it.

Bill Turner


First American Patriot Church Radio

Twitter: @Jihadihunter

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