Posted: January 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Lord, times are tough, families are feeling the sting of evil in the form of higher prices, lower wages, an ever increasing tax burden and the evil that creeps into their minds and hearts during this duress.  Heavenly Father, please allow your anointing waters to wash over each American, believer and non believer alike.  Lord, as your anointing waters wash over each American, cleanse them of evil, of the darkness that creeps into the recesses and exploits our humanness when times are dark.  Heavenly Father, I ask that you provide each American the strength to rally, to get through this oppression and darkness, to find their way, be it as a Christian Warrior, standing against the darkness that comes, or simply standing as a mother, father, friend, neighbor and American, while those with the warrior spirit beat back the evil that is strangling our nation.  God, use me as your vengeful, striking hammer, guiding me to the enemies of freedom, the tyrants and the bearers of evil, that come to oppress America and Americans.  Heavenly Father, there is a cadre of Americans eager to serve you, to lift the heavy hand of oppression from the throats of the people and allow them to run free in the fields of freedom.  Unchain them.  Set this cadre free.  Unleash the prayer warriors, the healers, the Christian Warriors, filling them with courage, keeping them in the light, minds and swords forever sharp, allow our hands and prayers to strike true and right, beating back the enemies of freedom, the evil that is, the darkness that seeks to bury America and take away our Judeo-Christian heritage.  Heavenly Father, show us when, harden us for the battle and allow us to free those who do not see the oppression and those that do, keeping all free, safe and in the arms of our Heavenly Father.  Amen.Image

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