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Throughout history there have been Socialist and Communist countries, also known as Godless Kingdoms of Slaves. It matters not who the leader has been, be it Stalin, Lenin, Mao or now, Obama, the message is “change”. The word “change” was identified over forty years ago as a buzzword to drive the masses towards their own enslavement. Every statist regime, be it Socialism or Communism has resulted in the same thing, promises made to the people, the “workers of the world unite” spiel that is never lived up to. In all of the previous regimes, power and money have been consolidated at the top. The top three percent end up being the powerful, the elite, the ones with the money and power, while the people are starved to death (Lenin), executed (Stalin) or both (Mao). It always ends the same.

B. Hussein Obama, whose legal name is most likely Barry Soetoro, has pushed his mantra of “change” upon America. What has Obama done? He is consolidating power in the executive branch, taking over healthcare, the auto industry, the financial industry, the food industry and now the pharmaceutical industry. Rather than use the legislative branch, Obama has elected to use regulation, bypassing Congress, further isolating himself, his power and his control. Why does this matter? It is the method used by Stalin, Lenin, and Mao. It is also the method described in the Communist Manifesto, as being the “how to” portion of taking over a free country. But, I propose to you that this isn’t new and has been going on for more than a century.

Each administration, be it Democrat or Republican, pushes the same policies as the previous administration. During the campaign they sound different, but once elected they continue to move America down the path to a statist regime. FDR once said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”. If we were dealing with the law of averages, half of the events in our country would be good for it. If we were dealing with incompetence, our leaders would make mistakes now and then. Our continued march towards Socialism/Communism has been carefully planned. Before you start wailing about “conspiracy theories” think this through and keep reading.

When you contemplate history, you must accept that everything that has happened throughout history, be it the creation of the Federal Reserve or the wars America has been involved in, has been an accident. Or, you can accept the reality that we live in a society that has been carefully planned. But, it cannot be both. Why does history repeat itself? It cannot be accidental. It is because inflation, statist regimes, wars, are all done for a reason. And, for anyone who believes this to be a “conspiracy theory” it is common practice for you to name call and intimidate rather than examine the relevant facts. Skip the common practice. Both parties are working for the elite financial barons and companies and have been around long before the secret meeting on Jekyll Island to create the Federal Reserve. It was once said, “millions of innocent and well-meaning people, in a natural desire not to appear naive, assume the attitudes and repeat the clichés of the opinion makers. These persons, in their attempt to appear sophisticated, assume their mentors’ air of smug superiority even though they themselves have not spent five minutes in study on the subject of international conspiracy”.

Professor Quigley wrote a thirteen hundred page book, “Tragedy and Hope” that clearly lays out the network of conspirators who have, almost from the beginning, sought to consolidate power and increase wealth for themselves. And, Professor Quigley of Harvard, Princeton and Georgetown agrees that it is acceptable for the elites to control society. People can and do rationalize almost anything. A great man once said, “People have an infinite capacity for rationalization when it comes to refusing to face the threat to America’s survival. Deep down these people are afraid they may be laughed at if they take a stand, or may be denied an invitation to some social climber’s cocktail party”.

Ask yourself, why does nothing ever change?

Bill Turner




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