Urgent: Rebels Funded By Soros

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Urgent & Confidential: Just Leaked To The @Jihadihunter

Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt…..Yemen, Under the Radar Summary:

 Out of lock step with the mainstream media, this piece will attempt to describe the fall of the respective Middle East countries and how these coups were orchestrated. Lebanon falls to Hezbollah over the tribunal of the Hariri assassination implications. Top key members of the government resign in protest to the tribunals, yet Hezbollah steps in to assume control as the citizens’ protest, the United Nations has no response.

Najib Mikati and the Shiite militant group take the reins of power. The Sunni’s continue to protest. Tunisia is the next on tap to fall as protests call for an end of authoritarian rule over the last two decades. Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the president flees the country but not before packing up some unknown quantities of gold to head for Saudi Arabia.


Taking a lesson from Tunisia, Egypt is inspired to protest the same authoritarian rule of Hosni Mubarak. Riots, street closings and fires rage on as the Egyptian Stock Market suspends trading.


Mubarak’s family flees for Great Britain. Yemen, a few days later appears to have the same playbook and script as riots and protests keep the same ‘inspiration’ of anti-government sentiment.


Just who wrote this playbook and who is marshalling the mission? Wade Rathke…..CAIR….Muslim Brotherhood and it is submitted by financing of none other than George Soros.

http://www.organizersforum.org/ The links and summary below will assist you in the connection of dots and arrows.

The White House has all eyes and assets on Afghanistan with proxy diplomats dispatched to North Korea and China. So, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Yemen have been left to Saudi Arabia and Israel to finesse. The U.S. Navy has assets in nearby waters, yet those pesky pirates are on constant radar to keep supplies from flowing through shipping lanes as the profits for the pirates rises to more than $50 billion in ransom.


Wade Rathke uses his tired old, yet effective unrest revolutionary manuals from the Tides Foundation to seize the feeble governments to manifest his agenda and topple governments. The United States has funded billions in aid to these countries, now in the hands of unknown quantities and qualities.

Yemen: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/01/27/thousands-rally-government-yemen/?cmpid=cmty_other_Tens_of_Thousands_of_Protesters_Rally_Against_Government_in_Yemen

Middle East and Tunisia


Soros, Tides, Pike, Rathke


Yemen has been forsaken by Hillary


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  2. spongedocks says:

    thanks for posting my piece, I was looking for additional evidence and low and behold, I found my piece posted, thanks Bill. I will add to this in the next day or so. D

  3. Coffee in hand and listening to the radio chatter of the Egyptian Military. It’s about to hit the fan. The Muslim Brotherhood, ISM, and members of Fatah and Hamas are being rounded up quietly. The thanks have moved into Liberty Square. Helicopters are searching by air over the entire region. Hamas and Hizbollah are trying to escape into Gaza. American protester are being order out of the country or face immediate arrest. Europeans are being arrested along with Islamonazi’s.

    Islamic terrorist attempted a coup in the Sinai as well. The Egyptian government knows that the US was behind the uprising namely the Obama regime. This is no going to bode well for his political career. The Egyptians have closed off the Rafiah border near Gaza and have so far killed 12 Palestinian Bedouin Terrorist sent Fatah and Hamas into the Sinai. The Egyptian army has also torched a police station with Palestinians inside it who would not surrender. The northern Sinai Peninsula is the center of smuggling of drugs, terrorists, weapons into Gaza like Mexico is to the US.

    The Egyptian Intelligence Units have cleared the Army of Egypt to enter Gaza and have notified us here in Jerusalem of their intent. We are sending forces into the area to prevent Hamas escape.

    The Alliance of Youth Movements Summit’ in New York occured during December 3-5th where all this was planned. Many of those who attended this terror conference are in Egypt at present and will not be allowed to leave. They are rounding them up as we speak.

    Near City Center in Cairo Egyptian Elite Units are going door to door arresting insurgents.

    Egyptian Intelligence Agents state over cables that “U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Margaret Scobey, has been coordinating this protest for over two years and she notified Secretary Clinton about this using the code name “April 6”. Clinton responded; (according to the Egyptians) that the Obama Administration wants a more “Parliamentarian Government” so as to allow the Muslim Brotherhood seats of power. The Egyptians government staff are cursing the US regime and are vowing “global humiliation” of the Obama regime.

    The Egyptian Military chatter indicates that “Obama betrayed us” this is a constant complaint over the radio. Our sources indicate their is smoke rising over Cairo in various places.

    The Egyptian Intelligence Service says they have proof of Obama’s complicity and will file a complaint against the US with the UN Security Council. They also claim the so called “Human Rights” abuses were done at the request of the US to suppress terror organizations.

    To say the Egyptian are furious is an understatement. We have given Mubarak permission to use Israeli air bases as a means of exit if need be to Jordan. The King of Jordan has asked us to close the Israeli Jordanian border while they quietly go about their round up.

    Egypt has shut down Al Jazeera and ordered them out of the country, they were using their camera crews to provide Hamas insurgents with troop locations and numbers.

    A Muslim Brotherhood agent Tayseir Mahmoud from Houston Texas, USA representing the Houston Sharia Academy has been mentioned as they round up her relatives there in Egypt. (She is a vocal spokesperson) against the Mubarak government and is in support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    There is a great deal of chatter going on right now, we will have to sort a lot of it out before it runs together into word salad. Again, the Egyptian government is very angry and if I know them they won’t let this go. OPEC states are also in conference as we speak discussing sanction against the West for this betrayal. This will work wonderfully into the Soros plan because Oil and food prices will sky rocket. Soros is poised to make hundreds of billions in profit while the world bleeds. This is another complaint of the Egyptians coming across the short wave radios.

    The Obama regime is WAY out of their element. This isn’t the corrupt streets of Chicago, this is the real world.


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