Shooters Post On KOS

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized


KOS Was Quick To Take This Down…Why?

  1. kguerra says:

    I looked up the gay BOY BLUE Jared Loughlin post from DAILY KOS and they’re pretty disturbing. So BOY BLUE is really Jared Loughlin and he did those writings? WOW! The left wing wackos like Jared Loughlin are at Daily KOS writing as BOY BLUE. Check the rest of KOS out as marxists get more dangerous and as they are being outed and routed in government. They are getting violent.

    BOY BLUE aka Jared Loughlin? BOY BLUE writings indicate a lucid, but delusional and unstable individual, with a wide liberal gay activist streak. BOY BLUE says over the course of time on KOS that he is gay, a lawyer, lives in MA, but also Tuscon area, was married, but is gay, lost his job, but is a lawyer, attempted suicide by gun, messed up his mouth with the gunshot, awaiting possible benefits, supported Gifford over a long period of time, gave thousands to socialist/progressives, raised hundreds of thousands for socialist/progressives, supported other liberals, upset at Gifford for not voting for “my girl Pelosi” and so forth.

    He says he has given thousands and raised other hundreds of thousands for Gifford and others. But BOY BLUE clearly can’t even help himself and is another pathetic socialist imagineer looking for excuses. Jared Loughlin as Boy BLUE is a fantasy and he can’t help himself.


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