Step Up Or Step Aside

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Step Up Or Step Aside:

Representative Darrell Issa spent months talking the talk regarding Congressional investigations and chasing corruption at the White House. Americans on both sides of the aisle began to look forward to the winds of change. Issa, appearing to be politician in the mold of Dodd and Schumer, someone who never saw a television camera he didn’t want to be in front of, continued to talk the talk. Then, something changed. We may never know what it was, but that is the first thing I want investigated.

Republican Rep Issa was quick to take impeachment of President Obama off the table. Not long after taking impeachment off of the table, Issa went from Obama being corrupt to ‘his White House being corrupt’. How did this rock, this steadfast keeper of liberty suddenly become as harmless as a cotton ball?

Was Rep Issa pressured to back off for one of the following reasons, or is there something more sinister afoot:

So what if Issa spent well over a million dollars to help get Gray Davis recalled? If I had the money I would have spent it too, Davis needed to go. It is rumored that Rep Issa wanted to run for the office, but the Governators jumping in the race halted that. So?

In February of 1980 Rep Issa and his brother were arrested in San Jose California for auto theft. Allegedly the brothers sold Darrell’s Mercedes to a car dealer and reported it stolen a few hours later. A judge referred the case for prosecution. The District Attorney did not pursue the matter, as it wasn’t a case he felt he could win. Since the case was never prosecuted, only two people, both of them named Issa, know the truth. Unless, Obama and his minions on the left know something and leveraged it against Issa. If they do and they did, Issa should go public with it and move forward, for the good of the nation. I am not the same person I was thirty years ago and I’m sure neither is he. How about you?

The Los Angeles Times reports that seven months after his taking over the “Quantum Manufacturing Plant” there was a fire of suspicious origin. Although nothing was ever proven, it appeared, based upon burn patterns, that an accelerant was used and that the fire started in the only portion of the business that did not have sprinkler coverage. The fire caused almost a million dollars in damage. If Obama or his minions in the Democratic Party are holding this over his head, once again, Rep Issa should move forward with impeachment and other hearings because he was never charged and I just let the cat out of the bag.

As for Rep Issa not pursuing impeachment of Obama over the Sestak scandal, because Bill Clinton made the offer on behalf of Obama and some lame excuse that all Presidents do this sort of thing, stop. Bill’s wife is an Obama cabinet member. Pimpin’ Bill Clinton is a former President, who obviously hangs around the White House (do they still have interns?). Impeach Obama. Rep Issa, you cannot use the excuse that ‘everybody does it’. If President Obama killed someone, would you let him walk, based upon the ‘everybody does it’ excuse (Remember Vince Foster? He would be alive today if DC allowed concealed carry)? Just because others have done wrong, does not give the current administration the liberty of doing as they please.

The American public has spoken. The American public wants an open, transparent (not the transparency Obama has given us, where we can see through all that he does) government. We the people desire honesty and ethics in our elected officials. We do not want Kabuki Theater, show trials, show hearings or any other distraction. The GOP received a second chance, not because you deserve it, you don’t, but because there were no other options. Rep Issa, do not screw this up. It is time that you, the elected officials, and the civil servants, stop trying to be civil masters and carry out the will of the people. Investigate. Impeach. Restore honor to America and the American people.

Bill Turner



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