2011 The Year Of The Rabbit

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
2011 The Year Of The Rabbit:

This is the year of the rabbit. Hopefully that means 2011 is the year we will hear less from Jimmy Carter. Any time he goes out in public, someone should yell, “Killer Rabbit” and chase him back indoors. It is only January first, 2011 and I already dislike the way this year is going. I awoke this morning and B. Hussein Obama is still President. So much for “hope & change”. Based upon the finish of 2010 and what my Crystal Ball (no, not the candidate who should have seen her loss coming, the “entertainer” I keep bound in my basement) says, I am going out on a limb (not really because ten minutes after reading this you won’t remember it) and making my predictions for 2011.


Congress will convene and get all Congressy on us. It will not take long for the Democrats to show that they are the party of really bad ideas, but it will be hard to hear their ideas over the whining and crying about the tax payers wallet being closed to them. The GOP will end up being the GOP and that will make the Tea Party nuts.


After having made numerous sniveling speeches about “gridlock” in Congress, B. Hussein Obama will do what he always does, make an end around using regulation and executive orders. Tea Party ranks will swell as Americans realize it is not the Dems v. GOP but really us (we the people) v. them (elected officials). Sales of large quantities of tar, and huge bags of feathers will go unnoticed by Janet Napolitano.


Speaker Boehner will finally find the gavel he has looked for since early January. Word will leak out that Pelosi had it the entire time, and despite having to pry her cold, lifeless fingers from it, she is still alive. Boehner will use the gavel to knock some sense into a few members of the GOP.


Large groups of Americans will show up for tax day Tea Party protests. But, rather than go home after the rallies, the crowds will linger, scent of heated tar lingering in the air, and feathers floating in the breeze. Politicians will feel their sphincters tighten. Granola eating, Birkenstock wearing folk will be seen wandering aimlessly in packs, mostly at night, mumbling about ’four more years’ and ’Bush did it’.


The packs of progressives will be hunted for sport, their scalps kept as prizes. Obama will no longer leave the White House. The Tea Party will form the Tea Party Freedom Fighters. People will assemble in DC for Memorial Day.


The Memorial Day masses will still be in DC. The people will tell Congress to “go home” and “leave the peoples house”. Americans will be angered by Congress not having changed and not being willing to listen to the grievances of the people. Congress will dismiss, to avoid conflict.


POTUS will order the military to disperse crowds gathering in DC and at various state capitols. Most of the military will lay down their weapons and go home, or to be with the people. Panic will set in at the White House as the people are being peaceful, just singing patriotic songs and reading speeches from the past to inspire each other. Blue helmets will be sent to provide muscle for POTUS.

Representative republics, like other forms of government and cartons of milk, have expiration dates. Will this really happen? Who knows. What I do know is this: If each and everyone of us does not stand up for liberty, refuse to accept tyranny, refuse to accept laws that are not Constitutional, and do not find it within ourselves to be strong enough to push back on our government that seeks to erode our borders, enslave us with debt, and submit to global governance, we as a nation will not survive and if we die as a nation, we will die as individuals.

Bill Turner


Twitter:  Jihadihunter




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