Freedom In A World Of Tyranny

Posted: December 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Freedom In A World Of Tyranny:

Albert Camus once said, “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” If you live in America you are not free. Let that sink in. That thought alone should melt your mind for a while. The political elite, from both parties, allow you the illusion of freedom, by controlling your choices. Do we bail out some of the wealthiest people and companies in America, or let them fail? Why are those the only two choices? Because the Democrats and Republicans said so. You are not free. But, you can become free, in a very unfree world.

Any conversation of freedom eventually turns to what is freedom; to me freedom is living the way I want, all of the time. What is your personal definition of freedom? Think it through, personal freedom, what is it? Once you have established what freedom is for you, take a deep breath, because I intend to show you how you can have that freedom now.

From birth you have been brainwashed into believing you must take the bad with the good, accept compromise, or as the progressives call it, tolerance. Why must you do that? Does compromise work? Does it make you happy? Does it make you any more free? No. No. And, hell no. Congress is a monument to the failure of compromise.

All your life you have been led to believe that you cannot be self serving, you must have shared sacrifice, putting others first, why? You are told all your life, by your parents, teachers, and government that people will not allow you to live as you want, you must live within the rules. Why? We learn a phrase when we are young and then live our lives to fulfill it, “Life’s a bitch and then you die”. Why does life have to be this way? Why do you have to subscribe to someone else’s moral code? You don’t.

Life is not chaotic, dog eat dog, survival of the fittest. We allow ourselves the illusion that gaining access to college, graduate schools, promotions, and a high income career is dog eat dog, a battle, survival of the fittest. But, is it really? Will the guy in the next cubicle who has worked there longer than you, suddenly impale you in the parking lot because of a raise and a private office you received, that he felt should have been his? I sure as hell would, but most people will only think of it, and smile. You can have the life you want, live the way you desire, without hurting others. Freedom is your birthright, you do not have to convince others to allow you to live as you please. Some of you are still skeptical, I can feel your mocking sighs. Stay with me on this, you will become more free.

Most people believe the government is all powerful, with unlimited resources (that it takes from we the people), a massive surveillance system and control over the people. Government is designed to intimidate you. Wrong. The government is a repulsive mess. The government is made up of people, folks with ulcers, deadlines, office memo’s, interagency memo’s, family problems and office politics, just to name a few. Whether it is the DMV or the National Security Agency, they are staffed with people, government people. They may have the ability to monitor everyone, but they lack the desire. With the government, do not be fearful or intimidated. Do not directly attack or confront the government. While the government cannot, due to resources, keep track of everyone, do not jump up and slap the government in the face and draw a line in the sand. Fly under the radar. Do not organize into tax revolt groups or groups that threaten the government. They don’t have the resources to track down everyone, but they will track down groups that someone fears could be a problem. It is selective law enforcement and they do it all the time (Waco, Ruby Ridge).

Stand alone. Your power comes from being flexible and staying one step ahead of the government. When the government changes the rules an individual has the ability to change and adapt faster than an organization. List the government intrusions that challenge your freedom. Examine each intrusion and determine what is the likely government response. Once that is done, go through each one and if you are likely to not be caught, and if you are, only receive a warning, do not worry about that intrusion. But, if the penalty is severe, examine the possibilities surrounding ways to legally avoid problems with this intrusion. Go into your new found freedom eyes wide open.

Most people can find enough loopholes, enough ways to navigate the impediments to individual freedom. The thing that causes people to fail in being free is not having the gravitas to pull it off. There is an old sales motto, “Act as if”. Act as if you are doing nothing wrong. Act as if you are inherently free. Act as if you are not to be trifled with. Act as if is the solution to many of life’s ills. Jury duty is a prime example. Ignore the notice, throw it away. Ignore the second notice, throw it away. Several months later a deputy will come to your home and serve you a notice to appear in front of the clerk of the court. You must show for this, but act as if you never got the other notices. They came regular mail. There is no way the court knows if you got it or not. Act as if works everywhere. I am almost fifty. Last summer I was employed by a large corporate entity that shall remain nameless for my protection. I hated my job, despised the company and was generally miserable. I realized I could make as much money on unemployment as I could at work. I cut my hair into a Mohawk. Nothing. The very next week I bleached it white. Nothing. So, I upped the ante, I died it electric blue. A few comments, but nothing like I expected. I died it multi-tone purple and started wearing short sleeve shirts, showing my tattoo’s. Nothing. I was angry now. I was a disgrace. I should be fired. Nothing. So, I stopped going to work. Paychecks kept coming for a while. Cool. Medical benefits were still good. Awesome. I started this six months ago. In January I have to start paying my medical benefits. But, I am free and I did it my way. I turned being miserable into a game, and in the end, I won.

Part of doing what I want means wearing what I want, saying what I want and engaging people when I want. What does that mean? On Sunday’s I wear a shirt that reads, “Please forgive me Lord for I have sinned like a mother f**ker”. I show up for Organizing for America meetings, stand outside and handout flyers with a picture of the state director in drag from his Craigslist ad. Politics is a contact sport. And, I aggressively engage liberals wherever I may find them. If you don’t stand for the National Anthem at a sporting event, I’m the guy offering to help you break Evil Knievel’s record for broken bones if you don’t. And, I recognize that I will knowingly and willfully break laws to live free. I’ve gotten tickets for going ninety miles per hour in a fifty zone. But, I’ve drove that same road five days a week for two years since and not gotten a ticket. If I’m at a red light and there are no cars around, I don’t wait. I live free.

Some day, if you choose to live free, you will have to make a decision about breaking the law. Do not advertise that you do not live lawfully. Even if you follow all the laws, someone may beg to differ. Laws are often open to interpretation. Governments are notorious for calling on citizens to follow the rules for the common good. But, if the common good is not in line with what is good for you, what will you do? If the government decided to disarm the people by asking everyone to turn in their weapons for the greater good, would you? What if the government outlawed football, for the greater good of the people, would you stop playing? Would you not go watch an underground game if you knew of one? Everyone of us knows what would cause us to go over the line, as far as breaking the law. For me, life is about doing what I want, and as long as I am not hurting anyone, I do it if I want to. And, if it is going to hurt someone, but it is important to me, life is a rock.

To free yourself from societies grip all one has to do is realize there is no societal code of conduct for behavior. One person may find your behavior offense and someone else may find it bland. But, the only person who truly has an opinion that matters is you. When out and about, wear a socially acceptable mask, if you wish to remain anonymous. Remember the purple Mohawk? I would wear a hat for some events, to hide in a crowd and at other times, I would spike it and ride my Harley. I have taken meetings with Senators while wearing my Mohawk, I just wore a hat to fit the clothes I wore to the meeting.

Being free is up to you. It all starts with your attitude about life. If you wonder what others think about you, if you fear someone will find your behavior unsettling, you will have a harder time than I did when I decided to live completely free. I have never cared what others thought, so the transition was easy for me. The Vandals, a punk band did a song called “Anarchy Burger” and it includes the line, ‘If you think you are free, try walking into a deli and urinating on the cheese’. I live free, but I have never had the desire to urinate on the cheese. However, if I was ever inclined to do that, I would make a mental list of possible outcomes and weigh whether or not it was worth the risk. Those who know me well know I would do it, but have a roll of cash to pay for the damages. You see, living free doesn’t mean you can be an anarchist and damage someone else or their livelihood without compensating them. With freedom comes consequences and that means responsibility. Freedom truly is not free.

So, it comes down to individual choice. Are you going to be as free as the government lets you, and live with it? Or, are you going to do as Albert Camus said, “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” All I know for sure is this: Each morning I wake up my continued existence is an act of rebellion. Come with me if you want to be free.

Bill Turner



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  1. bringsdogtowork says:

    LIVE FREE OR DIE! Only thing I have a problem with is you blowing off your job. You must have worked for the government, because a private business would have fired you right away!

  2. Kimo says:

    im still with ya Bill before i die, to be truly free. Most of my life, thst is how i lived.its getting harded now.very hard

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