Think You Are Free…

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Think You Are Free…

With the exception of approximately three percent of the population, Americans deserve neither freedom or security. Americans have repeatedly surrendered liberty to the government for the magic beans of a “greater good” promised by whichever party happens to be in office at the time. Americans have become so weak kneed that a handful of Godless beings have ruined Christmas for everyone else. The Constitution allows for equal protection, but protection is not equal. The vocal minority in America push around the rest of America, like bullies on the playground. Worst of all, both the Democrats and Republicans have manipulated the people into being divided and fighting with each other on party lines. This should not be. It is the American people against our tyrannical government.

Our government, be it at the local level or national tell us that we must surrender freedoms for the good of everyone. I cannot find a clause in the Constitution that says there can be indoor smoking bans, but they exist. I am a non-smoker and I always found restaurants and bars that catered to me. Free market principles at work, as they should be. Americans have rolled over on seat belt laws and helmet laws, surrendering liberty, for the offer of a greater good. I always wore a seatbelt before the law was changed. If I drive without one, and die, how is that the governments business? It isn’t. I ride a Harley and wear a helmet. I wear a helmet because I choose to. If I decide not too and end up dead or a vegetable it isn’t the governments business, or anyone else’s. The governments desire to ban transfat, sugar drinks, energy drinks or alcohol infused energy drinks is a threat to personal freedom. You body is your most precious piece of personal property. If the government can control what you do with your body, what you ingest, they can control what you drive (CAFÉ standards for mileage), what activities you can be involved in (Obamacare), and what you can see, read or listen to (FCC control of the internet and control over television programming). All of those things are individual liberties, free market driven and nowhere in the Constitution is the government authorized to do any of it. Yet, Americans have surrendered these liberties for the promise of a cleaner environment, better health, and to protect the children. The planet is cleaner now than it has ever been. As a free and sovereign person, I can do with my body what I want. And, I don’t need nor want the government dictating what my children see and hear, that is my job. Yet, I continue to be amazed at the amount of Americans who do nothing and allow both the Democrats and Republicans to erode your freedoms. If you think you are free, try walking into a deli and urinating on the cheese (Anarchy Burger, Hold The Government, by the Vandals).

The war on Christmas is in full effect. City after city, town after town, people are removing nativity scenes, stifling Christmas Carols, and saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. The majority of Americans are not Godless pagans who do not acknowledge the sanctity of Christmas, they are just cowards. These Americans are afraid to speak up and speak out because of the vitriol spewed by those who have declared war on Christmas. A vocal few have bullied generations of Americans into surrendering their beliefs, their rights and their liberty, for a few. It is time for Americans to speak up. Say it loud, “I’m free and I’m proud”. It is ridiculous to allow the few, the loud, the self righteous, to control our natural rights, our God given rights to be free.

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have conspired to push the agenda of big government over freedom. In order to accomplish their agenda, the parties have been as divisive as possible, driving a wedge between the people, in order to facilitate the advancement of government over the natural rights, the God given rights of the people. If the political elite can keep the people fighting, they might not wake up and realize they have been enslaved. It is not Dems v. GOP, it is “us v. them”. Both the left and the right are being enslaved at the expense of all of our freedoms and liberties and the benefit of the statist government elites.

We are back to where we started. The majority of American’s have done nothing to earn liberty and security. A few, brave, vocal, assertive people who have decided to live free are trying to keep the wolf at the door are free, but not truly free. It is time for the rest of you to get in the game, out from behind the keyboard and make a difference. It is either that or resign yourself to the fact that you and the generations that follow you will become indentured servants, slaves to the nation state, no longer free to try and obtain wealth, property or liberty, but resigned to taking what the government gives you and making do. What will you do?

Bill Turner


Twitter: Jihadihunter

  1. Fred says:

    If you honestly think Net Neutrality means the FCC controls the internet, you’re dumber than you look.

    • Bill Turner says:

      If you think insulting people is debate you must be one of the limp wristed obamanites who suckle at his cock rather than seek to live free. Bitch.

  2. James Spradling says:

    Well Mr.Flintstone,(I mean) Fred, Why don’t you tell us what’s on your mind, as opposed to name calling,
    I know you can’t help it it’s the liberal Illness, I love my Country and will do anything to defend her
    against the liberal mindset that seems to be picking up a little momentum, But guess what the Calvary coming
    in the way of the Tea Party, GOD BLESS AMERICA

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