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It is that time of year again, Thanksgiving. A holiday of mixed blessings in my world. Another anniversary of my mothers death. Another day of praying for those who fight and stand vigilant so that we can gorge and watch football. Another day of giving thanks for the blessing bestowed upon us by our founders, those brave men and women who came to America, shaped it, and left us the greatest documents in the world, to guide us. The Declaration Of Independence, The Bill Of Rights, and The Constitution are the road maps that have guided our great nation to tremendous heights. But, this Thanksgiving is different. This is the second Thanksgiving in a row our great nation is under attack by an enemy from within, an enemy in the White House. Despite that, I am thankful for the brave patriots that are standing and fighting our tyrannical government. God bless you all.

B. Hussein Obama, the puppet, and George Soros, the puppet master have accelerated their destruction of America. The dollar is collapsing. The Fed is printing money and buying our own debt with our money. Monetizing the debt has led to the inflation we are seeing in the stores today. Our government calls it “qualitative easing” which is another term for devaluing the dollar. But don’t worry, they didn’t compound it by creating food shortages. No, wait, they did, with the bogus ethanol scam Al Gore just admitted to. Our own government is going to create a food crisis, to create a need for death panels, as Paul Krugman says. But, that is not all. To eliminate the bogus global warming, that even the IPCC admits was created with their lies, Obama has directed the EPA to stop issuing permits for oil drilling and coal fire power plants. Yet, at the very same time he has done this, he is pushing for “green jobs”. The question is why? Two words, Chevy Volt. There are an abundance of auto makers making electric hybrids. So, America will increase its electrical usage, while eliminating the electricity. That doesn’t make sense; until you dig a little deeper.

Obama has been quietly grabbing up all the state owned land in the western half of America, the land that is where wind power will go, where large mineral deposits are, where the oil in America is and where the largest natural gas preserves are. What is the big deal with natural gas? Well, China is making all of its new cars to run on natural gas. Who owns most of America’s debt? China. Coincidence? Probably not. But wait, there’s more!

Far left economist Krugman, the guy who says we need death panels isn’t just pulling your leg. The death panels Sarah Palin warned us about are in the health care legislation. But, that makes no sense you say. Wrong. January 1, 2011 the death tax comes back. By eliminating the baby boomers as they grow old, you reduce health care costs, you reduce the Social Security unfunded liability, you reduce the Medicare unfunded liability and finally, you get all that money from the dead, those you have selected for termination. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But, if you look at the big picture, not just the isolated incidents, a pattern emerges.

If you look back at history, each communist regime has resulted in the same thing, the death of millions at the hands of the government, be it Mao’s killing fields, Che’s death squads, or Russia’s starving the people into cannibalism and death. Our dictator, B. Hussein Obama is no different. Eliminating people will allow for smaller power usage by those left, so those wind farms are less likely to need coal power plant back up when there is no wind. The expensive transmission lines can be paid for with the death taxes and the savings in other areas, not to mention our governments selling our natural gas to global entities, such as China. Take a deep breath, it gets worse.

B. Hussein Obama has said on several occasions that in the tenth and twelfth year of his presidency he has things to accomplish. For a Constitutional Scholar, he sure is dumb. Presidents can only serve two terms. Unless he isn’t so dumb and he will be our supreme leader. That one ought to get the stomach acid pumping at full speed. It will never happen, not in America, you say. It already is.

As a free and sovereign American, you have three things that are God given and protected by the Constitution that must be ripped from you with force, or given by you in cowardice. What are those things? Life. Liberty. The pursuit of happiness.

You are not in control of your life. You let the government have control over you and your body and you did it with barely a whimper. Smoking bans took away some freedom. Helmet laws took away some freedom. Seat belt laws took away liberty. But, you have given away so much more. You have allowed the left to take all things Christian out of the government, when the Constitution doesn’t say they can, it merely says we can’t and won’t have a state religion. But, you have allowed a state religion, environmentalism centered on global warming. We know that it is a hoax, a pack of lies, yet people still “believe” and you let them push you around based upon this false ideology. Then there is the food wars and the denial of things like sugar in your soda, transfats, and so much more. Oh, did you stop the government? America needs us to take our liberty back.

Liberty. Gone. Really? Yes! You don’t have free speech. You gave that up for hate crime and hate speech legislation. You surrendered it for “free speech zones” on campuses and in work places. Don’t believe me? Try wearing a shirt with an offensive, vulgar message on it, to the mall. The second amendment is void where prohibited. Can you openly carry a gun in your state? I can. Idaho still allows open carry, but it comes with multiple stops by the police and an inquisition with each stop. Try it in a state that eliminated open carry laws. Second amendment, gone. How about the right to be secure in your person and papers, to not be searched without probable cause and a judge signing off on a warrant? Gone. The Patriot Act, which was written in 1995, by Joe Biden, was pulled out after the attacks on September 11th, 2001 and most Americans shrugged and surrendered their freedom. The TSA tightens screening efforts with body scans and aggressive physical searches, along with huge fines if you refuse and people grumble, but still fly. While this is being done, the same type of scanners are being put in at train depots, bus stations and court houses. Did you do anything about it? You just go forward, letting your freedoms go. When our government rolled out vans with x-ray to scan people on the sidewalks and see into their cars, you did nothing. Why? You blindly accept a system wherein you are jailed before trial, yet you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. If that is true, why do you go to jail and get locked up with real criminals, mixing the convicted with the innocent? You have no liberty and what little you have is being taken from you day by day. If you don’t believe me, look up as you drive and walk around. People never look up. The government has camera’s everywhere. Still think you are free?

Pursuit of happiness? Think you still have it? C’mon, really? The government controls who gets student loans and goes to college. The government has made such a mess of the home loan process it is almost impossible to buy a house without twenty percent down and with the loss of employment being so high, saving that kind of money is next to impossible. The ability to find a job that pays well without a college education is all but obsolete. Unable to work, get an education, or own property (remember the financial reform bill, the one that takes away free checking, and monitors all of your financial transactions?), the middle class will no longer exist, such is the loss of freedom and happiness in America.

So, now you know, the secrets of the globalists who have been leading us down this path for all of our lives. Take a deep breath, the story does not end here.

We can stop this. All of us. Together. But, we must act quickly. The new satellite recently launched. The FCC going to take control of the internet in America. The blocking of cell phones, allegedly just in cars. Potential financial collapse. It is all theatre, designed to nudge us into accepting the pending upheaval and the solution offered. No matter how bad it gets we cannot take the solution(s) offered by our government and the other countries. Taking that path leads us not to security but serfdom and enslavement. We must take the hard road, the road to freedom.

The question is not how far. The question is, do you possess the constitution, the depth of faith, to go as far as is needed?

I do.

Bill Turner
Twitter: @Jihadihunter

  1. Tiacarolann says:

    Well said Hunter!! God will put America out IF we humble ourselves & ask !!

  2. Frances Drake says:

    Thank you Sir, for an excellent analysis of the ramifications of the actions of the present administration of our country. All it takes for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

  3. spongedocks says:

    I think it, I feel it, I can see it and you write it. God Bless you sir. xoxox

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