Ask No Quarter

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
Ask No Quarter


Shadows of time are catching up with me

Icy fingers of darkness clutching at my soul

Battles long fought for what is me

Never bartering what is battered

I will leave with it tarnished and tattered


Freedom has never been free

A price is paid by us all

Some pay a heavier toll

We live, we fight, we do what is right

Pushing, defending, fighting off the night


Stalking through life giving no quarter

Knowing that none will be given in the end

It is the warrior way

Stand and deliver, vanquishing evil to the night

When death comes show no fright


Leave the world a better place

Touch someone’s heart each day

Defend those who cannot defend themselves

Time is the most precious gift one can give

Give it all to others and truly live


Make someone smile each and every day

Leave your mark upon the lives of others

Never bending on matters of principle

As day slips into the dead of night

I smile, knowing I did it right

  1. Sandy says:

    Damn, Bill…… I didn’t know you were a poet too. This is really good!

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