Right & Wrong In America

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Right & Wrong In America:

There is a lot that is wrong in America today. B. Hussein Obama has set out to destroy America with his economic policies and is doing a damn fine job of it. The communist party, also known as the Democratic Party is paving the way for America to have two classes, the ruling elites and the serfs. The GOP trots out a pledge to make government smaller, but it is massive in size and does not include a ban on earmarks. There is also a lot that is right in America. The Tea Party movement is a good thing, as it is Americans engaged in politics. The GOP is listening to Americans, despite the Democrats ‘know it all’ mentality and their ignoring their constituents. America, while not being perfect, is the best country on the planet because of the American people.

Representative Phil Hare is an example of what is wrong in America. Aside from Hare not believing the Constitution has anything to do with lawmaking in America, an opinion shared by his Democrat partner from Idaho, Representative Walt Minnick, who made the same statement in a phone conference with approximately 80 of his constituents, during the Obamacare debacle. Hare also believes the American people, the voters, people in his district are idiots. Phil Hare says the national debt, which now stands at over 13 trillion dollars, is a “myth”, the “debt” and “deficit” don’t exist and we must keep spending money for, “the children”. Phil Hare is an idiot if he really believes these things. At the very least, Phil Hare thinks Americans are idiots.

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is another fine example of what is wrong in America today. Murkowski was given her senate seat by her father. She was defeated in the GOP primary in Alaska. She refused to concede. She refused to endorse her opponent. She is now running as a write in candidate. Lisa Murkowski is a self serving political rube who longs for the money and power of being an elected official. Lisa Murkowski is a self centered, egotistical little girl, who looks like Redeye’s Bill Schulz in drag. Senator Murkowski, Alaska spoke, you lost, it is time to grow up. Let it go. And, give Bill Schulz back his dress.

Carl Paladino, GOP candidate for Governor in New York, is part of what is right in America today. Paladino is an “average Joe” so to speak. Admittedly he is much better off financially than most, but that is because he lives in America, where you can make of yourself what you will yourself to be. When Governor To Be Paladino told an over aggressive reporter to leave his 10 year old daughter alone, or he would ‘take him out’ Paladino showed that chivalry and standing for something is still alive in America. The blue collar promise to “take you out” is what is right in America. Americans have values, stand for them and do not shy away from a fight, not when it comes to a matter of principle or honor.

Governor Christie is another example of what is right in America today. The Governor of New Jersey is chivalrous, stout and stands for what is right. Special interest groups might not like him. Unions might not care much for him. Teachers may despise him. People who pay taxes love him. Governor Christie is a politician who means what he says and says what he means, infuriating the left on a daily basis.

America. Americans. The greatest nation and the greatest people on the planet. In order for America to remain free, to halt the threats that face us today, it is imperative that Americans stand up, speak up and do the right thing. Say no to Marxism. Say no to socialism. Flee from Fabian Socialism. Learn about the Doctrine of Inevitability of Gradualism and halt it. America, you are being nudged and pushed into a system of eugenics, economics and politics that will lead to the slaughter of millions and a justification for those actions. Your vote in November is a vote for your life and livelihood. Do not let the left lull you into believing it is just another election, that it doesn’t matter, that it is just politics as usual. It is far from it. You have already seen the healthcare bill become law, and know the lies within it. You know that one third of the deadlines for implementation have already been missed. And, you realize that retirees will lose coverage, along with the working poor (3M & McDonalds). You should know that the Complete Lives System is part of the legislation, but you probably don’t. The Democratic Party has been taken over by the progressives. They are pushing the Fabian Socialist movement. Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of his ilk are preparing a global strike against freedom. What are you prepared to do about it?

I say “you” because this is my last writing, due to health issues. “You” must stand for your freedom, your lives, and your right to exist.

Bill Turner

Right Wing Extremist

  1. Tyrone says:


    What began during Bush & Republican leadership as a “credit crunch” and an “economic downturn” is now being characterized as a “long, severe recession.” Once upon a time, such a crisis was known as a “depression” before Americans became squeamish about such stark language. Or on the other hand NOT wanted to say Republicans are horrible leaders! As with our reluctant semantic retreat from “credit crunch” to “recession,” the reality of another Great Depression will probably not be acknowledged until years after the fact. But ignorant Republicans and their racist Tea Party, by doggedly pursuing the same mistaken policies of the 1920s and ’30s, have made a full-blown depression — lasting years, not months, and featuring catastrophic failures in entire economic sectors along with chronic double-digit unemployment and monetary malaise — all but inevitable. In fact, the parallels between the run-up to the Great Depression and today’s Republican economic havoc are stunning. But thank GOD for President Obama who has stabilize the country and making a turn around! This was done without the help of Republican support! Coming into office President Obama with two wars and a debt of 14 trillion dollars. The Iraq war for nothing causing the needless deaths of 4,400 and counting! All create by horrible Republican leadership . Or the lack of! Republican Mike Huckabee was on Fox and Friends Saturday” and was asked how to improve social issue in America! The idiot response was ‘single parent are responsible for poverty in America. If they would marriage the men they have baby with that would reduce poverty! There are many factors which contributed to the financial panic which took place during the Presidency of Martin Van Buren, all of which led to an economic depression 1837. That didn’t have nothing to do with being marry! Nor did any period of American historic depressions! Just take black Americans. Black are in disproportionate number incarcerate, murder by white cops and black male unemployment is 16.5% and in some area 35%! So if these unwed black women marry their baby daddy! It would in many cases be poor and poverty stricken men and women MARRY! It would do nothing to reduce poverty! As prove 61% of America poverty are white Americans. Of that 61% 33% are marry! AND STILL POOR!!! STILL LIVING IN POVERTY!!!!! Republican Huckabee like many other Republican have NO solution for Americans problems but ridiculing President Obama! The fact that Huckabee who is actively campaigning for the RNC 2012 nomination for President has his own program on Fox is more than enough proof of Fox’s complete lack of objectivity. Nothing more is needed. Fox is a 24/7 campaign site for the RNC. That’s all. No news, no objectivity, just propaganda. Fortunately, not that many people actually watch it and many who do simply watch it to see what kind of phony “conservative” crapola is being shoveled on any given day.

  2. Tyrone says:


    With the election of the first black President the statement ”Keep Government out my life”! Has been repeated over and over by many white Americans especially the white Republican “Tea Party” members! The Republican base are liar! Slavery was a Government Program that white participated ( The First American Welfare System for whites ONLY)! Our government was behind sharecropping and benefited from that whites participated in! Our government was behind “Jim Crow” that white participated in! Discrimination was part of American Government that whites benefit from! Social Security is a Government Program 54% of white American participate in. Welfare is a government program 61% of white are a receivers of! Republicans today have no solution to American problems! They would rather shut down the government! They would rather not have benefits for the military victim. That suffer injury from the needless Iraq wars that Republicans started for NOTHING!!!

  3. Tyrone says:


    Republican know if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, their base “white people” will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the Republicans can shield “white people” from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie ie….. The Iraq War. It thus becomes vitally important for the Republicans to use all of their powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the Republicans.? Republicans love to lie. That’s how they got away with stealing the Presidency – and then robbing America blind for their greedy corporate paymasters like Enron and Halliburton. It is also how they got white Republican to turn out for the midterm election of 2010! Remember Bush’s recount chairman James Baker declaring that “the vote in Florida has been counted and then recounted”? That was a lie. 175,000 votes were never counted even once, thanks to the partisan Republican majority on the Supreme Court. In addition, 19 Republican counties never did the mandatory machine recount. Yet to this day, Katherine Harris continues to lie by saying: “The votes were counted and recounted and recounted again.” Remember Bush saying Enron’s Ken Lay “was a supporter of [Texas Democratic Gov.] Ann Richards in my run [against her] in 1994… And that’s when I first got to know Ken.” That was a double lie. Lay supported Bush in 1994 – perhaps as a return favor for Bush’s 1988 call to Argentina’s Interior Minister Rodolfo Terragno, to lobby for an Enron contract.
    Remember when George Bush I said, “Read my lips – no new taxes”? He was lying. And Richard Nixon lied when he said, “I am not a crook.”
    But the Biggest Lie of all time was Bush’s repeated claim that Iraq had enough nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons to justify a US-led invasion and conquest. That lie murdered 4,400 American troops in Iraq for NOTHING!!

  4. Tyrone says:


    WACO Texas 74 Americans burn to death by American law enforcement! Many children some as young as 2 months murdered by American law enforcement! REPUBLICANS SILENT!!!! The MOVE incident in Philly 11 Americans murder by American law enforcement! Nearly 100 homes burn to the ground by American law enforcement. Just to arrest one man with a warrant ( John Africa)! REPUBLICANS SILENT!! How come Republican politician criticize Muammar Gaddafi evil treatment of his citizen in his country! But in this country “America”! These lowlife double standard Republicans are silent when white police officer shoot and kill 92 year old black women( Kathryn Johnston)! Or a 7 year old innocent black child asleep! ( Aiyana Jones) first burn with a flash bomb then shot dead! Or the beating of (Rodney King)! In every state in the United State there are murders of unarmed American citizen, Republican could careless! Republican are quick to condemn evil oversea! But in this country when unarmed minorities are murder by law enforcement! THEY COULD CARELESS!! While American troops of all races are fighting and dying in two wars Afghanistan and Iraq! That Republican rule started! The Iraq war was needless and 4,400 died for their country for NOTHING! Republican want to go to Libya with military force and allow American troops to fight and die! For Libya citizen but in this country American minorities could go to hell….or in other just DIE! Republican could careless!!!!

  5. Tyrone says:


    Where is the white leadership in America and why are they voting for Republicans that vote against America and Americans??? That question should be on every American mine! Like the Republican Governor that is fighting to end American worker rights to negotiate for their benefit! It is shameful that the Republican dominate “Supreme Court” found it OK for religious extremist full of hatred for gays and wars. Can disrespect and hold signs up of hate at funerals of American military! That gave their life’s for them and their country. It is also shameful that not one politician not a legislator could come up with a law against the behavior of these religious extremist! BUT many legislators came up with a law against saggy pants! That will fine and or jail a person for that behavior! Mostly black Americans will be fine and jail! THAT IS A FACT!!! Most if not all of the religious extremist are white! THAT IS A FACT!!! To think white Americans are voting for these Republican that have a proven record of failure! Have voted against healthcare for all American! Started two wars Afghanistan and the Iraq war! Voted against anything and everything that President Obama propose to recover America and change the downward direct that Republican are responsible for! Cause the death of American troops in Iraq for NOTHING! Made horrible judgments with American taxpayer money that turn a surplus into debt! But white American gave Republicans back power to continue to vote against America and Americans!!! GO FIGURE!!!!!!

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