The Will Of The People

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Will Of The People:

We hold these truths to be self evident, that the GOP has not heard the message of the people. The shear volume of the pledge is an ode to the largesse of what has become a bloated caricature of the government our founding fathers envisioned when they drafted our founding documents. The Democratic Party, the party of modern day Marxists, communists, socialists and statist elites, drafted a health care bill well in excess of two thousand pages. The Democrats are all about big government and the shear volume of the bills they draft, or I should say, they have the unions and their revolutionary friends draft, is reflective of the size of government they thrust upon us. The GOP, alleging to have heard the will of the people issued a pledge, a pledge of epic proportion, a monument to their failure to listen or simply hear the people. The vaunted brain trust of the GOP took over twenty pages to say, ‘We will follow the Constitution’. After the GOP crushes the communists November 2, 2010, it is imperative that the newly elected members of Congress not be awestruck and blindly vote power positions to the vaunted old guard of the GOP. The remaining members of the GOP, who haven’t been tossed upon the trash heap of political careers gone bad, will be on probation, better yet, double secret probation, and they must perform in a Constitutional manner.

The arrogance of the GOP and the Republican National Committee, in putting out a bloated pledge and assuming it will sooth the passions of angry Americans who have grown tired of politics as usual is incredible. We are at a time in American history that I never thought I would see. We are faced with a choice, continued government growth and unsustainable spending, which will crush America, leading to global governance, or we bite the bullet, accept the consequences of our largesse, reduce government and spending, end bloated agencies and budgets, saving our republic and restoring our freedoms. Simply put, our choice is to be children to a nanny state, that takes care of us, or to act like adults and take care of ourselves.

A government that controls things like salt in food, trans fat, smoking and helmet laws is a government that is out to take your freedoms. Your body is your property and when the government limits what you can put into or onto your body the message is clear, you are no longer a sovereign, free, individual. The ultimate violation of your property rights is telling you what to eat, drink and ingest. Both parties have been guilty of this, under the guise of it being for the greater good. Anytime you allow yourself to be lulled to sleep by the concept of a greater good, you are surrendering liberty. The health care bill, Obamacare, is a prime example of this concept. Bureaucrats, the very people you despise at the Post Office, DMV, VA or any number of agencies (a big shout out to the IRS) make regulatory choices that take away your freedom and hurt your life. Obamacare, because it is government provided health care, run by bureaucrats, who will make regulations, will lead to your being told what you can and cannot do or eat, as it all impacts your health.

It is time for Americans to be adults. It is time for Americans to be the individuals we are born to be. If I decide to take a warm bath with a clock radio, and it turns out to be a shocking experience, that is my choice. If I get on my motorcycle and ride it without a helmet, that is my choice, even if it results in my being fitted for a different type of helmet and an adult diaper. This responsibility carries over to things like retirement and finances. If I fail to save for retirement and make the mistake of living long enough to run out of money, whose fault is that? It certainly isn’t the governments fault and it isn’t anyone else’s, so why should they have to pay for it. If I buy a house, it loses value, or the payments go up, whose fault is that? While the value loss may not be my fault, it certainly isn’t anyone else’s either. If I take a loan that I don’t understand, and sign for anyway, isn’t that my fault? Why should you pay for my mistakes?

Returning to the pledge the GOP trotted out this week, isn’t it special? It makes the politicians feel warm and fuzzy. It makes some people feel warm and fuzzy. It makes me very nervous. The pledge, coming in at over twenty pages could have consisted of and should have consisted of this:

We will be good stewards of the Republic, by being fiscally responsible and making the difficult decisions in keeping with the Constitution. We will pass no law that is in conflict with the Constitution and repeal those that are. We will behave in an adult manner and as such, we expect the citizens of the united States of America to do the same.

In January, 2011, when Congress convenes, those who made the pledge should set about impressing the American people by adhering to it. Part of that should be the establishment of term limits (one term for Senators, two for Representatives), repealing the seventeenth amendment, and instituting a part time Congress. But, lets not put the cart before the horse, first we must make the tough decision and begin to act like the free, independent, adults that we were born to be.

Bill Turner

Asst. Nat. Dir. Network Development


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