I Never Thought…

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

When Barack Hussein Obama said that he would fundamentally change America, most people took that to mean having an open and transparent government. B. Hussein Obama has indeed fundamentally changed America and it is apparent that more change is on the way. Is the change good for America? Personally, I do not think it is. But, I am not the only voter with an opinion. But, many voters do not have informed opinions and this is about those people.

During your life, did you ever think you would say, “I cannot believe that…”:

* We have a blatant Marxist in the White House.

* We allow partial birth abortions, literally killing a baby.

* American tax money pays for abortions in other countries, for eugenics.

* American tax money pays for healthcare for illegal aliens.

* American tax money was used to take control of GM and Chrysler. And, GM stock will be sold low, losing money on the venture.

* Obama is playing catch and release with terrorists, as they kill our troops.

* Obama has spent over a trillion dollars to try and influence the economy, and failed so badly, including spending billions overseas, when the money was for America.

* Obama appointed a Supreme Court Justice whose track record in cases is so poor, that over half her cases have been reversed.

* Obama appointed a Supreme Court Justice who has never been a judge, not even at a cat fair. Look how well that has worked out for the presidency.

* our government spent over twenty two thousand dollars per car, to provide four thousand five hundred dollar, “Cash For Clunkers” rebates, effectively driving the cost of basic transportation through the roof for the poor and taking entry level cars for kids off of the road.

* Obama took so long to send troops to Afghanistan and couldn’t even send the amount of troops the military asked for.

* Obama ended process of awarding “no-bid” contracts by awarding “no-bid” contracts.

* Obama pushed for legislation that puts the government in charge of all of private citizen spending and won’t allow for transactions of less than ten dollars.

* Obama pushed for and received the largest tax increase in American history, in the form of Obamacare, all the while limiting services, drugs and rationing care.

* Under Obama we now have a mandate for a civilian army, to be used at the discretion of the President.

* Obama stopped drilling in the gulf of Mexico, but gave billions to his pal Soros, to drill off the coast of Venezuela.

* Obama would allow unprecedented lobbyist access to the White House.

* There has been unprecedented loss of civil rights under Obama (Privacy, 4th amendment, 1st amendment, illegal searches, illegal wire taps, and more).

* Obama allowed embryonic stem cell research, given its abject failure.

* Americans are paying fifty million dollars for stoves, in other countries.

* Americans are being fined for growing food and giving it to their neighbors.

* Our president allows GPS tracking of citizens without warrants.

* I live in a country where hate speech is illegal, even if it is true.

* The greatest threat to America is from inside the White House.

* I live in a country that monitors by garbage electronically.

* I live in a country that prides self actualization and secular progressivism over independence and personal responsibility.

* America is rapidly ceding sovereignty to Islam, and allowing Sharia Law to stick its tentacles into all things American.

* I live in an America where so many citizens expect the government to provide for them and take care of them.

* That America has become a country of weak, whiney, brats, who gladly surrender their rights and freedoms so that they don’t have to take care of themselves.

And, I cannot believe I live in a country that is now on the verge of bankruptcy, and our elected officials are failing to tell us the truth, all the while spending money at an unprecedented rate. What has happened to the American people? Where did we, as a people, go wrong? It is insane to be facing the dangers we face and have so many people in America turning a blind eye to the madness.

Sadly, by the time my friends, family and neighbors have the time to save their freedoms, preserve their liberties, they won’t have the tools to do so; The time will have passed and those tools will have gone with the time, washed away like sand under our feet as the tide shrinks into the sunset.

Bill Turner

Alarmed, Alert, And Angry!

  1. Some Guy says:

    If you wouldn’t just rant like the crazy fuck you are, but actually show people the source of those so called facts, maybe you wouldn’t look so ridiculous.
    On second thought, revealing the source may not be the smartest move, in regard to you pulling the numbers directly out of your ass…

  2. LOLOKIMO says:

    Its very hard for people to see the truth, but these men are telling the truth, no MATTER what you think, we are in big trouble. Our freedoms are at great risk, and more,What used to be considered unbelievable, or radical, IS HAPPENNING, these people think they know what is best for us, and people, you are all about to lose your basic fredoms, you have already lost much of them.
    No room for cowards now. Most of you work alot, and dont have time to study what is happenning, while the media you watch is telling you lies, hiding the truth. Not that im very religios, but, in the BOOK it says in the ned days, they will be blinded as to what is the truth.we are there now. WAKE UP

  3. […] the word out any way possible, the voting records of the democRATic party and where they stand. The issues of what they have crammed down our throats since taking majority need to be emphasized heartily as expressed by Dick […]

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