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“Why” is a question, that when asked, is almost an immediate annoyance to the person it is posed to. Children annoy their parents with this question, as they seek to gather knowledge about the world about them. It is frustrating to parents. But, it is a question that when asked of elected officials and those seeking to destroy America, it becomes a weapon for those seeking to save the republic. Do not bother to ask these clowns “where” they get the authority to do the things they do, for you will get one of two answers, in various forms; you will be told ’the Constitution allows for it’ or you will hear, ’from the people we represent’. Stand up and ask these clowns “why” and don’t let them off of the hook. Here are just a few samples for town halls, phone calls, emails, faxes and letters:

Why do you think we should have government healthcare?

Why do you think that?

Why do you believe that taxes will grow the economy?

Why do you believe that?

Why are you allowing the government to grow so big?

Why do you think the government should be so big?

Why do you believe that a minority of private sector employees can support a majority of public employees?

Why do you believe socialism will succeed here, when it has failed everywhere else, no matter how many people the government kills to try and make it work?

Why do you support funding eugenics and racism?

No, seriously, why do you support killing minorities through eugenics?

Why are you funding terrorism and the killing of Americans by funding Hamas and Pakistan?

Why are you running away?

And, one last question for them:

Why haven’t you filed articles of impeachment against Obama?

Why are you ignoring your oath to support and defend the Constitution and not filing articles of impeachment against the president?

Why not give it a try yourself? Come up with some on your own. It is fun to watch the elected officials squirm in the light of the question, particularly when asked in public settings. But, you must be prepared to ask follow up questions when they attempt to spin their way out of answering. I have several follow up questions that I prefer:

Why didn’t you answer my question?

Why is it that your actions do not match your words?

Why do you want to change America?

Why are you dodging the issues?

Be relentless. Do not back down. And, above all, “act as if”. Act as if you are the inquisitor. Act as if you are owed an answer. Act as if you have a right to know, for you do. And, act as if they work for you, because they do.

In keeping with the spirit of “why” I have some questions for those of you who view yourself as patriots, as Americans, as someone fighting for freedom:

Why is it that freedom fighters in Iran are still in the streets being beat and shot, but you won’t come outside and protest?

Why is it that our founders went to war, shot people, over a tax on a beverage, and you won’t protest in the streets?

Why is it that you believe if you go out three to five days a year at Tea Party events, the government will listen?

Why are you not out in the streets during rush hour, blocking traffic, failing to go to work, on a national strike? Why are you afraid of the government? The government should be afraid of you.

When your children, grand children and great grand children are slaves to the nation state, and Generalissimo Obama is hailed in the history books as the great savior of the global government, what will you tell your family when they ask you, “Why didn’t you do more to keep us free?”


Bill Turner

Assistant National Director Network Development





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