Lies My Government Told Me

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Lies My Government Told Me:

Our government lies to us. If you disagree with that statement you are either naive, a liar, or a fool. Democrats lie. Republicans lie. Politicians of all kinds lie. We know this yet we continue to allow it to happen and then feign shock when it does. I’m not talking about little lies, like B. Hussein Obama saying taxpayer money would not be used for abortion, or George W. Bush lying about having to “act now” to avoid economic collapse, but the kind of lies that manifest change in America and take the country in a direction it would not go without the lie, and leads to the death, the intentional death, of untold numbers of Americans.

Not being naïve, I have known my entire life, that our government lies to us, collectively and as the individuals who make the collective government. However, the depth of the lies and the totalitarianism, the statist regimes of America, past, present and future shocked even me. As I peel back the onion and show you the lies upon which your education, your political ideals, your personal reality is based, I ask that you not react violently, but with logic. Set aside the emotion. Allow the anger to burn inside you, like a fire driving a steam engine. It is not Democrat against Republican. No. It is Americans against the government. It always has been and it always will be.

President McKinley, in 1898, exploited the sinking of the USS Maine in Cuba’s Havana Harbor. McKinley wanted a war. McKinley told the American people that the ship was sunk by a Spanish mine in the harbor. The American captain of the ship said the ship sunk, due to a coal bin explosion on the ship. Not one to be confused by the facts, McKinley pushed Congress into issuing a resolution demanding that Spain give Cuba to the United States. 2446 American lives were lost during the Spanish-American War, that was the result of Spain refusing to be black mailed by the liars in Congress & the White House.

In 1915 a German U-Boat sunk a British cruise ship, the Lusitania, carrying almost 200 American citizens. Both Britain and American governments were aware of the U-Boats in the area and the impending attack. Britain needed our help. President Woodrow Wilson wanted to get involved in the war, but Wilson needed innocent American deaths to justify America becoming involved in a war he proclaimed would be the war to end all wars. President Wilson lied, failed to act and it cost 116,502 American lives. America is built upon a series of deceptions like this.

President Lincoln was not the great emancipator. Lincoln did not oppose slavery. Prior to the Civil War, Lincoln paid no attention to slavery and seldom spoke of it. When “Honest Abe” did speak of slavery, he was quick to point out that the President of the United States of America had no Constitutional authority to stop slavery. As an attorney, Lincoln represented slave owners, not slaves. The Civil War did not start out as a war to free the slaves, it was fought because the states sought to use their tenth amendment rights and remove themselves from the oppression of the federal government (sound familiar?). Lincoln did not attempt to free the slaves in the border states between the north and the south. The Emancipation Proclamation did not free the slaves, no matter what you were told in school. Read it. The Civil War, Lincoln’s war, resulted in the deaths of over 650,000 Americans, the arrest of newspaper editors and writers, by the thousands, and the execution of many of them, simply for speaking out against the war. He had a Republican Congressman arrested for disagreeing with him and imprisoned opponents, indefinitely, without trial, suspending the writ of habeas corpus. Lincoln allowed his troops to rape Americans, burn down court houses, rob banks and kill American civilians and none dare spoke out. Lincoln lied about the war and your country lies to you, to continue the myth.

World War One was a failure in the eyes of the American people, as it did not make the world “safe for democracy” as they were told it would be. Americans at that time adopted the philosophy of Ron Paul today, the philosophy of isolation. A Gallup Poll from September 1940 showed that 88% of Americans opposed war with Germany. This was right after Hitler annexed Austria, invaded Poland, and bombed London. FDR went about publicly, proclaiming that America would not enter the war in Europe, in order to appease the 88% of America that did not want to be in this war. FDR was a liar. FDR decided that he would need an overt act, committed against Americans, in order to turn the tide and allow him to enter the war. Immediately after Japan entered into a treaty with Germany, committing both nations to mutual defense, should one of the countries be attacked by another country, FDR set about to implement a plan to draw Japan into an attack upon America. An 8 point plan was created and put into place, with FDR’s approval. The plan was designed to anger Japan, entice them to action and intentionally allow Japan to kill unsuspecting Americans. FDR was a heartless dictator. FDR insisted upon the “vacant sea” policy beginning in November 1941, leaving a path clear for Japan to sail in and attack Hawaii. The sea was left open for Japan and commercial air traffic was forced to go another route so that no one would see the attack that was coming. FDR insisted the commander in Hawaii not have the ships out on patrol. FDR’s lies, deception and treachery led to the death of 2,403 Americans in Hawaii and countless Americans in World War II.

In 1954 President Eisenhower began poking around in South East Asia, trying to draw America into another conflict. Despite the long history of being lied to by Presidents, Americans were ready to be lied to again. Along came President John F. Kennedy, the liar in chief. JFK violated the Geneva Accords and funded South East Asia military activity and sent the CIA to see what they could stir up. Under the watchful eye and direction of JFK the CIA began to drop agent orange on the Ho Chi Min trail, naval sabotage in North Vietnam, and they arranged for a coup to remove the leader in South Vietnam. Not to let facts get in the way, the coup was blamed on the ARVN, the Vietnam Army.

Not to let things like Congress, the Constitution or facts get in his way, President Johnson decided to stage a bogus attack upon American ships by the North Vietnamese navy, in order to call in air strikes that would certainly result in their actually attacking American troops. These air strikes were begun in August of 1964, as LBJ was trailing Barry Goldwater in the presidential race. LBJ created a moment when America saw him as being a peacenik and Congress gave him permission to address the increasing hostilities that appeared to be coming from North Vietnam. During this time, LBJ continued to call Goldwater a war monger, despite the lies being perpetuated by LBJ. President Johnson will always be remembered as the president who made civil rights happen. He will also be remembered for creating Medicare/Medicaid and the financial nightmare that will consume us all. But, he should be remembered for orchestrating the Vietnam War out of a quilt of fabrications and illegal actions.

President George W. Bush should be remembered as one of the most deceitful presidents in American history. Within a few weeks of taking office Bush was holding meetings regarding the threat that Saddam Hussein posed in the middle east and referring to him as the man who tried to kill my dad. President George W. Bush orchestrated a series of lies and deceit regarding the Iraq war, using Cheney, Rice and Powell as his minions to advance the cause. President Bush and his cabinet lied to America, the UN and the world, in order to go to war with Iraq. Has W been honest with the American people, spoke about the rape rooms, the torture, the mass graves and the brutality, surely no one in America would have opposed removing Hussein and his kids from power. However, he chose not to speak the truth, but to weave a pattern of lies, half truths and damn lies and we should never forget that.

Our government lies to us. There are so many more lies to expose and I will as we move forward. But, it is imperative that you are aware of them as they are happening. Lies about the oil spill. Lies about public funding of abortion. Lies about jobs and the economy. It is imperative that as American citizens you demand the truth, you demand examples and you not fall for the empty rhetoric of any politician, no matter what party he or she is from. Why do they lie to us when the truth would serve them better? Because they are ego maniacs, narcissists, driven by their need to accomplish their goals, any way they can. When you hear a politician, listen. Do not just hear what they are saying. Listen. Take it all in. Put it into context, framing the message within the language they are using. We are in the days of deception and we must strive to be free. We must take back the freedoms we have given up (and there are many, which I will cover in other writings). Do not let your partisanship blind you. They are not partisan, unless of course, if you consider “us v. them” to be partisan.

Bill Turner

Asst. Nat. Director of Networking

Twitter: Jihadihunter


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