Quick Hits

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Quick Hits:

Rules Of Engagement: Do not have sex with the brides maids, unless of course, you can get away with it.

Rules Of Engagement Part Two: Kill the enemy. If that fails, wound them, then kill them.

Kagan can’t get a decent haircut and has shoulders like an NFL free safety. One word: Dyke.

Of course we should have a Supreme Court Justice with no experience, look how well that worked out with the President.

America has become Mad Magazine what with this Spy v. Spy thing and the chick from Roger Rabbit selling secrets to Russia.

How screwed up is Russia, that they need spies to figure out what Obama is about? Read Alinsky, Cloward & Piven, and Animal Farm.

Russian spies caught. I thought they arrested the staff at MSNBC.

Religion of Peace: Convert or we will kill you! Did we use our “jihad voice”? Shit.

Bork…Bork…Bork…Kagan sucks up gravy with a Spork.

If guns kill people then spoons made Kagan and Rosie O’Donnell fat.

Register matches, they cause fires.

After listening to Biden, maybe Obama and Kagan are right, maybe we should have late term abortions. Just sayin’.

What has the world come to when the Communist News Network (CNN) looks good after an hour of watching MSNBC?

Arlen Specter/Phil Specter: Siamese twins attached at the shoe laces?

How come there are no pictures of Kagan and O’Donnell together? One and the same?

Kagan looks like a middle linebacker in drag.

If you are in law enforcement, empty your clip in a gun fight and the suspect goes to trial, you need to buy a Wii and put down the fishing rod.


Rules of Engagement Part Three: Do not get dead, under any circumstances. Getting negates the impact of rule one and rule two.

America: We will kill you at night, in your sleep, on Christmas. See George Washington for details.

After all the unicorns and fairies it appears as if Al Gore likes “happy endings” too.

If Al Gore gets wood in a Portland hotel, and his wife hears about it, how big a divorce settlement does she get?

Barack Hussein Obama: Wouldn’t Barry Soetoro have been less obvious? Durka Durka Obama Jihad.

Obama’s illegal alien aunt stays in America. Son of Hamas author faces deportation for aiding America and Israel. Maybe Obama really is a Dhimmi?

Abortion: It really brings out the kid in you.

Hey Barack: Less golf/more gulf.

All Barack Channel (ABC) presents Dancing With The Czars.

Obama: Just like Che, but without the body count.

Stay tuned…more to come!

Bill Turner

West Regional Coordinator

Interim Plains Regional Coordinator


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