Are You Free?

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Are You Free?

Are you free? Do you really believe you are free? Freedom involves the ability to make choices. The choices you make are of your choosing, not of someone else’s. Now, are you free? Do you decide between things that are of your choosing or the governments? I propose to you that your freedom has been limited from birth and over the course of the last forty years has become even more limited. Freedom in America is an illusion, a gallery of smoke and mirrors, created by the government, as they constantly nudge Americans towards serfdom, towards being slaves of the nanny state. As an American you cannot make decisions about your own body.

Isn’t the ultimate determination of ones freedom the ability to make decisions regarding your body? After all, it is your body isn’t it? No, not really.

Can you drive or ride in a car without wearing a seatbelt? No. If you are in an accident and become injured or dead, whose problem is it? Yours. Why do you think seatbelt laws (for adults) were introduced? They were introduced to allow the elites in America to take away a little freedom and liberty. Remember, seatbelts are not like car insurance, where you are protecting someone else, seatbelts only protect the one wearing them. Choose not to wear a seatbelt, increase your odds of becoming an organ donor. But, you do not get to make that decision, it is not your choice. You are not free.

Why is it a woman can kill an unborn child inside her, but people cannot smoke in bars and restaurants? If a woman’s right to choose includes the murder of an unborn child, doesn’t my right to choose involve the ability to smoke where I want? And, the argument that second hand smoke is involuntary and bad for people is a lie, in that it is not involuntary. I have always been a non-smoker and before smoking bans in restaurants, I always found the businesses that didn’t allow smoking and spent my money there. I go to bars that do not allow smoking, once again, my choice. The free market has allowed for establishments who cater to smokers and non-smokers to thrive, with their target audience. Why does the government need to dictate where someone can smoke? Because they (the government) need the people to become accustomed to the elites and big government telling them what to do. You are not as free as you thought.

Helmet laws exist solely to limit freedom. If I ride without a brain bucket and end up dead or worse, it is my doing. I do not need the government to protect me from me. Calorie counters on menus, ban trans fat and salt, change what is in children’s meals, all of this has been done to limit your ability to make decisions because the elites and the government think you are too dumb to make decisions on your own, about your life, and, the government seeks to control you, but mostly control you. Okay, so now it is apparent that you are not free, sorry to break the news to you, but you are not free in regards to other things either.

Born with the God given right to free speech and protected by the Constitution from infringements upon your free speech, one could assume that they are free to speak as they wish. Not exactly. College campuses have free speech zones, and you must shut up the rest of the time. Cities, counties, states and even the United States government has banned “hate speech”. What is “hate speech”? Hate speech is whatever the government decides it is. Doesn’t the Constitution allow me to say what I want, where I want? Yes. Except where prohibited by law. Halting free speech is the path to tyranny. You have allowed yourself to become enslaved and didn’t even know it.

I still have my personal property you say. Sure you do. Do you own a home? Does your neighborhood have CC&R’s? So, you need permission to add a deck, an awning, or other feature, you must paint only certain colors and use certain shingles, and you have to have a certain number of trees and shrubs. Do you still think you have personal property rights and freedom? Live in the country, don’t worry, those planning and zoning laws that keep a factory from moving in next to you also keep you from opening a business in your home. Oh, and there is the EPA, water rights and the pesticides you can use. So much for ownership rights.

For decades the government has taken your freedom with a wink and a nudge. Freedom has slipped mercurially through your fingers and you nodded and went along with it. Did you ever go to a city council meeting and demand they not implement smoking bans? Have you tried to halt seatbelt or helmet laws? If you have not done anything to stop these things, then you have contributed to the death of liberty and freedom in America. Thanks.

It is not too late. You can help right the wrongs, but your voice must be loud, your actions swift and sure, all the while not flinching in the face of the storm before you. Standing for your rights, speaking up and speaking out will cause you to be attacked by the left, and many who allege that they are conservative. It seems that if you are for liberty, a true libertarian, someone who believes in the Constitution, as it was written, you will be attacked by the progressives in both parties. Silence is consent. Failure to speak up means you are giving away your liberty and voluntarily entering serfdom. Failing to act is akin to allowing someone to sell your children and grandchildren into slavery and not stopping it. You must decide today, are you an AmeriCAN’T or an AmeriCAN? I choose to be an AmeriCAN because life without liberty is not living.

Bill Turner



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