Serfdom Awaits

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Serfdom Awaits:

In days of old, when knights were bold, before global warming was invented, there existed a time when serfdom was far and wide. Serfs were ruled by the noble class. They worked the land of the ruling class, in order to have the right to exist. B. Hussein Obama is seeking to make himself King Barack The Wimp Hearted. He is grabbing up all the land in America for the government, or at least all the land that has oil and gas under it. When the king talks about redistributing wealth, not only is he talking about taking property from you and me, he is talking about turning our homes into huts and redistributing our wealth around the world. Somalia will give us jihad and we will give them cash. Up the ass of the ruling class. Say it now while you still can.

The return of serfdom is being paved with evil intentions by the Obama administration. The government has taken over health care, knowing full well that it will lead to the deaths of older Americans and those with health problems. The government has taken over the auto industry and despite the economic advantage of using tax dollars to compete, General Motors and Chrysler continue to be beat by Ford. Obama did not succeed in grabbing Ford when he grabbed the other auto makers. This may very well be his waterloo, as Ford has consistently beat the other two auto makers as they build what the people want. It is apparent by this, the free market still works. Not to let something like facts get in the way, King Barack and his band of idiots push on.

For the good of the people the government took over the banking industry, on the premise they were too big to fail. If that was the case, why were they failing? Poor investments, poor business practices and greed, all of which are still prevalent under the watchful eye of the government, which counts among its successes, Amtrak, the under funded Social Security Administration, the under funded Medicare program, a budget that has allowed debt to surpass the GDP, and the Department of Energy, a Carter Administration flop that costs taxpayers billions, and is an utter failure. The DOE was created to halt America’s dependence upon foreign oil. At the time of it’s creation America imported twenty five percent of its oil. America now imports over seventy five percent of its oil…another success, or should I say excess of the government. Giving money and power to the politicians is like giving alcohol and car keys to a Kennedy or allowing Roman Polanski to watch the kids for the weekend.

The man-child is not happy destroying the American economy, he must have more power, so he took over the finance industry, including the brokerages. Yes, big brother will be tracking your purchases, without a warrant or a reason to. Goodbye freedom. Do you think your spending habits, dining habits and other information gleaned by monitoring your purchases will be used in making health care decisions? If you think it won’t, can you pass a drug test? This information is only available with probable cause and a search warrant now. Giving the government a little of your freedom is like giving a black mailer a little money, you know they will be back for more, it is just a matter of when.

Americans have allowed the government to take their freedom for years, through things like smoking bans and helmet laws. Before smoking bans, the free market dictated where I ate, I always chose restaurants that didn’t allow smoking. I didn’t and don’t need the government to make those decisions for me. I ride. I wear a helmet. It is my choice. I live in a state with no helmet laws, as it should be. If you choose to die or live out your life in a vegetative state, it is your choice, not the governments. By allowing the government to take away our freedoms, little by little, it should come as no shock that they have now come for all your liberties. The government has been nudging us to serfdom for decades and we have allowed it. Like Il Duce Said, “The question is not how far. The question is, do you possess the constitution, the depth of faith, to go as far is as needed?”

Serfdom awaits. America lay in the path of progressivism (stealth communism) and like a bulldozer it will crush us like it did Arthur Dent’s house. Unless, as individuals and collectively (wow, conservatives and libertarians can be “collective” together), we stand together and defend freedom. Freedom is a team sport, but like baseball, is driven by individual performance. As an individual, are you doing all you can to remain free? Are you willing to go as far as is needed? It is time to do more. The White House Debt Commission, you know, the one that ran out of money (if that isn’t irony, what is?) wants to take away the deduction for mortgage interest. In the majority of American homes, that simple deduction means the difference between owing taxes or not owing taxes. Why would King Barack want to do this? Because it will lead to another round of foreclosures and the government can grab up the homes through its running of the financial industry. You get to live in a home, but work for the king; isn’t that special?

Now you know. Ignore the obvious at your own risk. Embrace serfdom at your own risk. Join me in fighting for freedom, all you have to lose is your freedom and the government is taking that as you read this. Will your legacy be one of boldness, of liberty, of freedom, or will you leave a legacy of being the people who gave up and let America go quietly into global governance. Will you be remembered as a re-founder in America, or as someone who sat quietly and allowed those who will come after us to be slaves? Come with me if you want to be free!

Bill Turner

West Region Director

Interim Plains Director


Twitter: Jihadihunter



  1. Alysa says:

    Yes, I can pass a drug test

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