An Open Letter To President Obama

Posted: May 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Open Letter To President B. Hussein Obama:

When in the course of events in America, the people find that their leader(s) have become the enemy behind the gate, they are obligated to use their God given rights to preserve the republic, the Constitution and the natural rights bestowed upon them by our creator. Government derives its power from the people, from those who allow government to govern. Whenever government becomes destructive, the people are obligated to abolish it, destroy it and raise in its place a new government, by, for and of the people, a government that will ensure the rights of the people, protecting and preserving those sovereign, natural rights that create a free people.

Mr. President, America has undergone many changes since its humble, yet awe inspiring beginning. We have seen all people become free, despite the efforts of the Democratic Party. We have seen those free people oppressed by the social irresponsibility of the Democratic Party and the racists within it. We have seen the Republican Party, time and again push equality for all and the liberals deny it, doing all they can to create social programs, entitlement programs, designed to keep those they allege to help, from growing and existing without the government. People like the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson and Reverend Manning seek to lift up the disadvantaged and allow them to learn the skills needed to succeed on their own. Your administration has grown government at an unprecedented pace, creating program after program designed to make a free people wards of the state, Serfs if you will. You, B. Hussein Obama, the first black President in America, have managed to do all you can to bring back slavery, to create a system of haves and have not’s, of governmental elites and serfs. Mr. President, you are the biggest threat to liberty America has faced, since FDR.

Mr. President, you have created a regime of evil, not focused upon the good of society, the good of America and have ignored the law of the land, the Constitution. Your actions are a violation of your oath of office and a violation of your responsibility as leader of this great nation to act in the best interests of Americans:

You have refused to enforce the laws designed to keep America free and sovereign, instead leaving our borders and entryways porous, inviting invasion from direct and indirect threats to our country and economy.

You have denied Americans representation by coercing and bribing our representatives until they have failed to do the bidding of the people.

You have obstructed justice and denied access to relevant information through the use of judicial bullying.

You have erected multitudes of new offices and staffed them with those not vetted by Congress or the people.

You have stated your intention to keep among us, standing armies, despite the fact that there is peace upon out soil.

You have combined with others to subject Americans to the jurisdiction of others, outside the realm and authority of our Constitution.

You have, through illegal, immoral and un-constitutional legislation taxed the American people without our consent.

You have fundamentally altered the form of our government without the permission of or consent from the free people of America.

We, the American people have petitioned for redress of our grievances and our grievances have not been heard before Congress, as required by the Constitution.

Mr. President, I will be surprised, nay, shocked, if you respond to this in any manner other than sending agents of the government to attempt to harass and intimidate me. Although it would be fun and provide me with another great story for my family and friends, I would much prefer the following occur:

You resign immediately from your position as President. We both know your ego will not allow for this, but it is an interesting thought.

Someone in the House of Representatives has the courage to honor their oath of office and file articles of impeachment against you for your violation(s) of both your oath of office and the Constitution.

You be tried and imprisoned for your acts of treason and sedition.

President Obama, you are an utter failure as an American, as a President, and as a leader. Your narcissism, has made you a failure as both an adult and as a human being. People are correct when they call you the man-child, as your words and actions clearly demonstrate this is an accurate term. But, I digress. The real issue here is the ruination of America, the enslavement of its people, and your total ignorance when it comes to Constitutional law. You have been identified as a fraud and a failure. You have managed to disgrace America, your family and your heritage. I have never been embarrassed for America before, not even during the Carter era.

God bless you Mr. President, for America is a nation founded upon the Judeo-Christian ethic and to this day, despite your allegations to the contrary, America is a Christian nation and as such, shall weather the storm you have brought with you from the nether regions. Your time shall soon pass, as those in Congress will act and deal with you as they should. America shall return to its rightful place as the shining beacon upon the hill.

Bill Turner

West Regional Director

Plains Regional Director


Twitter: Jihadihunter

Report Political Wrong Doing:




  1. Janice Schreiner says:

    This is the best letter ever. It needs to be everywhere. This is Sad for Our Country but it is true.

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