The Ministry of Propaganda & Democrats

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Ministry of Propaganda & Democrats:

If the State Run Media told the truth about the democrats only the progressives would stay with the party. God fearing, America loving patriots would flee the party if they only knew the history and the truth of the party. Sadly, the media acts as a Ministry of Propaganda and fails to tell the truth to the American public. The American people have been deceived by the press from the beginning of the press.

The Democratic Party stands for racism. In 1863 every Democrat in the House and Senate voted against freeing the slaves in Washington DC. The Democrats stood strong against President Lincoln and freeing the slaves. Almost every democrat in Congress tried to stop the end of slavery. The 14th amendment to the Constitution, the one allowing for equal protection and due process, was fought by the Democrats. Every vote against the amendment came from the Democrats. The 15th amendment, the one giving blacks the right to vote was voted against by almost every Democrat in Congress. The Ku Klux Klan was eradicated by the GOP, but resurfaced under Democrat Woodrow Wilson.

The 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote, was fought against by the Democrats, yet women flock to the party, because the state run media fails to tell this story. Presidents FDR and Truman fought for eight years against desegregating the military. Democrats have a lengthy history of filibustering civil rights legislation and not enforcing it once passed. Despite Democratic opposition from the likes of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson desegregation and civil rights legislation was enforced by the GOP. The Ministry of Propaganda, the media and the schools fails constantly in telling this story and telling it accurately.

Under the Carter administration the Democrats created the Department of Energy, at a time when America only imported 28% of its oil. The role of the Department of Energy was too reduce oil imports in 20 years. This department, like the Carter Presidency, is an epic failure. As of this writing America now imports 62% of its oil. Jimmy Carter also brought America the Iranian hostage crisis, stagflation and economic disaster to America.

Under the Clinton administration we saw a President impeached, not for having sex with an intern, although he did, but for lying under oath. Clinton was accused of rape, multiple sexual improprieties and allowing first lady Hillary to run roughshod over Travel Office staff.

President John F. Kennedy, the beloved Democratic saint, wasn’t such a good guy after all. The Ministry of Propaganda, the state run media just wanted he and the progressives to undermine America so badly that they did all they could to lie and cover up for his massive misgivings:

* Kennedy was allowed to personally edit news stories of his greatest presidential failure, the Cuban Missile Crisis. Can you imagine a Republican President being granted that kind of latitude?

* Another mess made by JFK was his 1961 meeting with Khrushchev. The Soviet leader beat him like a filthy rug throughout the entire meeting. For the two days they met JFK was given a brutal beating by the Soviets. Kennedy’s own advisors were nauseated by the brutality administered to Kennedy and his weakness in responding. Khrushchev called Kennedy “weak”. The press, including the exalted New York Times reported the meeting as better than expected and left out the reality of the situation.

* The same New York Times reporter who covered for JFK when the Soviets flogged him, covered for the beloved Teddy when he took Mary Jo Kopechne swimming. I cannot possibly think of one GOP president who would get this courtesy. In fact, when VP Dick Cheney had a hunting accident it was news for weeks.

* Hollywood even gets on the act of rewriting history with such movies at Thirteen Days. Whoever did the movie must have forgotten history and Khruschev’s memoirs.

* Although the AP was well aware of the affair between JFK and Marilyn Monroe, they covered it up. The White House Press Corps even covered up JFK’s constant use of prostitutes and drugs. JFK used hydrocortisone, testosterone (such a manly man), codeine, methadone, Ritalin, antihistamines, anti-anxiety drugs, barbiturates and Procaine injections.

* LBJ openly committed voter fraud, wire tapped Barry Goldwater and had Bill Moyers bug Martin Luther King’s hotel rooms. Jimmy Carter wanted to make Moyers the head of the CIA.

Despite JFK’s failed presidency, the media, to this day, still hails him a hero and the golden child of the Democratic party. It makes me wonder how they will treat B. Hussein Obama? With the Ministry of Propaganda aka the state run media covering for the Democrats leaving out little things like Kennedy’s drug and sexual addictions, accusations of rape and sexual harassment against Clinton and ignoring little things like John Edwards affair and love child (which, thankfully The National Enquirer covered), as well as not telling the truth about Al Gores outrageous lies and John Kerry’s lies about his theatrical tour of Vietnam wherein he got a Purple Heart for causing himself to be wounded by himself.

Perhaps the biggest offence and the one that is most covered up by the schools and the media isn’t the racist roots of the Democratic party, the sexual abuse, sexual assault, drug use/abuse, nor their support for the killing of unborn children, but their well designed and well hidden use of eugenics, a system of removing undesirables from society pre-birth, is hidden behind the façade of Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to choose. Eugenics, one of Hitler’s tools in eliminating the Jews is back under the Obama administration, in a big way. B. Hussein Obama supports Planned Parenthood and tries to fund them with your tax dollars at every turn. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg favors eugenics, or so she has stated. Science Czar John Holdren wrote a book recently supporting eugenics to control the population and eliminate those that might become a burden upon society. And, Obama’s AG, Eric Holder gave a speech supporting Margaret Sanger, the pioneer of eugenics in America. During the recent health care debate Bart Stupak pointed out Obama’s desire for government paid for abortions, the gateway to increased eugenics, based upon an unborn child’s likelihood off of having issues when born. Sadly the Democratic Party and the eugenicists within it do not see a woman’s right to choose as an abortion issue, but as a way to continue their racist history.

Planned Parenthood offices, most abortions and those that B. Hussein Obama, Holder, and Holdren would like to see aborted come from areas with poor socio-economic backgrounds and significantly higher rates of non-whites living there. The party of the Klan hasn’t changed, they have just polished their act and found a very lethal and sadly legal way to accomplish their goals. Those who look at B. Hussein Obama as proof that the Democratic Party is not racist need look no further than the fact that Obama is Muslim, Kenyan and half white, but entirely Marxist. Those in the Democratic Party who love America, believe in freedom and equality must take the party back from the progressives and Marxists that plague it. There is no time to wait.

Bill Turner

West Region Director


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