Why The GOP?

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Why The GOP:

Why are so many Americans openly hostile to the Grand Old Party? The GOP has a long, strong, history of being the party of the people. While the Democratic party pretends to be the party of the people, they are the party of the Ku Klux Klan, big government, racism (through the use of entitlement programs to keep people down), inequity (by doing all it could to stop the civil rights movement) and eugenics (by using Planned Parenthood to remove those they see as less desirable from society). The public education system is partially to blame, as they do not teach the truth, nor encourage the search for it. The Ministry of Propaganda, aka the state run media, is partially to blame, for painting the Democrats with white wash, while tarnishing the Republicans. But, the American people also take some of the blame, as the Democrats have ignored the parties actions and the Republicans have not taken care to teach their illustrious history.

The Republican Party is responsible for the Transcontinental Railroad. The rail road was the result of a GOP convention and the man who drove the golden spike was a former governor of California. Leland Stanford went on to found Stanford University. Ever the advocates of education, the GOP passed the Land-Grant College Act, gifting federal land to states so that they could establish colleges and universities, such as Cornell, MIT, the University of Illinois and many others. As you can see, the Republican Party has a long established history of innovative transportation solutions and ensuring advanced educational opportunities for people.

The statue atop the capitol in Washington DC was made by a former slave, Philip Reid, a metal worker and in 1863, when the statue was placed there, it was the highest point in Washington DC. The statue, named Freedom, was made by Mr. Reid, a free man, compliments of the GOP. The Republican Party ended slavery in the District of Columbia by passing the Emancipation Act, which was signed into law by President Lincoln. Every Democrat in Congress voted against freeing the slaves that served them in DC. The first Hispanic governor in America was a Republican, Romualdo Pacheco, who then went on to serve three terms in the US House of Representatives. Once again, the GOP was and is the leader in equality in America. At the prompting of President Lincoln the RNC Chairman made this statement at the GOP Convention in 1864, “The party of which you, gentlemen, are the delegated and honored representatives, will fall far short of accomplishing its great mission, unless among its other resolves it shall declare for such an amendment of the Constitution as will positively prohibit African slavery in the United States.” The 13th amendment to the Constitution was passed by the Republicans, with almost unanimous opposition by the Democratic party.

The 14th amendment to the Constitution, the one that provides due process and equal protection to Americans. The original purpose and intent of this bill was to protect the newly freed slaves in the south from their Democratic oppressors. Interestingly enough the bill was authored by the GOP, voted for by every Republican and voted against by every Democrat. Given the acts and actions of the Democratic party over the past few years, it appears that their culture of oppression and discrimination continues to this day.

Republicans created Howard University, so that all free people would have the opportunity to further their education and advance themselves in America. In 1868 the GOP began to celebrate Memorial Day, to honor the fallen and in 1971 Republican President Richard Nixon signed into law Memorial Day as a national holiday. The 15th amendment, giving black people the right to vote, was passed by the Republicans, with almost all of the Democrats voting against it. Sadly, despite its passage, Democrats, for almost 100 years used intimidation, poll taxes, literacy tests and registration fraud, in order to try and suppress the right of non-whites to vote. Republican Justice Harlan wrote, in dissent from the Democrat dominated decision in Plessy v. Ferguson that, “Our Constitution is color blind and neither knows, nor tolerates classes among citizens”.

The Republican Party passed civil rights legislation that basically eliminated the Ku Klux Klan and protected those oppressed and attacked by the KKK, who could skip the Democrat/Klan controlled state courts and go straight to the federal court system with civil rights violations. Sadly the KKK was crippled but not eradicated and under the Democratic administration of Woodrow Wilson the Klan recreated itself.

Despite the allegations of the liberal media, the schools, Al Gore, and the Democratic Party, the GOP is environmentally friendly. In fact, it was under the guidance and supervision of the GOP that Yellowstone, Yosemite and other national parks were created.

In 1875 the Republican Party passed legislation banning discrimination in public places. Sadly, the Democratic Supreme Court struck down the legislation. The GOP wrote the 19th amendment and due to interference by the Democrats, it took over four decades for women to get the right to vote. Naturally it was the GOP who passed legislation making Native Americans citizens. Republicans fought for years to stop discrimination in the military and civil service but Democratic Presidents Roosevelt and Truman continued to block the measure, until the House and Senate were controlled by Republicans. The author of Brown v. The Board of Education was a Republican. It was the GOP that created the federal highway system, allowing for safer, more efficient travel, allowing the environment to flourish.

Republican President Eisenhower, despite efforts by John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson ended racial segregation in Little Rock Arkansas. Yes, JFK, the media darling and Democratic role model took a stand in favor of racism. During the five terms under FDR and Truman, Democrats did not propose any civil rights legislation. It was the GOP who put an end to segregation and civil rights violations and they did it while the Democrats continually tried to filibuster and block the legislation.

President Reagan not only ended the Iran Hostage Crisis created by Democrat Jimmy Carter, he also restored the economy that had been crushed under the weight of Carters ineptitude. When President Reagan wasn’t saving Americans and the economy, he found time to end the cold war and bring down the Berlin wall. Republicans drafted and implemented the Contract with America. And, to this day, support school voucher programs because they work.

While the GOP has a long and glorious history of fighting for equality and freedom, the Democrats have a long and nefarious history of racism, slavery, civil rights violations and inequality. Add anti-Semites’ and economic failures Jimmy Carter and B. Hussein Obama to the mix and the Democratic Party is clearly the party of failure, oppression, racial discrimination and eugenics. America, why won’t you see through the fog of war created by the Democratic Party and their minions in the media? The Democratic Party stands for all that is wrong in the world and they are doing their best to bring that wrong to America. Defend America and walk away from all the Democratic Party is and represents.

Bill Turner

West Regional Director – www.anystreet.org



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