Arrogant, Stupid, Seditious & Treasonous

Posted: April 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Arrogant, Stupid, Seditious & Treasonous:

Under the rule of B. Hussein Obama, America, Americans, the economy, our Constitution, our freedom and our liberty are all worse than they were before. President Obama is an epic failure. The people that Generalissimo Obama has chosen to surround himself with are failures of epic proportions. An assault of unprecedented magnitude is taking place upon America and it is being driven by B. Hussein Obama. Listed below are just a few of the failures, mistakes, and assaults upon America committed by Obama and his minions, since January 20th 2009, when he took office:

Obama & China: Hey, lets fly the Chinese flag at the White House, what could be the harm? What message could it send?

Government sanctioned desecration of bodies: Hey, why not take the organs without asking? Godless.

John Holdren: Forced sterilization, mandatory abortion and so much more. Nazi Germany brought to America.

Kevin Jennings: Fisting and your children, what could go wrong? How about allowing the man behind Fistgate to be Safe Schools Czar?

Van Jones: Avowed communist, radical, and racist put in charge of creating green jobs. He does, overseas. Oh, and he blames America for 9/11, calling it an inside job.

9/11: We will not honor the fallen from the attack upon America. Obama proclaims it interfaith day and honors Islam, the ones who attacked America.

Obama: Refuses to provide information about his past, raising major questions about his birth, his college days and why he surrendered his law license when charged with crimes. Nice.

Lockerbie: Obama knew of and allowed the release of the Lockerbie bomber. Who is now a hero, and still alive. Epic failure.

Bill Ayers: Frequent White House visitor, unrepentant terrorist and friend of Obama’s helping shape the brainwashing of America’s young.

Thug Politics: Muscling in on the banking, finance and auto industry is not presidential, it is communist, Un-Constitutional and immoral.

Free Speech: Obama declares war on free speech.

Off Drilling: It is good for everyone but America. In fact, Obama gives Soros two billion dollars to drill off shore, elsewhere.

Turbo Tax Timmy: Wonder boy, tax cheat, liar and fraud. Economy is still collapsing under the weight of his ignorance.

Scare Force One: Generalissimo Obama & the Air Force One joy ride around New York. How soon we forget his poor judgment started almost immediately, upon birth.

Nuclear Weapons: Obama decides Iran can have them and America cannot. What could go wrong?

Jihad: Obama lies, ignores and allows his Muslim brothers to run amok. Radical Islam removed from government language in the hopes it will be removed from America.

Homeland Insecurity: Multiple epic failures on behalf of DHS & Napolitano, making America un-safe once again.

Cap & Trade: Unemployment is high, the economy is poor, lets kill jobs & raise taxes. What could go wrong? We aren’t a third world country yet.

Health Care: Obama lies. Bill passes. We are finding out about the contents of the bill, including little things like no coverage for pre-existing conditions for children, and huge taxes on businesses, causing them to lay more people off.

Killing American Citizens: President Obama has authorized the intentional killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, of al Qaeda, because he is a security concern. He is an enemy combatant. He is also an American citizen. Think about that.

Where in the Constitution does it say that an American President (or Kenyan born American President) can order the execution of an American citizen because they are a security threat? Yes, he is a major pain in the posterior and an embarrassment to America. No, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if he was killed in military action, he is, after all, fighting against America. But, for the President to direct American forces and/or intelligence agencies to assassinate an American citizen without due process is not acceptable.

Once a president crosses the line and orders the execution of a citizen, without due process, it opens the door to abuse. Who is to say that Obama will not order the execution of a conservative blogger, activist, or politician? What would stop a conservative president from ordering the execution of some liberal? Worse yet, once that wedge is in place between the citizens of America and the government, what would prevent a citizen or group of citizens from turning the tables, since the government decided to start knocking off the opposition? This move by Obama is part of the unraveling of America.

It should not matter which party you are in or what your political philosophy is on this one issue. We should all agree, this is a dangerous path for America to go down, we are not a third world country yet, despite what our tin pot dictator believes. We are Americans in America and are still afforded protections under the Constitution.

Bill Turner

US West Regional Director


www.anystreet.orgCo-Founder/Senior Advisor


Twitter: Jihadihunter

Report Political Corruption:






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