Death Of The Constitution

Posted: March 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Death Of The Constitution:

The Constitution was assassinated in Washington DC, by suspected illegal immigrant, B. Hussein Obama. It is alleged that Nancy Pelosi held the Constitution in a choke hold while Harry Reid sodomized it and Obama delivered the death stroke. A silent scream drifted across America, as the winds of freedom no longer blow. Harry and Nancy are rumored to be hiding in a seedy hotel on the outskirts of Baltimore, drinking Cold Duck and snorting government grade Oxy off of each others posteriors.

A crazed ex-mercenary who was seen in the area at the time of the incident was shot and killed by Capital Police. His body is allegedly being held in a secret underground detention facility operated by Wackenhut Security. No one saw the alleged shoot out and security cameras were found to be inoperable at the time. The White House issued a statement placing the murder of the Constitution squarely upon the shoulders of the dead man, who wasn’t talking. An anonymous White House source said the dead man was targeted because of his work as a hospital orderly in Hawaii in the early 1960’s and his unwillingness to be bought. During the “anonymous” call the phone went dead. Weird times in the big house. The staff shake with fear.

Liberty loving Americans are currently hunkered down, fearful of the darkness brewing, the coming storm of oppression. Generalissimo Obama is in the war room, plotting how to crush the rebellion and confiscate the wealth. Michelle is working with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the people from the Food Channel on how best to feed America with the dead. It is too late to call it “Soylent Green” so we will have to wait and see what they official term will be, perhaps Patriot Snacks. Pelosi and Reid are still locked together, in some sort of grotesque porn, destined to be used as enhanced interrogation video at Club GITMO.

The Bill of Rights has gone into hiding. Senator DeMint and Representative Bachmann, using their political influence, helped get the Bill of Rights out of town, before Obama and his minions could kill it too. Make no mistake, Generalissimo Obama, exalted ruler for life, will not rest until the Bill of Rights is cut deeply and left to hang from Freedom Hall until it has bled out and dangles lifeless before our eyes. These are dark days and only the truly cruel or insanely bizarre will survive. Anyone who can remember freedom, liberty or has the desire to pursue happiness will have their eviscerated carcass left alongside the highway to hell, as all Marxist rulers travel that path at breakneck speed. Obama is not the first, but he intends to be the last. Scorched earth. The road to the White House shall be a road of bones.

Gangs of progressives now roam the inner cities, clubbing smokers, the over weight, and almost anyone who appears to be unhealthy or sneezes within earshot of them. They are the Cleaners For Obama, sent by the General for Life to facilitate the cleansing of the cities, the removal of anyone who might be a burden for society. After all, it is for the greater good isn’t it? They intend to push outwards into the suburbs next. Anyone without an Obama/Biden bumper sticker has been targeted for extermination. The Generalissimo gives no quarter. He is merciless, taking out upon the few remaining Americans, his hostility from being beaten and abused nightly by Michelle. The First Lady is venomous. She is the evil one who pushes the man-child, dresses him to be the Generalissimo and gives him his orders. But, everyone answers to someone and Michelle is marching to the orders given her.

The countryside is where the real action is. The Bubba’s have known this from the beginning and moved there years ago. The urban warriors, those with skill sets, saw this coming and made their way out of the cities when the trouble was brewing. They are caught between the Bubba’s and the Birkenstocks. Michelle and her meat puppet, Generalissimo Obama know better than to send their minions into the country side. The progressives are no match for patriots. But, Michelle has a plan, it involves the use of air strikes, chemical grade anthrax and trained soldiers of fortune who will kill anyone for amnesty, cash and pure Columbian cocaine, compliments of the DEA. Hers is not the only plan.

Groups of patriots, organized, but unable to communicate with one another are proving to be a great embarrassment to Dear Leader. They are entering the cities and providing resistance. Strategic strikes are their calling cards. They hide in plain sight. In Berkeley, a table was set up on campus, staffed by patriots. It was a trap. They had flyers and literature denouncing capitalism and promoting the common good. As the hippies and various oppressors gathered to listen to the guest speaker, a foo bomb exploded from under the table, releasing a cloud of foo gas, shrapnel and fleshettes into the crowd. Those not killed instantly will succumb to infection soon. The word “Wolverines” was seen painted on the wall when their banner was removed.

The Generalissimo is being flogged extra hard tonight. Michelle will not abide these types of lapses in her Amerika. The Peoples Democratic Republic of Amerika is her land, the people are her serfs and she will have no talk of rebellion. The skilled and the brave are ready, or so the rumor goes. It is hard to know. We cannot leave the cities. The only way out is escape or death. Hundreds of millions of Americans wish they had come forward, stepped up, become Anystreet members before they outlawed the group. They are still here. They move with stealth. House by house, street by street they are still organizing. It is different now, it is now done in the open, but it is done in earnest. They dream of America and know the Constitution by heart, mourning its loss and sharing its words with the children each night before going to sleep.

Bill Turner

US West Regional Director



Twitter: JihadihunterCo-Founder/Senior Advisor

 “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their Constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it.” Abraham Lincoln








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