Political Anthropology

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Political Anthropology: 

Correct identification of the political species and sub-species is paramount to understanding those you encounter in the wild.  Not all progressives are liberal; not all liberals are progressive.  Not all conservatives are constitutionalists; not all constitutionalists are conservative.  The political world is an ever changing landscape of naturally forming groups and species and some politically manufactured ones as well.  Bubbling underneath it all is the mantra of progressivism, like a pot of boiling excrement stinking up the political house.  The modern progressive movement is not a recent phenomena, it began to crawl out of the excremental ooze, like Golgothan, with the “We Are The World” song: 

1 There comes a time
2 When we head a certain call
3 When the world must come together as one
4 There are people dying
5 And it’s time to lend a hand to life
6 The greatest gift of all

7 We can’t go on
8 Pretending day by day
9 That someone, somewhere will soon make a change
10 We are all a part of
11 God’s great big family
12 And the truth, you know love is all we need

13 We are the world
14 We are the children
15 We are the ones who make a brighter day
16 So let’s start giving
17 There’s a choice we’re making
18 We’re saving our own lives
19 It’s true we’ll make a better day
20 Just you and me

By the numbers:

1 & 2: It is called “closing time”.

3: Why? No real reason for this.

4: We start the day we are born.

5: Why? Not verifiable or logical.

6: Arbitrary and arguable.

7 & 8: Why not, it is called life.

9: Elections rolling around soon.

10 & 11: Appears true enough.

12: Try putting your “love” in an envelope instead of the mortgage payment.

13: Unlikely, presumptuous and not verifiable.

14: Of someone, vaguely true.

15: Cannot prove. In fact I can provide a lengthy list of folks whose days I have made darker.

16: Why? Illogical, and pretentious, assumes “we” can all give.

17: True enough, but it is a personal choice, not a collective choice.

18: Highly unlikely, illogical and impossible, aside from that, it is stupid.

19: If this is true, why are anti-depressants so popular?

20: You and I cannot be the world, unless we are in a Twilight Zone episode.

 As we delve into the political anthropological landscape, we will start with the parasitic organisms, the ones that if left untreated will consume their host:


Progressives: They date back to the beginning of civilization. There have always been people who expected others in the village to provide for them.  These parasites have somehow managed to reproduce and reappear throughout American history.  They dislike America.  They embrace all threats to America, such as Islam, not realizing the threat Islam poses to them.  Progressives long for all things government, the bigger the better; more government control over personal lives is the key, the folks cannot manage themselves.  This particular species hates God and worships the earth, believing that we must save the planet at the expense of people.  This is the emo, self loathing, cut on themselves kids all grown up. 

Generation We/Millennials:  Born between 1978 and 2000, there are over 95 million of these people world wide.  Generation We is a creation of the adult progressives, the ones creating new parasites.  This generation of parasites, the product of broken homes, single moms, MTV, video games and the indoctrination of the public school system, have been raised to embrace statism, globalism, and being a slacker.  They are a manufactured progressive group created with the intent to change America and the world.  Who openly endorses this manufactured faction?  Dingy Harry Reid, Tom Daschle, Google Director Larry Brilliant, Arianna Huffington and so many more lend their names and influence to this group.  These people are the result of social engineering.  This is the worker bee/drone population created by the progressives, to be good Serfs.

Liberal Progressives:  Elitist, large government enthusiasts, who still love America and believe in limited sovereignty.  Think old school Democrats like Scoop Jackson and JFK, but more willing to the let the government handle things, as they really don’t want to “do anything”.  They are into global warming and believe the scam, not because they want to save the planet from people, they don’t.  This group isn’t giving up their BMW’s or illegal alien lawn crew for the planet, but the rain forests are so “cute” they just have to do something, so they slap a “Visual World Peace” sticker on their eighty thousand dollar car and drive around all weekend, between soccer games, going to garage sales and creating a larger carbon footprint than a Firestone plant.  Think cheerleaders grown up, sans stripper pole.


Anarchists:  They hate all authority, including the parents who own the basement they are “staying in” until the oppressors are over thrown.  These are the first graders who slam Dew and Pixie Sticks, then terrorize some liberal teacher fresh out of college.  They turn into sarcastic skate boarders with a spray can and a nose full of cheap meth and morph into adult protestors, smashing Starbucks windows at G20 meetings.  Think angry morons with two brain cells, one of which is stoned and the other retarded. 


Conservative Progressives:  Often called RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) or Neo-Cons, they are really just progressives who have a business interest and/or an investment portfolio.  Think Scrooge McDuck with a Cuban cigar, trophy wife and a desire to control the world, ala John McCain, socialists wrapped in the American flag.

Constitutional Conservatives:  Believers in the Constitution, as written.  These people are the ones the founders envisioned living in America, people who believe in limited government, freedom, national security, sovereignty for the states and strict adherence to the Constitution.  Think blue collar, patriotic, outspoken people who will tell the progressive to stand up during the National Anthem, the biker down the street, the retired military veteran, or any number of people across America who work hard, vote Republican and will kick your ass if you burn the flag.

Conservative Libertarians:  Strict adherents to the Constitution, wanting all entitlements to be halted, as the Constitution does not allow for them.  These folks want the government to build roads, provide a national defense and stay out of their lives.  Think proud, patriotic, defiant and given the current political situation, often times angry American who won’t kick your as for burning the flag, but will facilitate your picture being put on a milk carton for doing that.


Ron Paul Supporters:  Can be seen hanging out with 9/11 truthers, birthers and a host of other conspiracy theorists, often times sporting shiny tin foil hats and discussing the NWO.  They are isolationists in a global economy.  They believe what mom told them about avoiding trouble, not realizing that like the bullies in school, the bullies in the world will not leave them alone either.  They see Ron Paul as a conservative deity, unwilling to accept the fact that he is an earmark fetishist and despite his audit the fed cry, doesn’t even score out as a limited government politician because of his spending fetish.  Think rabid pot heads and sexual deviants who have thrown in with Ron Paul in order to try and legalize everything.  Hide the kids.

While this is in no way the complete list of political species, as they mutate on their own, and new ones are socially engineered on a regular basis, all of them are derivatives of one of the original species.   Which species are you?  I am a “radical libertarian” a species slightly to the right of “conservative libertarians”.  We are a small but aggressive species, staunch defenders of liberty and support the Second Amendment in such a way that we cannot tell you how many guns we have or how much ammo we have, without a complete inventory.  Suffice it to say, should the zombies come, we are the “go to” people in your neighborhood. 

Bill Turner

US West Regional Director


Special Projects Coordinator


Blog:  www.americanpatriotscommission.com

Host: www.resistnet.com/group/resistnetradioshow

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor


Report Political Corruption:  press@americanpatriotcommission.com


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