National Strike

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Stand Together: 

Americans, we must stand together.  If you believe in the Constitution, love America, believe in capitalism and free markets, set the other issues aside.  Are you against socialism, communism, Marxism, and large government?  If so, set aside the other issues.  Democrats and Republicans, RINO’s and Constitutionalists, we agree on seventy five percent of the issues, the issues that are centered on liberty and freedom.  The issues we do not agree upon, the social issues, do not matter if we lose the battle on liberty.  We must stand together to be free.  Failure to stand for liberty and unite all of our groups will lead us down the path to serfdom, in a feudal state, controlled by Obama and his thugs.  Put your ego aside, but your agenda aside, drop the twenty five percent we do not agree on and save our country.  We can duke it out later, over the other issues, but if we fail to preserve our liberty, we will be slaves to the state and none of the other issues will matter. 

Why unite?  Why should we put our differences aside?  The progressives, with their front man, Obama, are using the Cloward/Piven strategy and Alinsky’s rules to turn America into a feudal state with us as serf’s, working for the state.  We must protect the Constitution, America and our freedom or nothing else will matter.  Just look at what the left is doing (and this is just a sample): 

* Net Neutrality:  Despite the fact that it will destroy innovation, investment and free speech, Obama and his minions are pushing it hard. 

* Health Care:  The people have spoken.  Americans do not want this.  Obama and the progressives need this to strip your rights and make you a slave to the state. 

* Consumer Financial Protection Agency:  The creation of this Barney Frank driven agency is a draconian move that gives federal government immense power over all businesses, big and small.  Given the performance of Amtrak and the Post Office, what could go wrong? 

* Einstein:  Spying on all Americans.  From the declassified report, “The program is designed to look for indicators of cyber attacks by digging into all Internet communications, including the contents of emails”. 

* Illegal Alien Amnesty:  Lindsey Graham & Obama are working to create an open border policy with amnesty for those here illegally.  

* Appeasement:  Obama’s bowing and scraping at the feet of Islam is making America unsafe.   

Americans, we must unite and stop the insanity that is taking place in America.  Obama and the progressives are ‘fundamentally changing’ our country.  Set aside our petty differences and come together to remain free.  Embrace our common goals and set aside our differences or we shall become serfs to the state, slaves to Obama and the progressives.   There is a darkness flooding across America, it is the darkness of the progressive state, the evil of globalism and the coming destitution being created as Dear Leader turns America into a third world country, a feudal state, wherein he is the king and us little people are starved out, to a manageable number.   

Are you ready to be enslaved?  I am not!  Are you ready to work for the nation state, being given a pittance to exist on?  I am not!  Are you ready to give up the Constitution and your liberty?  I am not!   

If you are not ready to go quietly into the night, as darkness falls upon liberty and cloaks America in the fog of betrayal and deceit, arise.  The citizen tactics of calling, writing, emailing, faxing and visiting congressional offices are not working.  Why?  Because the elites in control are trying to smother you and your liberty, trying to break your spirit, trample your will and destroy America.  Are you going to allow that to happen?  I will not! 

Stand with me in defense of liberty.  Rally your family and friends.  Hit the streets and demand that Congress hear us, listen to us, and do what they are told.   Monday, March 15th, 2010 is the day for a national strike.  If you do not like the way America is going, get up, stand up, and hit the streets that day.  No work, no school, just you, your flag and your right to be heard.  Stop traffic?  Flood the freeway with people?  Bring America to a grinding halt during the morning commute?  Why not?  Maybe the screams, cries, horns and overwhelming mass of Americans in the streets will cause the progressives to shrink in horror.  The Constitution gives us the right to peacefully assemble.  Rights are like muscles, if not exercised, they fade and fail.  Make a difference.  Be heard.  We must act, conversation is not working. 

Bill Turner

US Western Region Director

Special Projects Coordinator

Host-Resistnet Radio


Co-Founder/Senior Advisor


Twitter:  Jihadihunter

Report Political Corruption:

  1. Families in Mississippi are desperate for a real conservative to represent them to the Government. Joe Tegerdine, is running for Congress. He has been working hard for 11 months or so to replace the Nancy Pelosi Supporting Gene Taylor also known as the 20 year Democratic incumbent who quietly complies.

    Joe Tegerdine (also known as Joe Tea-Party) is the citizen’s chosen candidate, career politician. He will protect all our constitutional rights and work for Americans as a servant to the people. He will represent the people to the Government instead of the Government to the people. Please show a little support to Tegerdine by sending a dollar. Support the conservative candidates that will fight for Americans. Thank you for passing the word.
    Like stated above, “Americans, we must unite and stop the insanity that is taking place in America.”
    from Mississippi Moms.

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