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Secretary of State Project:

“It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes” is a famous quote most commonly attributed to Stalin.  Whether it is true or not does not matter, what does is the fact that this philosophy has been embraced by George Soros.  The Secretary of State Project (SoSP) began in the fall of 2005 by George Soros is an openly progressive group that is seeking “reform” of the election process.  

What does reform mean to the SoSP?  Well, this quote from their website should give you some insight, “We can be sure that the Republicans and the opponents of honest elections will try triply hard to regain lost seats and capture seats held by reformers.”  As you can see, “Republicans” and “opponents of honest elections” are one and the same in the minds of those who seek to count your vote.  Also from their website, “We’ve helped to elect 11 of 13 election reform candidates” and, “Building on our successful model in 2006 and 2008, The SoS Project is strategically focusing on a handful of key state races. Our goal – to ensure fair, clean elections in 2012 and beyond”.  

How does all of this work?  The SoSP, working with another Soros group, Project Vote targets a Secretary of State who is ethical and enforces election laws.  In Ohio Project Vote used ACORN to help facilitate a lawsuit based upon a bogus charge of violations concerning the National Voter Registration Act.  Big Government’s website reported, “Up against a secretary of state that was not going to “play ball,” ACORN lost. Unfortunately (and of major consequence), SoSP now targeted Ohio. Secretary of State Blackwell was replaced by SoSP endorsed candidate Jennifer Brunner (D) in 2006. ACORN subsequently re-filed the case, with a secretary of state ready to “play ball,” and won”.  American Spectator captures the spirit of election theft by SoSP,  “With a mere investment of $780,000 Soros and his allies were able to suborn free elections in the states of Montana, West Virginia, Missouri, Oregon, in 2008, and in Minnesota, Ohio, New Mexico, Nevada and Iowa, in 2006.”  Guess how many of those states were won by B. Hussein Obama? 

Convicted felon, George Soros, founded and funded the SoSP with a mere $780,000 dollars.  Money well spent if you are a progressive.  Who runs the organization on a day to day basis?  The website provides the answer to that: 

Who We Are:

Becky Bond works for a socially progressive mobile telephone company based in San Francisco. She serves on the board of the New Organizing Institute* and*.

Lola Elfman has been an organizer and trainer for The New Organizing Institute* since 2007, she served as Internet Director for Phil Angelides’ campaign for California Governor*, and was a consultant with M+R Strategic Services*.

Megan Hull was a Project Director for Democracy Reform at the Center for Civic Participation*. In 2004, she was a Co-Director of the coalition that investigated polling place problems and vote counting irregularities in Ohio and New Mexico.

Michael Kieschnick is a social entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He is also a board member of the League of Conservation Voters, among other progressive organizations.*

*Organizational affiliation listed for identification purposes only. 

Four admitted progressives and a “social entrepreneur” whatever that is.  These are the folks responsible for this quote from their website, “In Minnesota, we helped Mark Ritchie beat a Republican incumbent. Because of Secretary of State Ritchie’s dedication to fairness and transparency, a recount in the Coleman-Franken Senate race ensured every vote was counted and resulted in the certification of Al Franken’s narrow victory in the 2008 Minnesota Senate contest. Dollar for dollar, the SoS Project was one of 2006’s most effective political investments.”  Somehow, I don’t see elections as a “political investment” and I bet most of you feel the same way.  In 2010 the SoSP is targeting: Michigan, Iowa, California, South Dakota, Ohio and Minnesota.  Do not feel relieved if your Secretary of State is not on the list, it is possible your Secretary of State is not considered a threat by SoSP, they “play ball” so to speak.  

Each position in an election is vital, but Soros figured something out that the honest people didn’t, Secretaries of State count the votes and that matters.  How long has your Secretary of State been in office?  Will they enforce the Constitution and election laws?  If you do not know, you need to find out.  Remember the SoSP says every vote should count.  I say every “legal” vote should count.  What say you? 

Bill Turner

US West Regional Director

Special Project Coordinator

Host: Resistnet Radio


Co-Founder/Senior Advisor


Twitter:  Jihadihunter

Report Political Corruption:

  1. Kimo says:

    I say this, last election, when i went to the same polling staion i have for years, there were people there that i had never seen before, as red blooded Americans, we though nothing of it. Looking back, I can now cleary see what happened, and people best listen and read this article, becuase people, we have been played.Truth, the presidency appears to have been bought, somethin stinks. One might say “well rgwew arwe always new people at poles” not where i live friends, a small town called Lahaina Hawaii, and we all know each other, as a matter of fact, many of us share who we voted for, even though we still have our right of private vote, i saw the voter sheet of about 14 people, and showed mine to a few friends. What has happenned will not stand the light of day.This election, do yourself and all of us a favor, be open about who you cast your vote for, stand up for your beliefes. As a few have suggested, we need a way to second count our votes, sadly I dont trust the vote, and millions of others feel the same. Somethin dont add up people. Think about it, dont give in dont give up. We CAN and WILL save our country from those who would enslave us all. Nobama is a one term pres that any of us feel does not have the legal right to hold the office, we are told by the majority he is a socialist marczist. Dont listen to what he says, LOOK at what he DOES.When i do i get sick, i see a person who is NOT an Amwrican like me, or people i know, and i am a man whoes blood line goes back to the founding of this country, was taught the tru laws of this great land we live in. ENOUGH lies and coruption, nobama is not helping this country, he is leading us in thw direction of selling us all out. VOTE this year, and keep ur eyes and ears open, we should have a separate online vote, for all to see, it may be time to openly tell all who we voted for, to ensure honesty.

  2. Kimo says:

    Please excuse my spelling, its 4 am.

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