Team America

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Team America: 

When you have nothing to win, you have nothing to lose.   

America, it is time to play politics like we have nothing to lose, because there is nothing to win.  The Constitution and God have given us our rights.  They are ours.  We have never lost them, despite all of the shenanigans that have occurred in our country over the past year and a half.  It is up to us to exercise our rights, no matter the cost personally.  Obama, Congress & the courts have taken or are taking all we have.  We have nothing to lose.  It used to be that when I felt something behind me it was the IRS, now it is the wall.  We are up against it and it is time for Team America, the citizens, to take action.  We all know where we are headed if we fail to act, we shall become a third world country, with a tin pot dictator and we shall all be dependent upon the government for the scraps we receive.  

B. Hussein Obama, Congress, the courts and the progressives have shown the face of fabricated disbelief.  They see the marchers, the protests, the millions of letters, faxes, emails and calls and the rise of conservatism, which is just a cry for the sanctity of our Constitution and in their arrogance they have fabricated disbelief, rather creating their own alternate reality, refusing to hear our message. 

Our government lies to us on a daily basis: 

  • Brazen dishonesty:  Obama lies about his relationship with ACORN. “When I ran project vote, the voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it. Once I was elected there wasn’t a campaign that ACORN worked on down in Springfield that I wasn’t right there with you. Since I have been in the United States Senate I’ve been always a partner with ACORN as well. I’ve been fighting with ACORN, along side ACORN, on issues you care about my entire career.”
  • Ignorance:  Obama makes Dali Lama leave White House through garbage exit.  One more thing, why is the garbage piled up outside the White House?
  • Complicity:  Obama and the state run media lie about doctor support of healthcare.  They don’t.
  • Dishonesty:  Rashad Hussain & Obama lie about his terror ties.
  • Media manipulation:  B. Hussein Obama scolds SCOTUS and then gets state run media to take misleading poll.
  • Corruption:  AG Holder, after months of lying, admits nine justice department employees worked for GITMO detainees.
  • Brazen dishonesty II:  Obama to unveil healthcare plan Sunday or Monday, despite “summit” with GOP next week.  Why meet if you have the plan and have said you will use reconciliation to pass it?  Not to mention the fact that the Constitution says the legislative branch is separate from the executive branch Mr. Constitutional Professor.

 This is just in the past few days.  I could spend hours detailing the depth and seditious nature of the webs weaved by the liar in chief.  There is no point in doing this, the evil that is Obama is epic. 

The good people of America must rise up and go to the offices of their Congressional Representatives, Senators and wherever Dear Leader goes, ensuring the voice of the people is heard.  It is time to fill the streets with protestors.  Demonstrations during rush hour, Americans in the heartland showing the heart and resilience of the people, as Senator DeMint said, “I would think it’s time to start thinking about peaceful demonstrations,” and “The power of the people is there. Freedom is in the people’s hands right now, and it’s about to slip through.”  I could not agree more with Senator DeMint. 

There is trouble in the streets; Americans feel it in their bones.  Politics is now full of shady characters and dirty deals.  It is up to us to change the backroom deals.  As Axl Rose sang, “Welcome to the jungle It gets worse here everyday” as the progressives seek to create a kingdom of serfs, enslaving you and me.  We can judge our oppressors by the company that they keep:  Alinsky, Piven, Jones, Sunstien, and the rest of the communist party.  My fellow Americans, I cannot make this stand myself, I need you, and America needs you.  People are talking about an April 15th tax protest and that is fine but those in politics will see it as another stunt and not be concerned by it.  Joe Walsh said it best, “On the bottom words are shallow.  On the surface talk is cheap.”  Politicians see our words as being shallow and being the masters of verbal hyperbole that they are, they feel are talk is cheap. 

 There is a step between calling, writing, emailing, faxing and revolution, it is called resistance. 

Resistance comes in many forms, but it all involves action.  No longer can we sit in our homes and stare out the window, hoping things will get better.  It is apparent they will not.  We must become engaged in the battle for freedom and that means doing something.  Get up, get outside, and truly enter the fray, by going to your statehouse, visiting the offices of your elected cretins in DC that will not listen, taking back the GOP, going door to door and talking to your neighbors, the voters in your area and ask them to defend the Constitution.  It does not matter if the vote democrat or republican, what matters is this:  They must vote for the Constitution.  Not enough?  I was thinking the same thing.  Take it to the next level and stop all withholding taxes for W-2 employees.  Put the money in savings and pay your taxes next April.  Make the government feel the sting of your anger.  And, do not wait for the April 15th Tea Parties.  Organize a group of people who believe in the Constitution, grab your flags, banners and signs, then, without notice, without fanfare, hit the streets on a Monday morning commute, take a little too long as your group spreads out to cross the street, stopping traffic, change your mind and decide you like the other corner better.  Go back.  If no one calls the police, do it yourself.  The police bring the press.  The press gets our message out.  Ensure your spokesperson is dressed nice and is articulate.  

America, I put it to you:  We have nothing to win, so there is nothing to lose. 

Bill Turner

US West Regional Director


Special Projects Coordinator

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor

Resistnet Radio Host


American Infidels

Twitter:  Jihadihunter

Report Political Corruption:

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