Sleeper Cells In America

Posted: February 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
Sleeper Cells In America*:
All across America there are sleeper cells preaching hate. They gather in public, plot in private seeking to destroy the Constitution and the American way of life. They have facilitated sectarian violence and vicious attacks upon those whose ideology differs from theirs. A major television network is sympathetic to their cause as are the state run media. The threat is great; it is as if 9.11.01 never happened.
Political correctness forbids the proper response. A massive offensive needs to be undertaken on American soil. Intelligence is critical at this point in time. We must seek out the strong of will, the stealthy, those with the heart to go undercover and gather the needed information in order to selectively isolate the leaders. Once isolated, they must be cut from the herd and interrogated. Enhanced interrogation techniques are not out of the question and in fact, are encouraged. We must also enact surveillance techniques, a unique program allowing for broad spectrum intelligence gathering, Operation Birkenstock, wherein the data is gathered, analyzed and put to use by our covert ops. 
Due to the cancerous nature of the enemies of freedom, the progressives will present a long term containment problem. We will have to set up Patriot Commissions in order to provide justice (pronounced: Justus) and discourage the progressive recruitment of Americans who are still suffering from the indoctrination of the public school system. It will take years, perhaps decades, before re-education is complete and they can be released back into society. Some, those lacking the intellect to shake off the indoctrination may have to be sent to France or Cuba, for humanitarian reasons. 
It is important to remember that this is neither a law enforcement issue nor a military issue, this is a patriotic issue. Our law enforcement will be utilized for traditional purposes, as well as identifying activist judges and ensuring their removal from the bench. Our military shall be used for military purposes, such as halting creeping Sharia and the round up of career politicians. Honorable Americans shall be used to round up progressives from both parties. Those sick extremists who are seeking to destroy America through the progressive movement shall be isolated and contained until no longer a threat. This should be a relatively easy fight, as most of our people have already infiltrated the military, law enforcement and fire departments. We have operatives in place throughout Organizing for America and tracking teams are monitoring the hookah bars, Birkenstock stores and co-ops to further identify those who must be isolated and contained. 
There is much more to do and those plans shall follow. However, this is a great start towards the freedom supplied by God and the Constitution. 
Bill Turner
US West Regional Director
Special Project Coordinator
Co-Founder/Senior Advisor
Report Political Corruption:
* Humor/satire was used in all, part or parts of this writing. Probably.

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