Progressive Lies

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Progressive Lies: 

President B. Hussein Obama’s tongue has become the platform for progressive lies.  The progressive movement, throughout history, has been a parasitic organism, feasting upon the host, consuming its resources and eventually destroying the will of the people, leading to a complete collapse of the host.  At that point in time, the parasite begins to feast upon all living things, seeking to expand and consume other resources.  Hitler, Mao, Stalin and others have followed this blue print, each time consumed with the arrogance and ego to believe that they alone could do what none of the other parasites before could do, create a progressive utopia.  Once again, America finds itself infected with the progressive parasites, only this time, instead of the arrogant FDR, it is a dangerous narcissist, B. Hussein Obama, who is unsurpassed in his arrogance, who sits upon the throne he is building out of the wreckage and remnants of the Constitution and the souls of Americans.  

A narcissistic, secular, progressive, such as B. Hussein Obama does not believe in God.  In his mind, he is God.  The world revolves around him and his desires.  The desires of the secular progressive are temporal.  They can never be satisfied.  As the secular progressive nears a goal, there is little satisfaction and a new, more decadent goal is needed.  A secular progressive is undisciplined. B. Hussein Obama is a danger to our society. He is a danger because he cannot say “NO” to his mind when it begins to lust for additional power and control.  A society that is based upon the progressive mantra is doomed to be devoured by its own determination to dominate and posses all it can.  Throughout the history of man, decadent, secular progressive societies have collapsed under their own weight.  Our founders warned us of this and the further we stray from our Constitution and the God given rights bestowed upon us, the further our society slips into the amoral abyss of abortion on demand, tolerance of all things (which is a secular progressive way of saying “anything goes”), deviant behavior and violence.  A society wherein each person believes they are a God unto themselves and the center of their own universe is a society destined to fall.  Rome had Nero.  America has Obama. 

Secularism, progressives and their ilk are prevalent in both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.  Americans in both parties must stand up and demand that their parties follow the platform, the Constitution and common sense.  This is not a battle between Democrats and Republicans, but a fight between Americans and progressives, a battle of good and evil.  Ask the progressives these questions: 

  • What is progressive about killing an unborn child?
  • What is progressive about killing an unborn child near full term?
  • What is progressive about taking God out of our schools?
  • What is progressive about discouraging work and encouraging governmental support?
  • What is progressive about a child having an abortion unknown to their parents?
  • What is progressive about teaching children to practice sexuality, homosexuality and autoeroticism?
  • What is progressive about disavowing national pride? 

These things do not sound “progressive” to me; in fact, they sound primitive, regressive and hateful.  Make the progressives stand in the light and answer these questions.  Accountability, responsibility and individualism are the only way to halt the progressive agenda.  

Democrats, Republicans, Americans, it is up to us to stand up and save ourselves from the progressives.  Together, we can make a difference: 

  • Change your language:  Democrats love America.  Republicans love America.  Independents love America.  Progressives hate America.  There are progressives in both parties.  Call them progressives.  Do not let the John McCain’s, Lindsey Grahams, Obama’s and others hide behind the label of Democrat or Republican.  They are progressives.
  • Do not stand for tolerance:  Tolerance is for people with no values.  The progressives preach tolerance but do not practice it.  The Tim Tebow Super bowl ad was a prime example.  They call it pro-choice, but it is not about choice.  It is pro-baby killing and if you are pro-life, that does not fit within the choice.  The outcry over the ad was a dead give away. 
  • Stand up for America:  Tell those who would have you not celebrate the Christian heritage of America, not fly the flag, and not say the pledge of allegiance, in the name of not offending others that it offends you to not do these things. 
  • Defend the military:  The progressives say, ‘we support the troops, we just don’t support the war’.  You cannot support our troops and not support what they are doing; that is like having sex to support abstinence.  No one is “pro-war”.  But, defending freedom is essential and sometimes you have to kill those who would seek to destroy it, such is life.
  • Defend the Constitution:  It is not a “living” document.  There is no need for a second Bill of Rights.  Those that seek to unravel the Constitution must be drug into the light of liberty and made to answer for their behavior. 

It is imperative that we unite.  This is the time for America and Americans.  There is no left and right, only Americans v. Progressives and it is for keeps.   Those that march under the banner of progressivism do so to sweep away our liberties, our heritage and our nation.  Progressivism seeks to destroy our republic and replace it with a statist regime, powered by the nation state of communism.  Sadly, communism has failed in each attempt to establish a utopia but has somehow managed to become a genocidal machine, dominated by narcissistic, arrogant, megalomaniacs.  Those who believe America will be different are sadly mistaken, including B. Hussein Obama, who is fond of telling those around him that he is the difference maker.  Who among you are difference makers?  Who among you will stand with me and save America?  Failure is not an option. 

Bill Turner

US West Regional Director

Special Projects Coordinator

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor




Twitter:  Jihadihunter

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  1. Michael Heman says:

    I see boldfaced lies in this blog, and it isn’t from the Progressives.

    “A narcissistic, secular, progressive, such as B. Hussein Obama does not believe in God. In his mind, he is God.”

    If he doesn’t believe in God, why would he be supporting the National Day of Prayer?

    I ask, how is it pro-life to force a mother to have a child, and not want to give the mother any aid to help raise the child? If abortions were made illegal, it would cost the government BILLIONS from overflowing orphanages and increased spending in welfare to give those children a better QUALITY OF LIFE. Tell me, what kind of life would an unwanted, abused, and neglected child have? a bad one.

    Pro-lifers aren’t pro-life. They’re pro-BIRTH.

    It is my firm belief that the government has no place making abortions illegal. That is an individial decision, and conservatives CANNOT claim they support individual liberty when they want to take the rights away from others.

    I personally believe that abortions should only be used when absolutely necessary, but it is not my place to make important life decisions for other people. Conservatives need to mind their own buisness and stop invading people’s private lives.

    I am a Moderate, and support ALL of the Constitution, no exceptions. Too bad you don’t support our nation’s Supreme Law of the Land when it doesn’t fit your far-right agenda.

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