Generation Of Sponges

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Generation Of Sponges:

Stupidity was forced into the pores of their brains, soaked up like putrid fluid from a men’s room puddle. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they became hooked on MTV as a real TV station and made the decision to couple with another miscreant of their generation. Their hideous offspring growing older but never up. The vile product of a broken home, raised by a single mom, who, between the alcohol, waitress work and string of men in and out of the house, forever placated by a gift, or a visit to the dad who would rather play with the Xbox than spend the afternoon with them, becomes indoctrinated by a public school system all to willing to replace the non-existent value system never taught by pretend parents, with the all consuming desire to be taken care of by the nanny state. So is born a generation of Obama voters, those whose only real ideal is that of hope and change.

Dad is never around. Mom is seldom around, and when she is, she is locked away with ‘uncle Neal’, uncle Bob’ or both. MTV becomes a surrogate parent and the pizza delivery guy a friend. School becomes the only normalcy in the growing child’s life. Show up on time and someone feeds you. The adults there pay attention to you, talk to you and listen. America is a cold, hard country, forever hating its downtrodden, or so the young sponge is taught by the progressive teacher. The indoctrination is forever ongoing and soaks into the sponges brain, filling the empty spaces with the desire to be taken care of by the government that owes them.

Spending their life an only child, they have been told countless times that the behavior they exhibit is not their fault. So, when a charismatic man-child comes along and offers “Hope” and “Change” they take the bait, voting to be taken care of by the government, because life is tough and they have never had to stand on their own, be responsible for themselves, or be accountable for their actions. B. Hussein Obama created a generation of sponges, ready, willing and able to soak up the message of big government and Obama money, with little or no responsibility. To further his agenda, Obama must pass health care, to ensure that this generation and the ones to come are forever dependent upon the progressives to take care of them.

Cap and Trade is no different. Years of indoctrination have taught the voters and nearly voters in America to believe that man is responsible for the changes in the world, in the climate and all that is bad. It started when we were young, with the Indian (Casino, not Slurpee) crying about the litter and continues to this day with the garbage taught to our children and grandchildren in school. Cap and Trade is the vehicle by which our rights will be surrendered to the state, along with all of our money, so that it can be redistributed to other third world countries (because, by Dear Leaders estimates America will be a third world country with the passage of this). The books are cooked, but because all of the textbooks in America are cooked too, the sponges do not care. The sponges soak up the anti-American rhetoric and then take action, in the form of voting for save the planet sponge collectors and pushing for ludicrous legislation that is detrimental to economic growth.

As much as I would like to squeeze the nonsense out of the sponges and allow them to absorb something useful and functional, it just is not possible, as someone would find it to be a hate crime. Indoctrination and re-education in the form of politically correct classes in the work place are the tools of the left (so if the Slupee/Casino Indian comment offended you, stop reading and go straight to and tell some other liberal, PC dominated, weak, no principled fool all your troubles, and get a helmet, life is tough). If you didn’t find it to be offensive, or, thought it was crude, but I have the right to say it, welcome to a Constitutional America. The First Amendment works for both parties, and all free people in America.

Bill Turner

US West Regional Director

Special Projects Coordinator

Host: Resistnet Radio

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor




 Twitter: Jihadihunter

 Report Political Corruption & Abuse:

  1. danny boy says:

    You’re an absolute piece of shit you know nothing Idaho (you’re the ho) motherfucker.

    WHen pieces of shit like you die, we’ll be a much better place.

    You can’t even read a piece of paper correctly, you don’t know what your congressmen is sponsoring and you still want to keep talking because we have a (half) black president.

    I guess when your penis is the same size of your brain (what one inch hard?), that’s why you’re so fucking down.

    • Bill Turner says:

      Typical no nothing progressive. Cannot debate the facts so falls back on insults and attacks. If you are implying I do not Obama because he is half black, that is not true. I don’t like his white half either. I don’t know what your genetic code is, I just know your parents were blood relatives and still concieved you. A progressive, homosexual, penis fixated, genetic miscreant, who still lives in mom’s basement, a master of hate and ignorant bitch, such as yourself, talks about peoples death, but does not have the heart to knock on the door and try to facilitate it. You are weak. You have always been week. You couldn’t get laid if you were carpet.

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