Rosie Optimism Writes Obama Budget

Posted: February 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Rosie Optimism Writes Budget:

B. Hussein Obama has allowed Rosie Optimism to draft the federal budget. The budget proposal is based on 5% unemployment (Fantasy Island Edition). Obama’s budget is based on back door taxes set to slam the middle class, the very people Obama has been saying he will protect. And, worse yet, the budget contains a black hole of undisclosed revenue created by HUGE tax increases compliments of Cap & Trade. Obama is throttle down, hell bent on destroying America.

It is ridiculous for B. Hussein Obama to assert that unemployment will be at 5% in his budget predictions. A year ago Obama insisted unemployment would not go higher than 8% if we bought into and funded his stimulus bill. Naturally, the Indonesian Wonder Boy was wrong. Unemployment went to 10% and ala Jimmy Carter, it is holding the same. So now, the man-child asks us to trust him again. He is counting on the cult of personality to get him through this. No more. The progressive agenda of ruining America is becoming clear.

Stalking the middle class, the Obama administration has lied to them all along, promising to Sheppard them through dark days and tough times, when the reality is vastly different. The top-tier personal income tax rate will rise to 39.6% from 35%. Lower-income families will pay more as well: the 25% tax bracket will rise to 28%; the 28% bracket will increase to 31%; and the 33% bracket will increase to 36%. The special 10% bracket is going away, bumping America‘s poor into a much higher tax rate. Way to go Mr. President, you are hurting those who elected you on the promise of “Hope & Change“. It appears this segment of America will be left with no hope and very little pocket change. Investors will pay more on their earnings next year too, with the tax on dividends jumping to 39.6% from 15% and the capital-gains tax increasing to 20% from 15%. Your economic policies will hurt those who save and invest. Investments and savings are the very things that allow for growth and research, for small business to become larger. The progressive plan of a statist regime with the people dependent upon the government is coming true.

Cap & Trade. This bill has been stalled in the Senate. Dingy Harry has threatened the “nuclear option” or reconciliation to get this bill through with 51 votes. But, reconciliation is only applicable to budget items. Well, Cap & Trade is now a budget item. Pass the budget and reconciliation becomes a viable option for Dingy Harry, in fact it becomes the only option for a broken man who is in his last term of office, unable to muster enough support at home to keep a seat on the school board, much less in the Senate. It is as if Obama and the progressives know how this will play out, otherwise why put revenue from the HUGE taxes of Cap & Trade in the budget? Or, the man-child is psychic? Or, mostly corrupt? I’m betting on corrupt. The passage of this budget, which increases the deficit, raises taxes across the board, and paves the way for Cap & Trade is tantamount to treason. This combination of economic voodoo will cripple America and establish a Marxist regime with B. Hussein Obama as the Chavez like tin pot dictator. Obama desires for everyone to be equal, but as you can see by his budget, some are more equal than others.

With the election of Scott Brown to the Senate, Obama and the progressives have come to the realization that it is hammer down on their agenda, in order to push it all through prior to the 2010 elections. While this is scary, in and of itself, it isn’t the scariest thing on the agenda. What if the man who governs by crisis creates a crisis to halt the 2010 elections? Not possible? It is. The man-child has stated, as have his minions, that the Constitution is getting in the way of accomplishing the progressive agenda. He has publicly expressed his displeasure with the Supreme Court, for siding with the Constitution and free speech. And, with the creation of a budget item for Cap & Trade, it is apparent that the wishes of the American people do not matter to Obama. What does matter is the progressive, Anti-American agenda being championed by Obama and his minions.

America, you are not helpless to stop this. Progressivism is a mental disorder. Progressives believe they are superior to you and I, they believe that the will of the people does not matter because the people cannot make good decisions for themselves. We know better. We do not need a nanny state. Obama and the progressives are destroying America. The progressives in both parties are guilty of treating our economy as if it were being funded with monopoly money, not our hard earned tax dollars. The Liar in Chief, B. Hussein Obama had the guts to say, “We just can’t keep on spending as if deficits don’t have consequences” and he turns around and spends even more money we do not have. Help put the skids on this immoral, unethical, budget, and the progressives of both parties who are doing their best to ruin America, send this to everyone you know. Go the extra mile, call, write, fax, email and visit the offices of your representatives and senators, demanding that they stop this back door communism. And, finally get active in your local politics. Democrats, take your party back from the progressives, do not let them hijack your party any longer. Republicans, run the progressives out of your party and start with Michael Steele. Join your local tea party group, your local Pachyderm group and Anystreet, as they will all help us stop the progressives movement that is destroying our country.

Bill Turner
US West Director

Senior Writer

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor


Twitter: Jihadihunter

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