Any Time, Any Where, Anystreet!

Posted: January 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Progressives, scourge of society, bane of all free people, and they are back in a big, big way. The progressive movement did not die with Roosevelt and Wilson, it just went underground, lurking in the shadows and weaving its way into the fabric of America. The Democratic party has been hijacked by the progressives and they are leading them to the brink of disaster, just like they did so long ago. The GOP has been hijacked as well, through the use of Trojan conservatives, people like John McCain, Michael Steele, and others. These people have steered the GOP to the left and are openly showing their progressiveness now, as they feel the time is right to extinguish the light of America and do away with the freedom loving men and women standing up to them. To those who seek the “transformation” of America into a Marxist regime I say, “Bring it on, pick a street, Anystreet”. is the conservative answer to the progressives Organizing For America and ACORN. Conservative community organizing is the tool to halt those that seek to destroy America from within. I have no doubt that the term “community organizing” brought up some bile and hostile thoughts, it did the first time I thought about it. But, the 2006 and 2008 elections were lost by the American people, to the progressives, not because Americans want to “fundamentally change” America, but because the progressives got out in force to deliver a message with no meaning, but had the poll tested words of “hope” and “change”. What is happening in America right now is due to the voters being contacted personally by community organizers, as it is harder to say “no” in person and you are much more likely to keep your promise to vote and vote for a particular person when asked in person. This brings us back to Anystreet.

Although Anystreet has a national structure, with regional directors, the real action is on any street. By organizing at the street level, expanding to the precinct and district levels, the county and city levels, and the state level, it gives the people the tools to create change at any level:

Electing good people: Anystreet has the tools to accomplish this.
Recalls: Anystreet has the tools.
Stop Creeping Sharia: Anystreet again.
Hold School Boards Accountable: Anystreet
Planning & Zoning: Anystreet
Elections: Campaign in a Box-Anystreet

Whatever the people at the local level want for their communities they can have, using the Anystreet model. Because of the recruiting manual, the activist manual and the will of the people, Anystreet is not a threat to other patriot groups, Anystreet is a tool they can use to accomplish their goals. Have a group of 9/12 patriots, Tea Party folks, or concerned parents, Anystreet gives you to tools to act on the issues that motivate you. Have strong local leadership, at the grassroots level and Anystreet has the activist manual to allow your group to meet its goals.
What are the goals of Anystreet? The Anystreet organization seeks to allow Americans to live free, under a government that is not only Constitutional, but by, of and for the people, with limited federal government and states rights, the way our founders wanted it to be. Anystreet isn’t about democrats and republicans, left v. right, it is about halting the threat of progressivism that has infected both parties. Contrary to what B. Hussein Obama might think, the progressive movement has no place in the Constitutional construct of America.

Come with me if you want to be free.

Bill Turner
US West Region Director

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor



Twitter: Jihadihunter

Anonymously Report Corruption & Political Shenanigans:

  1. Our Mississippi Tea Party Patriot, Joe Tegerdine, is running for Congress He became so concerned for the future of America that he has been campaigning now for almost a YEAR to beat out an entrenched 20 year Democratic incumbent who works for Nancy Pelosi named Gene Taylor.

    Joe Tegerdine is a real conservative citizen’s candidate and not a career politician. He will protect our constitutional rights and work for all Americans as a servant to the people. He will represent the people to the Government instead of the Government to the people. Please tell Tegerdine you support him today and send him a dollar. Support the conservative candidates that will fight for Americans. Thank you from Mississippi Moms.

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