CAIR & Congress

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
CAIR & Congress:

Once upon a time in America there existed an honest, open and transparent Congress, but all good things must come to an end and so it was with Congress. Lobbyists, special interests and the dreaded Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) came to be, bringing with them, like a plague of locusts, the desire to consume its host. The Demorats fell for CAIR like their heart was a mob informant, and CAIR was the East River. Once, the democrats were a party that loved America. Like the raven, “Never more”. For forty years the demorats have tried to give away America, to anyone who would listen. The Muslim Brotherhood heard their call, like Patty Hearst, when she heard the burst, of the SLA’s guns, and bought it.

There now exists a plot to overthrow America’s government, not with violent jihad, although that is always an option, but by taking over the political system, using the rights granted by the Constitution, and the protections granted religions. CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood seek to take over America, replacing our government with an Islamic Caliphate. To that end, CAIR, an un-indicted co-conspirator in terror trials and a Hamas front group, has wormed its way into Congress and owns/rents numerous politicians, that they have turned into Islamic appeasers:

Compromised Politicians
Senator Mikulski D-MD Rep. Meeks D-NY Rep. Lofgren D-CA
Senator Sarbanes D-MD Rep. Wynn D-MD Rep. Dingell D-MI
Senator Stabenow D-MI Rep. McCollum D-MN Rep. Moran D-VA
Senator Durbin D-IL Rep. Capps D-CA Rep. Rahall II D-WV
Senator Conrad D-ND Rep. Pascrell D-NJ Rep. Rangel D-NY
Rep. Sestak D-PA Rep. Cardin D-MD Rep. Ruppersberger D-MD
Rep. Conyers Jr. D-MI Rep. Cummings D-MD Rep. Stark D-CA
Rep. Ellison D-MN Rep. Connolly D-VA Rep. Van Hollen D-MD
Rep. Jackson Jr. D-IL Rep. Eshoo D-CA Rep. Carson D-IN
Rep. Davis D-IL Rep. Filner D-CA Rep. Jackson-Lee D-TX
Rep. Miller D-CA Rep. Gilchrist R-MD Rep. Schiff D-CA
Rep. Sanchez D-CA Rep. Honda D-CA Rep. Kilroy D-OH
Rep. Sanchez D-CA Rep. Kucinich D-OH
Rep. Schakowsky D-IL Rep. Lee D-CA
It used to be that Senators and Representatives did not know about the evils of CAIR, but now there is no excuse. One would have thought, that as the information about CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood came to light, that political figures would have run away, like cockroaches in the light, but they haven’t. Here is just a sample of what some of these seditious clowns have done:

<b>* Rep. Mikulski: Saluted CAIR’s “Important Work”.
* Sen. Sarbanes: Applauds “CAIR’s Mission”.
* Rep. Van Hollen: The assistant to Rep. Pelosi has met with CAIR officials and promised to support their agenda, including the teaching of Islam in public schools.
* Rep. Conyers: A “friend” to CAIR.
* Rep. Dingell: A top recipient of Muslim money and a man who says, ‘my office door is always open to CAIR’.
* Rep. McDermott: Has spoken at CAIR functions and despite the anti-American stance of CAIR, calls them ‘real Americans’.
* Rep. Jackson-Lee: Too many pro-CAIR items to list.</b>

Americans would think that with all of the Anti-American sentiment from CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood promise to take over America and the west, politicians would shy away from involvement with known terrorist organizations and their people. But, some politicians have taken it to a new level:

Representative Keith Ellison: CAIR supporter. Secret collaborator with CAIR. One investigator says, “He spends so much time huddling with CAIR’s leaders they might as well make him an honorary board member”. Ellison and CAIR leaders meet regularly for “power breakfasts” to talk about political policy and strategy. An investigator for the FBI says Ellison and Awad are “tight” and have known each other since college. Ellison has accepted campaign money from CAIR members. In 2008 Rep. Ellison made the trip to Mecca, sponsored by (ie: bought and paid for) the Muslim American Society, a known Muslim Brotherhood front group. Ellison has gone so far as to work with CAIR to protect terrorists. Ellison defended a Mosque that is pro-jihad and has the honor of having, among attendees, the first US citizen to blow himself up in a homicide bombing. Ellison has even urged Somalis to group together to fend off FBI investigations (reeks of sedition). Ellison helped get Rep. Carson, another Muslim, elected and continues to work with the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association to get other Muslims elected. Americans need to know that Congressmen do not have to undergo a FBI background check before gaining access to classified information. Ellison attends Friday prayer, in the basement of the Capitol, with staffers and CAIR officials.

Not all elected officials are as Anti-American as Ellison, but, as you will see in reports to come, there are plenty. There are also some patriots among our elected officials. “Beware of CAIR” is the title of a memo to other house members from Rep. Myrick and signed by her and Reps: Hoekstra, Franks, Broun and Shadegg, all of which are Republicans. Coincidence? Probably not. Go back and look at the list of elected officials wired in tight with CAIR. CAIR spokesman Hooper worries that Rep. Carson, the second Muslim elected to Congress, does not want to be associated with CAIR. Hooper told CAIR chapters not to invite Carson to events, as he might publicly turn them down.

It is painfully obvious that we should care about CAIR. In fact, we need to pressure Congress into initiating a formal investigation into CAIR and who is protecting them from within our government. Why are they an un-indicted terror co-conspirator instead of facing indictment? They are a known front group for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Why are they allowed to operate in America? This is an election year and we can demand from our elected officials the reasons they allow this. Put them under the microscope and hold them accountable.

Stay tuned, as I will be back with more elected officials to expose and more truths about Islam and CAIR that they do not want you to know.

Bill Turner
US West Regional Director

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor




Twitter: Jihadihunter

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