Democratic Links To Terrorism

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Democratic Links To Terrorism:

Last year, as the demorats swept into office, they brought with them many friends of the terrorists that were already in Congress. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Brotherhood, including their various front groups, rejoiced in the rewards about to be thrust upon them by the Islamic apologists and terror sympathizers in power. During the election CAIR leaders gave plenty of money to the Obama campaign and even met with his campaign staffers. In the final weeks of the Obama campaign CAIR officials even left the national office to campaign for Obama in closely contested states.

After the inauguration, CAIR Chairman Larry Shaw, said, “ We look forward to partnering with the Obama administration”. This coincides with the CAIR strategic plan labeled “Company Proprietary” laying out their plans for influence peddling with members of key sub-committees, such as the financial, armed services, judiciary and intelligence committees. The document goes on to say that CAIR will develop national initiatives such as lobby day and continued placement of Muslim interns in congressional offices.

Larry Shaw must be proud, as the influence peddling is working. Recently seven House demorats delivered a letter to AG Eric Holder demanding he meet with CAIR, ISNA and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups to address their issues such as the FBI’s use of informants in mosques and religious profiling of terror suspects (despite the fact that thus far all of the attacks have been committed by Muslim men). Some of the seven House demorats include: Mary Jo Kilroy of the Homeland Security Committee (who is she looking out for?) and Adam Schiff of the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees (he isn’t looking out for America either).

CAIR is lengthening its reach into Congress. CAIR officials and Representative Keith Ellison, along with staffers from the House and Senate meet regularly and on Fridays they gather with other Muslims in the basement of the Capitol to pray toward Mecca. Am I the only one in America who sees a security risk in all of this? CAIR is an un-indicted co-conspirator in terrorism cases. CAIR leaders have collaborated with the head of the House Judiciary Committee on legislation stripping this nations law enforcement of essential anti-terrorism tools. CAIR officials have also met with the assistant to the Speaker of the House (Pelosi) to influence hate crime legislation that was passed earlier this year.

If you aren’t sitting down, you should be: CAIR has its own people working inside of Congress. Internal CAIR documents clearly show they have placed operatives (remember, CAIR is an un-indicted co-conspirator in terrorism cases) inside the offices of Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee, a Texas demorat, Representative Gregory Meeks a New York demorat and Representative Joe Sestak a Pennsylvania demorat. These agents are now using their influence to legitimize CAIR, a Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood front group. Sestak has an aide named Adeeba al-Zaman who booked Sestak to speak at a $50.00 a plate fundraiser where he praised CAIR and Islam, for their “peaceful” beliefs. Does this not qualify as sedition? Sestak, a retired vice admiral shared the spotlight that night with BridesTV Muzzammil Hassan who has confessed to decapitating his wife, in an honor killing.

Before serving as an outreach coordinator for Sestak, al-Zamman was a communications director for the Philadelphia office of CAIR, while her stepfather is on the CAIR board and heads a local mosque controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Once again, national security takes a backseat to political correctness.

For those of you who think that the Senate is immune from this, don’t worry, they are not. Key demorats in the Senate have moles in their midst as well. Senator Dick Durbin, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on human rights has an aide, Reema Dodin, who keeps in contact with CAIR. She is a Palestinian rights activist who organized anti-Israel rallies at UC Berkeley. As a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood founded Muslim Students Association, Dodin stated that the 9/11 attacks were a tragic but justified response to American support for Israel. She advocates jihad by stating, “Islam does teach that you must defend yourself. You cannot lie down and allow yourself, your home, your property, your family and your people to be consistently oppressed”.

Senator Durbin’s legislative aide lists the example of two Muslim congressmen, representative Ellison a Minnesota demorat and representative Andre Carson an Indiana demorat as proof that Muslims can infiltrate “the system” and assist from within.

There are over fifty Muslims activists working on Capitol Hill. The growing presence of members either endorsed by or members of CAIR raises alarms, counter terror experts say. Former CAIR founder and former chair, Omar Ahmad stated the need to increase “the influence with Congress”. Ahmad made the argument that CAIR and Muslims must pressure Congress and America’s power brokers to change America’s policies towards Islam and the Middle East. Since the election of B. Hussein Obama, CAIR Legislative Director, Corey Saylor, has worked with Jihad F. Saleh, a top Meeks aide and program coordinator for the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association to push for more Muslims in positions of power.

There is only one group on Capital Hill that is based upon religion, the forty five member Muslim Staffers Association. This group is run by Pakistani-American Assad R. Akhter, the legislative director for demorat Bill Pascrell a representative from New Jersey. This select group includes members of the US Capitol Police Department, the group responsible for protecting Congress. Saleh has been conducting seminars for “Muslim Professionals” in order to “capitalize’ on the change in the oval office, and “ensure that Muslim Americans are prominent in the Obama administration”. Unbeknownst to most Washington insiders, Saleh has been collecting resume’s from Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as CAIR and ISNA. Over three hundred resume’s were bound and sent to the Obama administration, in the hopes of placing more moles into governmental positions.

The White House has already hired one of the people from the resume book, Dalia Mogahed, an Egyptian born, veiled Muslim, who is now charged with briefing B. Hussein Obama on……..wait for it…………what Muslims want from the US. Now, as a recovering Catholic, I don’t have anyone representing me, and what I want from the White House or the guy with the pointy hat. Is this lack of representation a violation of the equal protection portion of the Constitution, you know, that document Obama wipes his feet with.

Saleh is also on the short list of B. Hussein Obama advisors, who now wants to convene a “Muslim Summit” to show his respect for Islam. Saleh who helps handle Homeland Security issues for Meeks is a huge fan of Imam Zaid Shakir, or so Saleh has tweeted, under the name “black jihad” Shakir has declared the 82nd Airborne and other US Military as targets in jihad and urges his followers to transform America into a Muslim Country ruled by Sharia Law. Saleh also advises Meeks on foreign policy and as a result, we the people, or at least those of us who pay taxes, have paid for his “fact finding” trips to the Middle East.

CAIR boasts that it has “many potential allies in Congress” and the policy agenda of CAIR sounds vaguely familiar:

* Cut aid to Israel
* Creating a Palestinian state
* Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq
* Closing GITMO

The agenda of CAIR sounds much like the agenda of B. Hussein Obama. Why? Perhaps it has something to do with the CAIR agenda and the demorat agenda:

* Repeal the Patriot Act
* Outlaw profiling of Muslims as terrorists (Okay, when they stop being terrorists)
* Purging the FBI watch list and the “no fly” list

CAIR states that influencing America’s policies “requires sophisticated lobby” and “access to positions of power” and “engaging in a process where our people are involved in money contributions, votes and volunteering in campaigns”. The activity of CAIR violates the IRS rules regarding lobbying.

CAIR is not a registered lobbyist and because of that cannot engage in lobbying. CAIR is a 501(c)(3), a tax exempt organization. The IRS, run by Turbo Tax Timmy, has strict limits on the amount of time and money a non-profit can spend on lobbying, such as face to face meetings with legislators and lobbying such as media campaigns to influence voters. By law CAIR should lose the tax exempt status it has. But, the wide range influence of CAIR, to include having its tentacles in the White House, seems to be protecting this un-indicted terrorist co-conspirator from being shut down as a non-profit. Why?

CAIR has spent as much time lobbying to kill the Patriot Act as any legal lobbying firm has spent on other legislation. CAIR officials made 72 trips to the hill in 2005 for this purpose. Congress was only in session 150 days that year. CAIR spends $25,000.00 a year to organize “lobby day on the hill”. What? Lobby day? Per IRS regulations CAIR cannot support or oppose anyone running for public office and cannot fund raise for anyone. CAIR has held benefits for Representative Ellison and other demorats. CAIR gave up its phone database to help get out the vote in 2006. Awad reported to the CAIR board days before the 2006 mid-term elections, that “The following requests have been filled:

* Keith Ellison’s district
* State of Connecticut
* Two districts in Pennsylvania
* San Francisco Bay Area, California”

CAIR has also been known to bus Muslims from mosques to the polls, another no-no for the group. CAIR is also seeking to register thirty thousand more Muslim voters by the 2010 elections, to help with their agenda.

So, once again, the question remains: Why does CAIR get to keep the tax exempt status it has managed to obtain? Who is protecting this un-indicted terrorist co-conspirator? Who is protecting this IRS cheat (Hey Turbo Tax Tim, how about getting on this one)? And, why are so many Muslims and non-Muslims in Congress socializing and fraternizing with a known terror group, CAIR? Does this not make those that help CAIR and associate with CAIR guilty of sedition? That question is for you Representative Ellison and B. Hussein Obama? Oh, and it is a question for Homeland Security and the AG, Eric Holder too. Wow, it looks like a bunch of these folks are guilty of sedition. What to do, what to do…..

Bill Turner
Assistant National Director
The Patriotic Resistance

US Western Regional Coordinator
Modern Conservative/Anystreet

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor
The American Patriot Commission


Twitter: Czarhunter

Report Political Corruption & Wrong Doing:

  1. David Diano says:

    I didn’t realize that religious bigotry and racism were now required for American Patriotism.

  2. Bill Turner says:

    I didn’t realize that ignorance was allowed to wander about, free range.

    Muslim isn’t a race.

    Islam isn’t a religion, it is a religious theocracy, a form of governing. And, until the narrow minded left realize this, they will continue to allow evil into our country and our government.

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