Third Parties In America

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Third Parties In America:

The history of third parties in America is a long and storied tradition, if you are a drunken frat boy on a Friday night. However, if you are a conservative and believe in the Constitution, the history does not bode as well.

The lengthy history of failure in America of third party candidates is based upon the paradigm of the American people. Americans see themselves as a two party system and driven by the need to go with a winner, they are not amenable to alternatives. There is a reason that the media is not supposed to report election results until the polls close, it is proven to influence voters to vote for the leaders. No one likes to lose.

Third party candidates are also a tool to take votes away from a viable candidate. They are often used as a political tool, sometimes even for revenge:

A third-party vote is usually a vote for the political enemy. When President Theodore Roosevelt bolted the Republican Party to form his Bull Moose Party a century ago, he managed to win six states, 88 electoral votes and 27 percent of the popular vote. But the main result was to allow Democrat Woodrow Wilson to win the presidency with just 42 percent of the vote, while incumbent Republican President William Taft lost.

Perot’s 19 percent in 1992 helped Bill Clinton defeat President George H.W. Bush with just 43 percent of the vote. And ask Ralph Nader’s supporters who otherwise would have voted for Vice President Al Gore in 2000 how well Nader’s third-party run worked out for them.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, or so the saying goes. If the left is fanning the fires of the third party movement, it is because it worked before. Ross Perot allowed Pimpin’ Clinton to win with only forty three percent of the vote. There has been a long history of third party candidates, nationally and locally, throughout the history of America, but they have failed on a consistent basis. There have been a few winners, but overall they hurt the conservative or GOP candidate pretty consistently. And, lets face it, the GOP hasn’t exactly been the party of conservatives the last five years, they have done their best to look like this:

The Patriotic Resistance has partnered with and provided its membership with the tools to take back the GOP. Seizing control of the GOP and returning it to the party it is meant to be, using its structure, tools, and money to take back America is the path to victory. Trying to build a third party is folly, as shown above. Take a few moments to read the GOP party platform, as established at each convention and you will see that the ideas are in place, we just need to put the people in place to adhere to the ideas.

How many of you have attended your local precinct committee meetings? How many of you have attended your local Central Committee meetings? If you cannot raise your hands to those questions, or have been to just one meeting, do you really think you can get a third party off the ground?

The Patriotic Resistance through Flip This House 2010 will work with various coalitions nationwide to ensure that people of character, honesty and integrity take back our House from the Marxists who reign supreme and their RINO counter parts. The Patriotic Resistance has also partnered with Icaucus to provide us with more tools to take back the GOP, from those who have hijacked the party. The Patriotic Resistance has also successfully implemented a Precinct Committee Person strategy, to help with restoring conservative values to the GOP. And, to provide a boots on the ground component to the process, Anystreet and The Patriotic Resistance have partnered together. Organizing for a free America – house by house, street by street, county by county is the mission of Anystreet, the community organizing force for conservatives.

With the force of The Patriotic Resistance, the tools they have provided for Americans, and the partnerships they have created have with these other groups and within, there is no reason why conservative America cannot take back the GOP. We have the tools for web based conservatives. We have the tools for getting out in the community and taking action, and we have the tools for everyone in between. There is only one reason we could fail at retaking the GOP, the House, the Senate, and our country back from the liberals, progressives and RINO’s and that is failing to use the tools given us.

If we fail, it is because we failed to act, not because we failed to plan.

Bill Turner
Assistant National Director
The Patriotic Resistance

US Western Regional Director
Modern Conservative/Anystreet

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor
The American Patriot Commission


Twitter: Czarhunter

Report Political Corruption & Wrong Doing: 


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