Obama Drags Congress Into Bribery & RICO Scandal

Posted: December 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Obama Expands War On America:

B. Hussein Obama and his minions have diligently expanded the war on America, using the Cloward-Piven strategy. The man-child president has studied the play book, been tutored by the best domestic terrorists and Anti-Americans in the world, and is now intensifying his assault upon our country.

Through the power of persuasion and the persuasion of power the narcissist in chief has transformed the democratic party into the his personal herd of groupies, agreeing to whatever he wants and fawning all over him. There are no moderates left in the party thanks to president evil and his monkey boys, Axelrod and Emmanuel.

Darth Obama has broadened executive power and despite his promises of transparency (well, we can see right through his administration), he is executing new executive orders, on a broad and consistent basis, giving him power to bypass Congress and use the EPA to implement CO2 emission standards that will crush the American economy and make even more people dependent upon the government to survive. While doing this, he has also been playing catch and release with captured terrorists, sending them back to the battlefield to kill more American soldiers.

B. Hussein Obama has used the czarist system to bypass the vetting process of cabinet members by the Senate, as his Maoist, Communist, Fisting, Marxist, Eugenicist cabinet members would shrivel under scrutiny. Cass Sunstein, is a fine example of this, the author of the strategy about “nudging” America into his crazy ideas (example: your pets should be able to get an attorney and sue you. Don’t tell my dogs, but the day I get served with a lawsuit from them, they get whacked and do the Jimmy Hoffa. Just saying).

The man-child who is playing president, is giving away US sovereignty through international treaties, personal apology, turning his back on allies and ignoring global threats. B. Hussein Obama acted like a juvenile at Copenhagen, disrupting meetings and embarrassing America further on the world stage. He has turned his back on Eastern European allies, Poland, Georgia and Czechoslovakia, by submitting to Russia and not installing a missile shield as promised and looking the other way when Georgia was attacked. He has snubbed Israel and ignored Iran. He has been bullied by North Korea and Venezuela. I suspect he gave up his lunch money at Copenhagen, but can’t prove it.

Obama has shown a disdain and hatred of America through his redistributive statements and practices, combined with his statement that civil rights were a failure because they did not include reparations. Obama has publicly stated that we need a second bill of rights, something introduced by progressives, decades ago, and brought back to life by the Clintons and Sunstein.

Obama has also taken all objectivity away from the media, turning them into his lap dogs. The state run media has become a cheerleader for the White House, Obama, and his Marxist policies. ABC even took money from Dear Leader for his primetime health care debacle. Obama is inherently evil and out to destroy America. In so doing, he has violated federal law and RICO statutes.

Dingy Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Dear Leader have conspired, in an ongoing criminal enterprise, that crosses state lines, to bribe public officials (Senator Nelson to name one) and to usurp the Constitution of the united States of America. RICO is codified as Chapter 96 of Title 18 of the United States Code, 18 U.S.C. § 1961–19. Reid, Pelosi and Obama are guilty of violation of 18 U.S.C. § 201 : US Code – Section 201: Bribery of public officials and witnesses. They have used tax payer money to payoff Senators and Representatives to assist in the systematic destruction of America. You can report these criminals, including the Senators and Representatives who accepted the bribes, in essence, sold their votes by filing out a simple online complaint form here: FBI.

Bill Turner
Assistant National Coordinator
The Patriotic Resistance

US Western Regional Director
Modern Conservative/Anystreet.org

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor
The American Patriot Commission

Blog: http://www.americanpatriotscommission.com

Twitter: Czarhunter

Report Political Corruption: press@americanpatriotcommission.com

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