Come Together!

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Come Together:

Frustration, anger, disillusionment, disenfranchisement, call it what you will, but sooner or later we can feel it creeping into our minds. The fact that Congress is violating the Constitution and trying to strip the American people of their rights, while refusing to listen to the American people, the vast majority of which do not want the government to control health care, the auto or finance industries, salaries or introduce cap and trade because none of these things are Constitutional, is causing frustration on behalf of the American people. There is a madness sweeping the country. The left hates the right. The right hates the left. Congress hates the people. The people hate Congress. B. Hussein Obama hates America. And, America does not think much of him either, judging by the polls. What the hell is wrong with everyone?

There is much to be done to save America. It isn’t a left thing. It isn’t a right thing. It is an American thing. We have the best blue print for a government in the world. The right wants to follow it. The independents want to follow it. The left thinks it can have judges reinterpret it. Congress says, “We just pass the laws, the courts can decide if they are Constitutional” and actual quote from Idaho Representative Walt Minnick, democrat. One does not have to read long to discover that Minnick doesn’t know anything about the Constitution, its powers, or how the three branches of the government were designed to work. The court system, specifically the Supreme Court, was designed to have the least power of any branch. Congress is responsible for adhering to the Constitution. The executive branch doesn’t go around the world checking zippers and apologizing for America being the greatest nation on the planet. Perhaps our elected officials should have to take a civics course now and then, actually read the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist papers, so that they can understand what they are supposed to do.

Stop the madness. No health care. No cap and trade. No money for partisan community organizing groups (sorry ACORN, find your nut elsewhere). No czars. No SEIU and Andy Stern in the White House, putting a crease in Obama’s pants. Force the government to give up all financial interests in GM, Chrysler, the financial institutions and do not let them touch health care. Send a special prosecutor and an Inspector General to find out what Biden and Obama did with the TARP and Stimulus money, that went to congressional districts that do not exist. Going into an election year, it reeks of a political slush fund and massive corruption. Maybe it isn’t, but it sure as hell does not look good. And, someone needs to look into the Department of Justice. Eric Holder has lost his mind. He allows the overturning of a conviction of Black Panthers for voter intimidation. Holders law firm is representing GITMO detainees, who, Holder is going to bring to America, to take to trial. Am I the only one in America who sees a slight *cough* conflict of interest? Allowing Islamic terrorists to be held and brought to justice in America, aside from all the obvious Constitutional issues like Miranda, Speedy Trial, water boarding and others, they will be held here, allowed visitors here and I’m guessing some of those visitors might not like America much either. This fly’s in the face of conventional wisdom, and legal precedent, which says that combatants captured on American or foreign soil, are enemy combatants and can be detained until the conflict is over, which means until Islam shuts up and learns to play nice in the sandbox without blowing stuff up. None of this has to be re-invented, it is covered in the Constitution, in the law and by common sense.

American need to pull together and stop the madness. When Dear Leader said he was ‘five days away from fundamentally changing America’ only a few on the far left figured it would be to a system where the government ran everything. As I sit here listening to the corrupt senator from Louisiana, who took 100 million in tax payer dollars for her vote, I am reminded by the fact that “We the people” run the country, not these corrupt, self serving, slaves to the beast, who call themselves politicians. It is time to starve the beast.

To starve the beast, all Americans must immediately change their W4 forms at their employers to 99 deductions. This will allow for no taxes to be taken out and sent to our government in Washington DC, aka The Beast. The starvation of the beast over three or four months will cripple Congress, POTUS and the rest of the government. Tax revenues are already down drastically due to the massive unemployment created by Turbo Tax Timmy and B. Hussein Obama. “We The People” have a way to strike back and get control of our government. This is the tool to get the attention of our elected officials. Once we have their attention, we must tell them one simple message, “Follow the Constitution or get out”.

Bill Turner
US Western Regional Director
The Patriotic Resistance

US Western Regional Director
Any Street

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor
The American Patriot Commission


Twitter: Czarhunter

Report Political Corruption:

  1. Della Creighton says:

    My Husband and I are SBO we have 60 people we are trying to keep employed. We are willing to refuse to pay if this bill is inacted. this bill is not valid congress has no authority and we will not be paying for abortions. We have much more to loose then what we have know if we continue to alow this gov to userp their powers. I will stand with you and will talk with my husband about our employees. if we can get businesses to stop paying we need 15% to halt the gov.

  2. niken says:

    Nice article. Thanks for share.

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