You Tell Me!

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

You Tell Me:

It is day 135 of violent protests in Iran against the regime there. They have been crying out to B. Hussein Obama from the first day. Despite being beaten, shot, killed and imprisoned, the Iranian people keep coming. Today they cried out, “Obama, Obama, are you with regime or with us?” The Muslim, dhimmi president with the satellite dish ears cannot seem to hear them cry out for freedom. It might have to do with the fact that he is trying stifle freedom in America, or it could be that he just doesn’t care. You see, the state run media in America does not cover the poor patriots in Iran who are crying out to be free, on this, the anniversary of their takeover of the US embassy under the other liberal wimp, Jimmy Carter.

The patriots in Iran are to be admired. They hit the streets to protest the regime every day. Every day they are beaten, arrested and imprisoned, or killed. How many of you, who call yourselves patriots would hit the streets if you knew dumbo would send out the thugs to beat you, arrest you, or kill you? I am venturing not near as many who show up at the neat and tidy Tea Party’s. There is a lesson to be learned from this. Over the course of the last two hundred years most Americans have come to take their freedom for granted, assuming, wrongly, that the government is on their side. Whereas the Iranians have been smothered under Sharia Law and yearn to be free, to have elections that are not fixed (okay, we want that too, the whole ACORN thing still stings), and to be able to disagree with the government without putting their safety at risk.

America has always been the champion of freedom. We are the country that freed Europe, twice. We are the country that intervened in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries where atrocities were being committed against oppressed people. However, B. Hussein Obama continues to ignore the Islamic population in Iran. Why? He is Muslim, as he has stated. Perhaps it is because he is a dhimmi and under Sharia Law, he is subservient to the Mullah’s and to Aquavelvejad. Only the great eared narcissist, who watched himself on HBO twice in three days, according to his parrot, Gibbs really knows. He won’t say, because they have not given him permission. He won’t intervene because they have told him not to. Barack Hussein Obama is a full fledged dhimmi president. America is no longer the champion of the downtrodden, no longer the freer of the oppressed, no longer the guiding light, the beacon on the hill, to the rest of the world. Obama is trying to turn out the light and get Dandy Don Meredith to sing, “Turn out the lights”.

WAKE UP! Hit the streets! Go to your representatives and senators offices. Demand to be heard. Do not take “no” for an answer. Tell their aides to dial them up on their cell phones, as a constituent has something to say. They work for you. Demand that America become that shining beacon on the hill again. Stop Marxism. Stop health care. Stop Cap and Trade. Stop Iran from getting nukes. Free the Iranian people. We have black ops who would love to sneak in their and put in work. Let them do what they do. Barack Hussein Obama, it is time you got off of your lazy, narcissistic ass and stopped by a Muslim dhimmi and started being an American President. Right now, you are not and have never been presidential. You are a man-child, lost in a world of men. You have not grown up or grown into your job. Mr. president, man up and do what is right for America. Mr. president, become Mr. President, by stopping this march to Marxism, the lazy and ones who choose not to work as hard as others do not deserve the wealth of the others. Stop this nanny state health care program, the adults in this country have parents and do not need the government acting as mom. Stop Cap and Trade, is will turn America into a third world country. I know, you will look really cool in a Kaddafi outfit, but we cannot afford this whimsical drift into your playing dictator. And, Barack, if you truly want to be considered Presidential, get rid of the losers, posers and ass kissers who keep telling you how great you are. You need to man up. Stop acting like a wounded six year old and get over the fact that not everyone likes you. Save America. Turn it back into that shining beacon on the hill. Stop being a Muslim dhimmi. Tell Pelosi and Reid to sit down and shut up. And, finally, to become a real President, you must stop Iran and save the Iranian people.

As for the rest of you, we know obama isn’t capable of manning up and no longer being a man-child, so get up, and hit the streets, every day, not just when asked to. Get angry. Obama is destroying America and you are not doing enough to stop him. The day he resigns or is impeached you can celebrate. Until then, we have not accomplished or won anything. We are just play patriots. The real patriots are setting an example for us in Iran. It is okay to be angry, mad, and ready to get physical, because the man-child is doing his best to destroy America.

Bill Turner
US Western Regional Coordinator
The Patriotic Resistance

Senior Advisor/Co-Founder
American Patriot Commission

Twitter: Czarhunter


  1. William says:

    you just may get a big surprise if you think that we wouldn’t.

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