God Help Us!

Posted: November 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

God Help Us:

My fellow Americans, if you believe in the Constitution, individual liberty, freedom, ownership of firearms, and personal property, along with being able to eat what you want, live how you want, smoke if you desire and make the kind of choices that a free people make, then you will put aside party differences, and stop the health care bill. Aside from bankrupting America and forcing our country to become beholden to the IMF and the United Nations, in order to avoid the kind of social decay that occurs in third world countries, YOU will lose everything, including your right to make choices about how you live your life. Guns, motorcycles, Quads, all too dangerous. The state will tell you what you can do. Obama is already trying to ban sports fishing. This is the week we stand for America, for freedom, for liberty, as a free people. If we fail, God help us all.

Failure this week will not immediately become apparent. You won’t see blue helmeted UN troops on the street corners, you will see the kind of creeping fascism that has been spreading like a cancer across America ever since B. Hussein Obama took office. It will start with little things, like fast food and junk food going away, while taxes drastically increase. They won’t immediately come for our guns, they can’t, to do so, would ignite an armed revolution. But, after they slowly take away all of your decision making, your privileges and rights, they will then come for your guns. Once disarmed, we will become servants of the state.

Pick up a globe. Give it a spin. How many countries do you see with a free people? Just one, America. We stand between the powers that have been building towards a one world government for almost a hundred years and having the lone beacon of freedom be snuffed out, never to return. An unarmed people are targets, and can never safely revolt. We must make a stand now, while we can stop this, without firing a shot. This is the week we march on Congress, protest in the streets, call, write, fax, email, and twitter Congress. This is the week we make this Obama’s Waterloo, or we prepare for the worst. I know many people who are braggadocios and romanticize an armed revolution. For those of you who have never been shot, stabbed, or watched someone die, it is not romantic. It is not the ultimate glory. It is stupidity at its finest. And, just to mess with your head, God help you if you shoot someone, it doesn’t just go away. Unless you are a trained professional, death is haunting.

This is the week we push the envelope. This is the week we go to our senators and representatives offices and demand to see them. If they are not there, tell their office staff to get them on the phone. Get up early, hit the busiest streets and overpasses with signs. Hang sheets off of the overpasses, it is illegal, the cops will come, they will ask you to take them down. Do so. Reporters will show up shortly after that. They love civil disobedience when the cops are called. Remember, this is not a partisan issue, freedom is for everyone, even the idiots who believe that the government should control our lives. These are the people who didn’t get it when Mao, Stalin, and Hitler were discussed in school. We have an obligation to save them too, for it will save us.

My fellow Americans, my fellow patriots and free people of all political persuasions, now is our time to speak up, stand up and be heard. We must break Obama on this issue. Failure will lead to the ugliest of all choices, surrender our freedom and sovereignty, or make a stand and forever change our nation into a police state. I will always stand for freedom, but this is the week for us all to give our all, lest we lose it all. I invite you to stand with me this week. I will take my weak, weary, battle torn body out to my representative and senate offices, I will pound the phones, faxes and emails and if there is to be a protest, I will be there with my brothers and sisters, even if it leads to my death.

I love America and all that it stands for. I will forever honor the men and women who gave their lives so that we can be free to write and say the things I have. But, if we fail, forget free speech. The Second Amendment will be gone and without it, we have none of the others. This is a national emergency for those of us who value and love the country we are in. You can call it a red alert, as the reds are already here and they come for us. Please stand with me this week and give of yourself and your time. Failure to do so will result in your giving of yourself and your time later, when the Statists come for you.

Bill Turner
US Western Regional Coordinator
The Patriotic Resistance

Twitter: Czarhunter

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor
The American Patriot Commission

Blog: www.americanpatriotscommission.com

Anonymous Political Corruption Report: press@americanpatriotcommission.com

  1. Bob M says:

    Bill, I agree with you wholeheartedly. As a Freedom Works volunteer at the 9/12 March on Washington, I saw how this country can unite. It was an emotional and uplifting day for me and I would do it all over again if given the opportunity. We must take our country back and rid of the Obama regime. Our forefathers are probably turning over in their graves from all of the political trash. Thanks for spreading the message Bill, From A True American Patriot, Bob

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