The Ace of Spades!

Posted: October 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

The Ace Of Spades:

Lemmy Kilmister and Motorhead sing:

Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil,
Going with the flow, it’s all the same to me,
Seven or Eleven, snake eyes watching you,
Double up or quit, double stake or split,
The Ace Of Spades

It is time my friends to double up, real patriots never quit. Double your stake, there is no
need to split. We are standing on the edge of freedom, of liberty, of restoring America
and there can be no quit in what we do. It has been a long, emotional fight. We have a
long way to go. A toll has been taken on many of us. There are ripples of dissension
across the water, but we must stand strong. We cannot let the emotions of the fight, the
appearance of loss, cause us to surrender.

Appearance of loss? Yes. The state run media is using Alinsky’s rules against us. They
are using Sun Tzu’s rules against us, making it appear that we cannot win, in order to
cause despair and to make our hearts heavy. Let not your hearts be weary. Cast aside
your deepest fears. We are turning back the tide, otherwise the media would not be
running this propaganda war for obama. B. Hussein Obama is evil. He has an evil
agenda. And, he is a tool for the evil that funds the progressive movement. Will you lay
down and let evil win? Will you let evil run over you? I will not! Stand with me and
together we can defeat this evil.

It is our time. Throughout the course of history in America, there has always been a
struggle for freedom and each generation has fought its own battle, in its own way. We
fight now with pen & paper, fax machine, email, telephone and protests. But, that is not
enough. It is time we burn our ships.

When Cortez landed in Mexico with his army, he ordered the ships burned, despite facing
a force much larger and much stronger than the one he had with him. The only way home
was through the enemy. Are you ready to burn the ships? In order to defeat the enemy,
we must make a decision to burn our ships, with our backs to the water and the enemy
before us. There can be no going back. Those times are gone. Those days have past.
What we have my fellow Americans is today and tomorrow.

I vow to fight as hard today, as I possibly can, to restore America and retain OUR
freedom. I vow to fight tomorrow just as hard, for tomorrow will become today, and
there is no turning back. Our way to freedom goes through the enemy. It is time to
double down.

Bill Turner
US Western Regional Coordinator
The Patriotic Resistance

Twitter: Czarhunter

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor
The American Patriot Commission

  1. T Lloyd Huskey says:

    I agree that it is time to rise up and to be counted . However I don’t understand why you would give creedance to a greedy blood thirsty spaniard whose only goal was to destroy an indigenous people and exploit their wealth and obliterate their culture , simply to elevate his stature with an oppresive monarchy and achieve noteriety for himself . A much better example would be our founding fathers who sought freedom and liberty knowing full well that failure meant certain death swinging at the end of a british rope . What we must fight is tyrany and oppression . Our goal must be to win for the sake of freedom and liberty not just for ourselves but for our children and our childrens children we must focus our efforts and never waiver . It is our duty and yes our God given right to fight and to die if we must for our free will .That is the one thing that God has never and will never take away from us ,but the tyrants will .I love my freedom and I will not give it up without a fight ,and I believe it is our duty as patriots to secure freedom and liberty for the comming generations .We simply must stop this march of tyranical socialism by shedding light on the mysteries of iniquity that have been working for millenia .Expose their agenda and trust God to provide us with the strength and the tools by whitch we will achieve victory .

    In His service,
    T Lloyd Huskey

  2. steve osborn says:

    There’s no doubt it’s time to tak our country back. Even if the analogy of COrtez is not the best that can be used, the idea of “no retreat” is there. Like TOm, I would use the founding fathers simply because they were fighting for a just cause–freedom, not just survival. We are now fighting for both–freedom and survival. The undercurrent of the nation is loud; the sleeping giant has awoken. What is so fascinating and encouraging at the same time is that the spirit of victory against the socialists is permeating the internet chatter. WE WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!. I believe is was said to Lincoln during the civil was “Pray that GOd is on our side”, to wich Lincoln replied”Ney, pray that we are on GOD’S side”. I believe He has sent us Obie to stir our spirit and is causing us to return to Him. With that, we will prevail.
    God speed

  3. cheffer57 says:

    I started this blogging thing because it kept for thinking about being unemployed, so in 2 weeks I hope to start my new job and hopefully get my life started again, and honestly I haven’t written this much in years, so this I will miss. Like the masses I’ve been kind of struck on this healthcare debate as of late, but then you read something. We all know that this blogging thing is just a way to have your opinion read and get what’s ever pissing you off at that moment jotting it down hitting send and getting off your chest. Now I’ve bantered back and forth a few times all “good natured” people are as myself are filled with their own strong feelings, and not afraid to show or share them.

    I read the Title of this Blog on a Yahoo blog post, Not only does this sicken me, But to think in the year 2010 this kind of despicable, vile F__king stupid, barbaric crap still festers . This is a man that made to be the leader of the United States Of America. You could differ with his politics and argue about his policy making, but to write “A Black man can’t be that smart” To you sir I ask what cave or cease pool did you just crawl out of?

    I have found this blogging idea to be fun and educational and a great way to vent. But in the 3 months I’ve been doing this, this title raised another serious issue about this world that we love and live in. We have to do something about are global education system because people who write titles and believe in titles like this one can reproduce, And there isn’t a black man or white man that can stop it

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