American Crossroads

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

Americans are at a crossroads. One path, the roughest road to travel, the one paved with personal responsibility, leads to liberty. The other path, the one Dear Leader wants you to walk, the one paved with empty promises, is the road to tyranny. America seems to be equally divided between those who would take the path of least resistance, those that are willing to take the rough road and those that do not realize that there is any fork in the road. Sadly, a large segment of America is choosing to ignore reality.

I struggle with why a portion of America’s population chooses not to see that there are choices to make, paths to follow and the clock is ticking. I would like to think that it is because the events of the last twelve months have not had any effect on them, but that is not logical. The other option, the logical one, is that these people are ignoring what is happening and hoping it will go away. Tyranny will not go away, it will continue to creep into your lives until you are enslaved.

Those that choose the path of least resistance, the road to tyranny, are willing to trade their liberty for the promise of health care, environmental cleansing, and a redistribution of wealth that will allow the poor to get more, while forcing the rich to give it to them, and all of us get to be equal. How is that living? Being rewarded for mediocrity is not living. Giving away your hard earned wages is not living either. Going to the government, hat in hand, to get what the government deems is your share, is not living either. East Berlin is the best one can hope for if they go down the Marxist path; China, the prisons and torture, the worst one can hope for. Neither option drips with hope in my mind. Why become a doctor, all those years of school and training, only to be told how little you can make, by the government (it is in all the versions of the health care bill). Might as well be schlepping slurpees at the Circle K.

The path to liberty is the roughest one to walk. In order to walk that path, one must be willing to step up and take responsibility for their actions. Liberty and responsibility go hand in hand. In the land of liberty, should you end up being a physician you reap the rewards for all those years studying, all the stress, and the lack of sleep during internships. If you end up serving slurpees, you also get the rewards for that. The path to liberty means that you are the captain of your own spaceship and where you end up in life is your responsibility.

I choose liberty. I choose freedom. I choose the rougher road through life, because I want to live. I want to make my own decisions and if they don’t work out, I want to be the one to fix them. I need the government to build highways, keep a strong military and stay out of my life. I do not need the government to give me food, housing, healthcare, or a list of things I can and cannot eat. B. Hussein Obama, it is time you and your minions stop what you are doing and listen to the people. We do not want the government running health care, the auto industry, the banks or monetizing the debt. Barack, you and Congress take the next two years off. You have done more than enough.

Which path do you choose? Each one requires responsibility. Do nothing and whatever happens, is your fault, you choose to do nothing. Choose Marxism and whatever lot you draw in life is your doing, despite the fact others control your destiny. Come with me, choose liberty and you also get responsibility for your actions, but at least they are your actions.

Bill Turner
US Western Regional Director
The Patriotic Resistance

Twitter: Czarhunter

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor
The American Patriot Commission



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