Twilight Zone

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Twilight Zone:

Our numbers are few, but growing. Our pain, immeasurable. Watching the enemy within systematically dismantle America makes me sick. I feel it in my soul, the dull ache of betrayal, a pain unmasked and previously unrecognizable. I awake each day to a new set of offenses put upon America by B. Hussein Obama and his minions. Each day, it is worse than before. The pain far surpasses that of the incision that runs from chest to waist. As badly as it seems things are going for America, I hold my head high, and fight on. Why? Because I know in my heart that deep down, we are the great Christian nation that caused my father to run away from home at age 14 and join the Navy to fight in WWII. Deep inside I can feel the strength of America, it is stirring, awakening from a long slumber. The strength of America is not in its economy, for the enemy has left it in shambles. The strength of America lies not in its military, for its commander in chief has not the character or will to lead a battle. The strength of America is within all of us. The true strength of America lies in its Christian roots, its warrior strength, shown in the actions of our soldiers, and most of all, the strength of America is within you.

If you are reading this, you are most likely the strength of America. Silent. Hard Working. Never before interested in politics. And, all you know of American history, you learned in school, and it is most likely very wrong. You can feel the urge stir within you, the desire to set things right. You may have attended a Tea Party, a march, even written to your people in Congress, but you feel this politics thing isn’t your cup of tea. America needs you to make politics your cup of tea.

Marxism is spreading quickly in America, as the seeds were sown by Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, George Soros and the other evil Johnny Appleseed’s that have been on a life long mission to erase America from the map. Awaken. The silent majority can be silent no more. The sleeping giant of America must rise up using your shear will, beat back the forces of tyranny that are enslaving you.

Let God know that we are a Christian nation. Do not succumb to the notion we are not. Reach deep down within yourself and stand with the Patriots who are attempting to save America and help lead you back to the land of our forefathers, where everyone was equal. Do not be afraid of being on a list somewhere. If you aren’t part of Organizing For America, then you are an enemy of the state, a domestic terrorist, if you will. As long as you are labeled as one of us, you might as well join the fray. Trust me, it is much more fun.

Ignore the state run media. Pay no attention to your ignorant co-workers or neighbors, who have fallen under the spell of B. Hussein Obama, just add them to the mental list of people not to trust in the coming days. Rally your inner strength and know that our cause is a divine cause and you are part of history, that shall be recorded as the second revolution and the refounding of America. We all shall be judged for our deeds and more importantly, when the scribe writes your history, will it be one of valor, or one of suffrage? Come join me as I play in the fields of freedom, knowing that my last days will have been spent as a patriot warrior. No matter how this turns out, no matter what the end brings, I know in my heart and soul that there is no honor in having not fought to the end. So, I will fight for freedom, for my family, my friends, and yes, even those poor souls on the list, who know not what they do, for it always our duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Stand up. Proclaim yourself to be a patriot warrior in the land of America, seeking to reclaim your God given rights. Stand as a beacon to others, so that they may find you in the darkness and rally to you as if to a beacon. Those of us who can lead, must. It is our duty. It is our responsibility. It is what we do. We are Americans.

Bill Turner
US Western Regional Coordinator
The Patriotic Resistance

Twitter: Czarhunter

Co-Founder/Senior Advisor
The American Patriot Commission


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